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Ford Customers Aren’t The Most Loyal Says Study

Loyalty is very important for automakers as a loyal customer is more likely to buy the brand again when it comes time for a new vehicle. Keeping customers loyal to a brand is hard to do; one bad experience can lead shoppers to another brand. Some brands have customers that are more loyal than others, and a new report that looks at the least and most loyal customer’s has been published.

It turns out that Ford customers are quite loyal, even though Ford customers aren’t the most loyal out there. The report used J.D. Power data on the share of drivers who purchased or leased the same brand of vehicle as their previous ride over the last year and called it loyalty percentage.

When it comes to brands with the most loyal customers, Ford customers are loyal enough to put the automaker in the fifth spot. The loyalty percentage was 54 percent, with an overall quality score of 9 out of 10. The numbers show that more than half of Ford customers who got a new car in the last year purchased or leased another Ford. Ford has considerable loyalty with its Ford F-150 truck, the best selling vehicle in the country, and the Ford Mustang. Sales are also going up for the new 2019 Ranger with the truck sitting in third place in its segment.

The only domestic brand that outscored Ford in the rankings was Ram, with a loyalty percentage 0.2 percent higher at 56.2 percent. Behind Ford in seventh place was Chevy with a loyalty percentage of 49 percent. Rounding out the top spots for most loyal customers included Toyota in second place with 59.5 percent loyalty and Subaru in first with 61.5 percent loyalty. If you are wondering, the least loyal brand out there is Smart with loyalty percentage of 14.3 percent. The lowest ranking domestic brand was Chrysler, with a loyalty percentage of 14.4 percent.

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Source: USA Today

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    I was a loyal GM customer, owning four GM units between 1975 and 2010 (Chevy, Buick, and Olds), but I wanted a hybrid sedan, which GM never produced while Ford had the Fusion Hybrid (a MT COTY winner) since 2009, so I sold my 1995 Buick Regal and bought my 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I had a 1980 Ford Mustang before, but as for my next Ford product, I will be buying a hybrid CUV as soon as Ford begins selling it. One item I will NEVER buy is a import! I believe only in our domestic brands.

    1. Ford Fan

      I am with you.

      1. Ford Fan

        on the domestic brands

  2. Sukhoi31m3

    Surprised me. I would have figured GM, Ford then Ram. Of course, it could all change tomorrow…..

  3. Chuck Stemple

    My family has been loyal to Ford for what seems like forever. I still remember buying our 1965 Mustang in September of 1966. I was hooked for life,and so was my Dad. I presently own 5 Fords in our family. Don’t see much need to change. The brand has been good to me.

  4. HarleyRich

    We have 3 Fords & a Wrangler!!!
    Had as VETTE, Camaro & XT4..
    Nothing wrong with any of them. Sorry I sold the Vette!! Mustang GT has a somewhat roomier cab than a Camaro SS.
    Explorer ST was fast but tinny & trans was clunky… XT4 was quiet, spunky, but ran out of guts… Hopefully I stuck with my GT!!! Wife loves her F-150••••


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