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Ford F-150 10-Speed Transmission Subject Of New Lawsuit

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A new class action lawsuit asserts that the 10-speed 10R80 automatic transmission equipped in Ford F-150 models can cause “life-threatening” issues due to “harsh shifting, jerking, hesitation and slipped gears.” The lawsuit includes a number of 2017 to 2019 Ford F-150 models in Illinois.

According to one plaintiff in the lawsuit, the 10R80 10-speed automatic exhibits a loud “clunk” or “bang” noise when starting the engine on his leased 2018 Ford F-150 XLT 3.5L EcoBoost, just five months and 6,000 miles after acquiring the vehicle. The plaintiff also asserts that the transmission will hold gears for too long, and exhibit power loss while shifting during warmup or when cold.

Apparently, at one point the plaintiff’s Ford F-150 wouldn’t even accelerate or shift, instead displaying the message “drive mode not available” in the dash. After determining the vehicle was in limp mode, the plaintiff pulled over to disconnect the battery and reset the onboard computer.

What’s more, the lawsuit says that some owners have suffered whiplash due to the poor shifting quality of their Ford F-150.

So far, Ford has issued two technical service bulletins to address the issue, including TSB 18-2079 and TSB 18-2274. Both confirm the 10R80 10-speed transmission can exhibit harsh or delayed shifts, as well as firmer than normal upshifts and downshifts. One possible explanation is that the “adaptive transmission shift strategy,” which is intended to improve shifting quality, actually worsens the shift quality for several days after the adaptive strategy is reset as the computer relearns various parameters.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit says the adaptive transmission shift strategy does not address the 10-speed’s numerous other shifting issues.

Notably, the Ford F-150 10R80 automatic transmission was developed jointly between FoMoCo and General Motors. The transmission can also be found in the Ford Mustang, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Ranger, and overseas, the Ford Everest.

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Source: carcomplaints.com

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Written by Jonathan Lopez

Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. A truck that shifts so firm you can get whiplash..!!? Really, at no extra cost? Sign me up, usually I have to pay extra for trans modification and\or tuning to get that. The limp mode thing is not cool, but as for gear changes the more harsh the better.

    • 33.3%! You’re wrong there! That’s the snakey lawyer’s personal take. After court costs, administrative fees, and all the other crap they’ll charge you for, you would be lucky to get 50 cents. All these lawsuits that snakey lawyers win costs the consumers with higher prices. Just look at health care and prescription costs and thank a lawyer for outrageous costs.

  2. Ok, I’m going to accelerate from 0-70 mph. By 70 I should be in 10th gear. On average that is a shift every 7 mph. I wonder why there are problems when it is all computer controlled. This learning program has been around for years and to me it is all marketing hype. I have bad driving habits doing hard acceleration and braking, so how the the learning program change shift patterns, etc?

  3. I have this truck and I can tell you that the transmission isn’t as good as the 8 speed I had in my 2014 Hemi. That thing was always in the right gear, this one has inconsistent hesitation and lethargy, for lack of a better description.

  4. Owning two 2018 vehicles with this transmission, I can say that the one in my mustang GT acts funny sometimes, but has never been much of an issue, and the same trans in my F150 3.5 eco has had zero issues whatsoever. Both have drive modes, and both will change behavior dramatically as intended switching between some modes. “Whiplash” inducing? I call BS.

      • 33.3%! You’re wrong there! That’s the snakey lawyer’s personal take. After court costs, administrative fees, and all the other crap they’ll charge you for, you would be lucky to get 50 cents. All these lawsuits that snakey lawyers win costs the consumers with higher prices. Just look at health care and prescription costs and thank a lawyer for outrageous costs.

        • And don’t forget the Shyster lawyer will surely get HIS cut before you receive that $.50 settlement!

      • The same deal the Focus/Fiesta DPS6 DCT transmission, MOST of the “complaints” for this transmission were due to uneducated owners not familiar with a MANUAL transmission that is shifted AUTOMATICALLY, vulture lawyers were ready to get inside Ford’s “deep pockets” by filing frivolous lawsuits, trashing Ford’s reputation. There was a “legitimate” problem with the DPS6, had to due with defective oil seal allowing oil on the “dry” clutch discs causing Shudder. This was fixed by Ford long before all the lawsuits. I own a ’13 Focus with the DCT, had clutch pak replaced Free at 53K miles, now have 83K miles and car is running SWEET!

    • 2018 f150 2.7 eco boost had the service refresh of the control module done and also bought a tuner am using the 87 obtained street tune its been like nite and day since I had the mods done transmission shifts 100%better now now I love this truck before I was ready to dump it get the service reflash done and get a tuner it worked 9n my truck

    • It’s not whiplash inducing. Just very irritating. Hearing the rear end clamk on a shift sucks. Do they still make manuals?

  5. We have three Ford F-150 trucks… they do this. Ford Service can not ever create the scenario… there for the trucks are still undiagnosed.

  6. I have an ‘18 F150 3.5; so far so good. A lot of people complain about feeling it downshift as you slow to a stop. Hell, I LOVE that!

    • Does that 3.5L V6 have the “chain driven” water pump? I am asking because I recently sold my ’12 Lincoln MKZ with only 55K miles on it because heard that water pump on these vehicles starts to leak, the owner could end up in a world of hurt like………..needing a new engine, to the tune of at least $3K. I really LOVED that car, but hearing about this problem, sent CHILLS down my back. I wanted to unload it before there was a hint of a problem. Did Ford redesign the 3.5L that is in your truck? If so, than at least I would be in the market for another 3.5L V6!

  7. I own a 2019 Mustang GT with the 10 speed transmission and 3:55 rear, manga ride suspension and virtually every available option. The car is simply awesome and so is the 10speed. Yes the first 1200 miles or so it did some wacky, even clunky shifts as it learned to shift according to the owners (me) driving habits. And maybe a couple of very loud/ harsh 3/2 downshifts approaching a traffic light. But all things considered the car is crazy fast and fun to drive. I’m sure there will be some defective units out there as there are with all significant new products. May I suggest that the folks experiencing the problems drive for 1200-1500 miles of break-in using every drive mode with both highway and around town driving so the PCM can learn. It is after all, a complex product that is operated by a computer interpreting the drivers input… hope this helps.

    • I own a 2019 Mustang GT with the 10speed and the Performance Pack 1 option. (larger radiator, Brembo brakes, stiffer front springs, staggered wheels) Its fun to drive, yes!! trust me, this thing makes use of every bit of horsepower and it is fast!! I drive hard just like you but this adaptive learning thing is crazy. I think mine has a learning disability! It never keeps what it has learned. It goes through its cycle, gets everything dialed in and then a week later, it forgets and goes back into class after learning some bad habits. The worst is being in 10th gear at 40mph and I go to pass somebody and no response. I literally have to put the pedal to the floor to force a kickdown or go to the paddle shifters and manually shift it. Not that its a bad thing but if it learned to it by itself, why am I reminding it later on???? I brought this up with the dealer a couple times but of course, as always, if it doesnt do it with them in the car, they cant take it apart and investigate further. I took the tech to the side off the record and asked him whats the deal with this and his answer was “there is an issue, there are problems, 1st and 2nd gears burn up quite easily especially if you drive in the Sport and Sport + modes and then go back into normal mode, but you have plenty of warranty left on it, wait until the transmission completely fails and then bring it in” I knew exactly what he was talking about because I went into those modes just to see the difference and when I did go back into normal, the car drove like it was completely lost. the shift pattern was all over the place.

      • I wonder if these transmissions would have these problems IF GM had stayed out and just let Ford engineers due the designing. Seems like most of the stuff that GM designs turns out to be a “pile” of turds. The jury is still out on the 8-speed DCT that’s in the C8 Corvette, will have to wait and see! The only GM vehicles that I trust are the “Korean Jukeboxes” like the Chevy Sonic (which is DONE come Oct, because of poor sales)!

  8. That is one fast accelerating truck to get whiplash!.As for feeling the down sift unless it is that violent as it downshifting if its only a slight feeling is it that bad?.I do agree the limp mode is not good thing but was that transmission related?.I think this could be people trying to get money becuase of what has happened with the automatic transmission problems in the fiesta and focus law suite heaven.

  9. Not to mention that our “brand new” 2018 F150 had used 3 quarts of oil before its second oil change. We got rid of that sucker fast! Went back to our F250 diesel. Once we started to do research, found out that “using oil” was an issue with that year. It was not leaking anywhere so we believed it to be an engine problem. NO thank you!!

  10. This whole “learning your driving habits” is pure BS. There’s no way it needs thousands of miles to “learn” how you drive. It’s just an excuse for the service advisor to blow you of. This “adaptive shift” excuse has been around for years now and it’s pure crap.

    • It’s a computer program written by nerds. It continues to learn for as long as the designers programmed it to learn. As a contrast, I just had to replace my 2005 50th Anniversary T-Bird PCM which failed. It required 20 minutes of idle and a couple of hours of driving highway and stop and go after install, to learn how to shift the 5-speed and have the fuel injected 3.9 v8 idle properly. That was the programming 14 years ago. I agree it sounds crazy but then I didn’t wrote the program.

    • Believe it or not, this is true. Late model vehicles are programmed to learn your driving habits. If you ever buy a used vehicle, you should disconnect the battery or whatever else it takes to reset the learn capability. BMW’s are notorious for learning driving habits. I reset the learn program on my BMW X5 with a 4.8 liter V8. It drives much better and increased fuel efficiency.

  11. I have a 2018 f150 Lariat with the 3 L diesel and the 10 speed . It is a fantastic truck that always shifts smoothly and gets amazing fuel mileage by far the nicest truck I have ever owned and would not hesitate about buying another

    • Checking back in with 8k miles now. So far so good. Concerning this learning or adapting to the way you drive business, there may be something to it. My truck gets driven pretty sedately because I live in a small town and there’s no opportunity to hang the truck out to dry. As such the trans lightens up a bit on shift firmness and adapts to what it thinks is a cadaver driving it. And it sucks.
      Made a two hundred mile round trip to Tucson recently and caned the truck quite a bit; lots of on ramps leading on to a 75mph freeway, and traffic lights on roads with a 50 mph speed limit, so I got stress the thing a lot. It’s good for it! The engine pulled out of a funk it’s had lately and trans is back to a more decisive shift strategy. Ecoboost engines love to be driven HARD.
      Since that trip I’ve found a deserted road here in town that’s safe for full blast runs. Now when I’m running an errand I’m sure to incorporate a blast down that stretch of road to tune her up.
      8k miles is no miles in my book; I expect transmissions to go at least 250k. And so far mine is fine, especially after a “tune up”.
      A note: after beating the truck up on my “tough love” section of road, the trans takes awhile to settle down to zooshy shifts again. It’s like the brain is thinking “what the hell is next?” and taking some time before it drops it’s guard. When that starts happening, I swing by my tune up road and we’re back in business. Therapy for both engine and trans actually.
      So I’m a believer in the PCM adapting to the driver – Thomas Stillings BMW experience pretty mirrors mine.

  12. Where do I sign up for this law suit. I have a F -150. 2018 XLT Sport crew cab and love it except for the transmission. Going from park to reverse some times clucks it feels like the transmission is going to fall out.
    Then shifting between 4th and 6th gear it clunks Intermittently. Not to mention the loud down shifting clunks if you stop quick. Maybe 7 out of 10 are good with no sound or problems. I wish I had one of those.

  13. Transmission drops out in the middle of the road and causes a vehicle pile up. You call Ford Motor Company to fix it considering it is still under warranty since you bought it only a month ago. Ford reps give you their typical line of bullshit saying it’s not covered because it’s normal wear and tear. This goes the same for their shitty sunroofs. “Normal wear and tear. It’ll cost you $2000 to fix.” My F-150 spends more time on my car lift than it does on the road, and that’s not bullshit either. I am afraid to drive it because something else will break. Right now I am replacing the AC components. It never worked properly since it was new. Leaked freon all the time. My truck only has 102,000 miles on it. If it weren’t for me being able to fix all my own junk, and being paid for, that piece of shit Ford would have been traded for a Toyota Tundra long ago.

  14. I have a 2013 that still to this day shifts hard between 1-2 and 2-3. Of course this is the same transmission that was recalled for shifting into 1st gear at highway speeds. I doubt that is a programming issue, or that it just needs time to adapt to my driving. If there is a problem with the 2018 model, it will just take it killing enough people that recalling them is cheaper than paying off the lawsuits. Car manufacturers will ALWAYS try to get out of paying for anything, by insinuating that it was somehow your fault. By admitting that your truck has a defective transmission, ithey are admitting that they all have defective transmissions, and even if they know that to be fact, they still won’t admit it until the cost of fixing them all, is greater that the cost of covering up their flaw.

    • I didn’t believe it either until mine did it. Took off from a light went from 1st to 3rd then back to 1st 3 times, tires screeching jerking back and forth. 88k on it never had problems until about 50k then it was only rarely but now wrench indicator is on dash. Here we go to the shop!

  15. This transmission is also used in these GM vehicles:

    2018- Chevrolet Suburban RST Signature package
    2018- Cadillac Escalade
    2018- Chevrolet Tahoe
    2018- GMC Yukon Denali
    2019- Chevrolet Camaro SS
    2019- Chevrolet Silverado
    2019- GMC Sierra
    2017- Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
    2019- Cadillac CT6

    • Class action lawsuit?! Not sure about that!! Ford needs to absolutely correct this issue for good. For this gentleman & everybody else. If they don’t, then I would support the lawsuit.
      I leased my first F150 (2018 – XLT – 2.7EcoBOost) & so did one of my friends who got the 3.5 EcoBoost. We both have issues with this transmission. Absolutely noticeable shifting & harsh, usually at lower speeds.
      The lease is ending soon and I know I’m going away from the F150. Will give RAM a look but most likely will purchase a Silverado.
      Other issues with F150 were the frozen doors, tailgate, terrible OEM tires, and rain/snow falling down in your lap when you open the door or roll the window down.
      I know everyone of the Big 3 has it’s issues, it’s all about picking your battle….

  16. I love my f-150 and not wanting money.
    Three days ago at midnight on less traveled road I was riding along, as normal, cruise on 68mph.
    Suddenly I hear high rpm (over 5000 and climbing) same time as I see has downshifted from 10th to 3rd gear and yes felt a sudden jerk too.
    I pulled over quickly as i could.
    Inam 65. Been driving cars, trucks, tractors, pull horse trailer, mountain driving, etc. Grew up driving standard not automatic. NEVER had anything like this sudden downshift happen!
    Took it to dealer service dept – No code, nothing shows up.
    Other folks report same issue. I called Ford Customer Care. They were nice, gave me a case #, but nothing else. I want to know to know what happened and if needs repair!

  17. The amount of lawsuits the US has is crazy! There isn’t 6 months that go by nowadays that we’re getting some ‘Postcard’ notification that we are ENTITLED to recive pennies on the dollar from Multi-million dollar class action suits. From Washing Machiines, to Smart Phones, have received them all. It’s so disappointing that these firms Profit substantially while, ‘Representing a Class’ of people over anything.

    I have a 2018 Mustang GT with 10 speed and 2018 F150 Platinum with 10 speed. They are both fine and yes they do change shifting on my mode selection. The only ‘Wiplash’ like feeling is when the GT is in Drag Mode and I launch towards the 60MPH in under 4 seconds.

    What portion of everything we americans buy is the ‘Legal’ system responsible for as companies ‘Budget’ for these lawsuits?

    Legal Bullies, not all, but far more than there should be. Enjoy your $2.00 settlemant coupon people, the lawyers sure as hell are enjoying their take.

    • That’s what I said about the GM 8-speed SUV we own. The fanboys say it’s junk but ours works great and shifts smooth. Just another ambulance chasing lawsuit.

    • Stehen , i have a new 2019 f 150 10 speed and started having shifting issues a month after i bought the truck one service manager said its normal and no codes , went to another dear in town and he admitted that ford know they have shifting issues and have no fixes as of yet .
      hard downshift 10 – 9th like hitting a 2 ft pothole at 65-70 mph and same hard up shifts from 3rd – 5th. now im getting warnings that truck is not in park when gear shift is clearly in park ….

      worst purchase of the 10+ trucks ive owned ,NOT looking to get paid in a lawsuit just looking to get a transmission that shifts properly , that’s all.

  18. Ford is already hurting from the DCT troubles/suit…believe Getrag made that. They sure don’t need another booger wiped on them. But again, not hearing these issues on the GM 10-speed?

  19. Sabasigh: good question concerning GMs use of the 10 speed they co-developed with Ford. My understanding is the trans is pretty much the same, just tuning and possible valve body differences. Ford is adamant about the sole use of Mercon ULV in its 10 speed; I wonder what GM is using in their version. Is it identical to ULV or is GM using their own version of lube they deem necessary to get the characteristics they want in shift quality etc?…..
    I haven’t heard one complaint about GMs version, unlike Fords version.

    • The biggest problem that affected the first GM 8-speeds was an issue with the new transmission fluid absorbing moisture and causing a shudder. I could see an issue with Mercon ULV causing an issue with the 10-speed.

      • @George T wrote: “The biggest problem that affected the first GM 8-speeds was an issue with the new transmission fluid absorbing moisture and causing a shudder.”

        One must wonder how the transmission fluid could absorb moisture in a sealed system. To-wit: no dipstick in the GM 8-Speed 8L45 M5N Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission.

        • Yes it does absorb moisture or there was moisture in the fluid. The Chevy Colorado and the GMC Canyon has a TSP out there and the fix is a change of the type of transmission fluid. My friend had a Colorado and the fluid change did fix his shutter problem. TSB 18-NA-355. New fluid is ‘Mobil 1 Synthetic LV ATF HP

          See https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11127

  20. My 2018 has 8500 miles on it and I have complained since day one. I have taken it to the dealer 3 times all I get is they claim it’s normal for the 10 speed. I really want my 2007 f150 back it had 200000 on it and shifted better

    • Ditto Matt!! Except mine was an ’04 F-150 with 160K miles, zero problems with it. Should have never sold it but just wanted a new Ford. I type this while sitting in a Ford Service department waiting to see what they say about my 2018 F-150 bought brand new in March 2019. Only has 5,900 miles on it. Has the V-8 with 10 Speed tranny. Noticed it shifting very hard just weeks after buying it and called Ford service twice only to hear them tell me the truck “has to learn your driving habits”. The reason I brought the truck in was due to a ticking or clicking noise that showed up this week along with a check engine light that came on the day after hearing the noise. Just waiting to hear what they say now…

  21. My 2018 shifts irregularly and chatters the dash when going from higher gear to 3 rd on reengaging ! Been fighting since day 1 ! Know Hollingsworth service tells me they have never had a transmission tech ! Been there 8-9 times in 18 months for same problem!

  22. 2018 F-150 Lariat, transmission is currently being replaced. Truck has 9,900 miles on it. Was driving to North Carolina and it started slipping, looked back and smoke was pouring out. Stopped and looked under the truck and is was dripping trans fluid. Towed it to the dealer in SC and they found metal shavings. The process so far with ford has been absolutely horrible. My truck has been done for 10 days and I still have yet to receive it back. They are supposedly trailering it back. Can not ever get in touch with reps from ford. Not a happy customer. This is my 3rd new truck from ford and up until now, I have loved every one of them. Now I have a brand new truck that has been ripped apart and had the trans replaced. 9,900 miles. Who wants a new truck that has had the tarns replaced already? I have lost my confidence in it already.

  23. 2018 F-150 CrewCab STX 2.7L. Similar issues with slipping from 1-3 or 3-5 after start. Also, when going to lunch, I put truck into reverse and the entire vehicle jerks into gear shaking myself and passengers. Been serviced last fall and they replaced computer and valve body. Taking into service again this weekend.

    • David, mine did that too. Put it in reverse and it would slam into gear. You have bad clutches in your transmission. At least, that was my issue. They tried to tell me they were just going to replace the valve body and I wouldn’t have it. They pulled the pan on mine and found metal shavings. Something is seriously wrong with these transmissions.

    • Update: This time going in I got the run around. “Couldn’t replicate” Wouldn’t acknowledge the service bulletin. Tried to sell me a new air filter and fuel injection cleaning, but no mention the week before when I got my oil changed. Just looking for quick margin. Not impressed and pushing me to other manufacturer in the next year and a half. Glad this is only a lease.

    • Newest update: Took in on 21 December 2019 for the same transmission issues with video proof, along with driver’s side door locks freezing. It is now 24 January 2020 and they still have my truck torn apart on the lift at Germain Ford in Beavercreek, OH. First 10 days, had no loaner vehicles available, then 10 days in an EcoSport which they could only allow me to put 400 miles on to keep below 2000, then switched into a 19 F150 and they extended through Monday. Supposedly they are awaiting parts. Seems ridiculous and could have installed an entire new trans by now. How am I paying for a truck that I haven’t had in my possession for over a month due to the manufacturers fault and currently in their possession.

  24. Talked to a transmission man that worked for Ford for 20 years than opened his own shop ; he said the 10 speeds are built cheaply and no updates will fix . Needs to be rebuilt with better parts . He said Ford will patch until you are out of warranty than it’s your dime to fix . Do not buy from Hollingsworth Ford in Baton Rouge , no transmission tech and lie about problems!

  25. Nothing but a headache… I THREE times I’ve taken
    Back. Transmission hits hard when I accelerate or
    When I go to gun it hard. I’m in the process of them
    Buying it back. I love my fords but the 10 gear transmission nothing but issues. In fact the truck
    Is unsafe.

  26. Just another auto industry mistake, “fix what’s not broke”, Perhaps just to get another 1% better MPG why in the world is 10 speed better than a six or even an eight speed. Go with CVT after 8 speed. Though this transmission was a joint effort between Ford & GM, it shows that it was a new generation of engineers working on it and the industry is always want to be first with sometime new that field testing was cut way too short.
    In typical development of any thing new including software, each stage of the process is given time and as usual, delays come up in the development. To get it to market on schedule, testing is the last and of the process, and it almost always get cut short.

  27. I commented above a while back on the failure of my transmission in my 2018 F-150. They replaced the entire transmission in my situation on a car with 9,991 miles. After a little more research and a carfax, it turns out the dealership I bought my truck from sold me a car that had previously been sold and titled (for 3 months), as well as repaired (transmission work). They sold this vehicle to me as a NEW CAR, which is stated on my paperwork as “new.” with 96 miles on it. I currently am speaking to a lawyer about this situation. I have no clue how they can sell a car that has been previously purchased and repaired as a new car? I am in awe.

  28. Any vehicle once titled is a used vehicle. You should go the states attorneys web site for your county or state and file a complaint. Most of them have on line reporting.

  29. I have a 2018 F150 with 2.7 and 10 speed. Yes it is a bit of a mess but have only had minor hiccups. I can see how certain drivers might experience worse shifting issues that may be amplified by driving style. I think the basic problem is that it has far too many gears for such a vehicle. Seems like it tends to skip gears anyway so why not just have 6 wider spaced gear ratios? This was all for a incremental improvement in mpg which only made the trans over complicated and required learning software to try and take advantage of all those gears. As a former automotive technician this is just typical of over engineering for subtle improvements.

    • What an interesting document.
      From page 48.
      …some points show the TCC slipping while the transmission controller was commanding it to be locked.

      So maybe this is why it’s harsh sometimes, because the tcc is slipping when it shouldn’t then suddenly locks. Why can’t the torque converter be open more and lock like a normal one?

  30. i had a 2018 with 2.7eb shifting was fine except for the auto stop start feature. when i would come to a stop the truck would turn off and then within 2-3 seconds turn back on without me taking my foot off the brake. When it would turn back on it was a very harsh start and the truck would lurch forward. Similar to starting a manual car without the clutch engaged. I could feel and hear a clunking in the transmission. Ford said they did an update and that everything was fine. It wasn’t. It was exactly the same. However it did shift more smoothly after the update. Now i have a 2019 with 2.7EB. It only shifts harder or slippes when it is going into 5th gear and usually only on light excelleration. It also does this when it downshifts into 5th. i just took it in to get everything updated. We will see if there is a difference.

  31. How do I get in on this, My 2018 F-150 ecoboost 2.7L with the 10 speed makes a loud clunk when you start it and if it’s not wormed up (first start of the day) I pull out of the driveway and it goes to shift from 1st to 2nd and revs up like it’s not in gear the slams into 2nd after a few seconds! I also have been experiencing hard down shifts.

  32. Mark that almost sound like its low on transmission oil. These new fluids contract a lot when cold and yours may not have the correct level when cold. It’s a very tight area between overfilled/ underfilled/ correctly filled. Only way to check it is when completely warmed up, level ground, running in park, using the dipstick underneath the fill port on the trans. Did it many times in my 6 speed; haven’t had to on my 10 speed yet (it’s doing ok) but I’m sure I eventually will as I service my transmissions around 50k miles. Use google images to look at F150 ten speed and you’ll see the fill port on passenger side – its a raised plug just aft of the bell housing. The many F150 forums may also have info – perhaps a member has already serviced his 10 speed.

  33. Thanks, l’ll check the transmission fluid. But I’m in Florida so it’s not cold related. And with 10,000 miles in a year and a half it shouldn’t need transmission fluid. Thanks

  34. I just literally bought my truck today it had 55 miles on it which I didnt really like but I went with it but I am noticing it jerking at certain times I even noticed a clunking sometimes when starting it what is my next step since this thing was literally gotten today and I noticed this the same day do I tale it back monday and let them know what is going on

  35. If they are open on Sunday, be there when they open up. If the truck title application has not been sent electronically today, you have a better chance to cancel the sale. If they balk raise all kinds of hell.

  36. I have had issues from day one with my 2018 STX the transmission hits really hard and makes a clunking noise especially in low gears. On occasion when cranking it sounds like the starter is about to fall out. Of course Ford dealership acts like they’re not aware of the problem. This is my fourth F150 never had issues in the past. Very disappointing. I’m also pretty sure that the dealerships are aware of the problem I’m sure we’re not the first to complain. Being handled very poorly

  37. 2018 Ford F150 Crew Cab 4×4 5.0 10spd

    observations include failure to shift into second after cold start with temperatures below 50f with a delay resulting in reved up motor with a sudden clunk and then swift jerk forward. Complained to Ford resulted in modified trans program, now when cold the truck automatically slows engine speed between upshift to second and third when cold. Disgusted with this truck. Engine rattles like a diesel. Will trade in for the F250 next year. 67,000 miles

  38. How can I get involved in this..My 2019 F150 XLT is doing the same thing only 8K miles on it and I don’t want to drive it anymore. $58K truck and it just sits!

  39. 2019 f150 coyote motor 10 speed, sporadic clunk when starting, and will shift into 7th gear before hitting 30-35 on light acceleration, today coming off the interstate slowing down I had to hit the gas to get in the lane I needed to be in and no acceleration or response for several seconds, was dangerous wth first brand new truck I’ve ever bought less then 17,000 mi

  40. My 2018 STX clunks sometimes when starting. Very sporadic. Of course won’t do when at dealership so they play dumb. Never thought I would have these disappointed issues with a new truck.

  41. I had the 2018 F150, all else was awesome just the clunk and ear piercing whining noise from transmission. Call your local lemon lawyer to get every penny back ( prorate miles driven). Cost you nothing. Dealer pays cost and they will cower if you do. They will not say it’s normal anymore and lemon lawyer( cost you nothing) will take all your sad hurt feelings and fear away.Takes a few weeks to get them to take it back and refund all your $$$ Trust me. Please friend.

  42. i posted earlier about my 2018 screw having major problems with the start stop feature and the transmission.
    Dealer couldnt fix it and said there was nothing wrong. I ended up trading it in for a 2019 with four wheel drive. That was in september. Took the truk in Saturday because there was a major water leak. driver side carpet is soaked and mildew and mold. They said it could take up to a week to fix as they try to find the source of the leak. I left the dealership with the intent of dropping the truck off tuesday after work. Today driving to work i was cruising down the street and the truck suddelnly lost all power (went into limp mode). Dash said “drive mode not available”. Luckily i was on a street at about 5am and not on the freeway at a later time (That would of been scary if not life threatening). I limped off the street and turned the truck off waited a few minutes and restarted. That did nothing. I turned truck off waited 20 mins and it went back to normal. Just dropped truck off at dealer and waiting to see what they say. (most of the cars in the service line are newer which says alot to me). Two brand new Ford trucks in just over a year and both of them have been poorly made. What if i was on the freeway or driving up the mountain road like i was a month ago? It will always be in the back of my mind now. I have been a loyal ford guy for 25 years. Not anymore.

  43. Nov 15, 2019 I took delivery of a Camaro 1SS, 6.2 L with the ten speed auto transmission. I only have less than a 1000 miles on it and the transmission performs flawlessly. When I get on the gas from a stop, it will fly through 6 or 7 gears so smooth that by the exhaust tone and a quick eye on the tach, you know you are switching gears.

    If this is the same tranny that Ford and GM designed together, so what up between the two when there seems to be no issues with GMs? From the F150 guys it seem to be electronic ot software by the problems reported.

  44. Got home today after running a few errands. Transmission just dies! No forward gears,no reverse,no nothing!! 2019 F150 STX,2.7L 10 speed transmission,2WD. 9700 miles. WTF!! Luckily I made it home,instead of in the middle of the road or on the freeway, God knows wherever that would have been. Anyways,taking truck in to the dealership tomorrow hoping they can fix it easily and quickly. But after reading the comments on this website” for the first time”,regarding all of the other complaints, I find myself in a bit of a very unfortunate situation. Sounds like I may be screwed. Up until today the truck and transmission have been working good for me. I have noticed some slightly strange things a few times with the transmission,but nothing to be super concerned about. For the most part everything seemed to be kind of Ok. But always had a curious (bad?) feeling in the back of my mind sometimes. 🤨. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow! I will try to keep you guys posted on my results. Wish me luck.

  45. I leased a 2019 f-150 in july 2019,and the transmission has shown all the problems as others have described. Incomplete 3rd shifts, inconsistent shifts clunk when starting. Better than a guy i work with tho his 2019 f-150 has had the trans leave him stranded 2x and was replaced both times was replaced by the dealer in 10k miles. Sad nice trucks but..my deal wouldn’t acknowledge any trans problem with my truck but reset the computer..finaly decided i won’t be purchasing at the end of my lease based on the company/dealers acknowledgment of the obvious problem..

  46. The GM and Ford 10 spds are NOT the same. Fords is a 10R80 and GMs is a 10R90. GM’s version is far more refined and efficent from my experience testing 10 Fords and 10 GM vehicles with their perspective 10 spds. The gearing is different in both transmissions for starters. I compared truck/suv versions and mustang gt vs camaro ss versions. There really is a noticable difference. Also, camaro SS owners get a “launch control” mode in their 10R90’s no matter if you get a base 1SS or top of the line 2SS. Ford is much smaller than GM so cost cutting is big with Ford. Especially to pad/line the pockets of its top 50 GREEDY exec’s.

  47. 4000 miles on my 2019 F150 Fx4. Worst shifting ever. The transmission wants to be the brakes. Harsh downshifts constantly. 6th down to 5th is the worst. Let off the throttle and let the truck coast will reward you with a loud pop that shakes the truck most of the time. Clunks Bumps and embarrassingly jerky up and down shifts are the norm with this 10 speed. Any change in weather aggravates the situation. Cold starts are NOISY and rattly. I like a firm shifting transmission but this is not that, have driven school buses with better shifting manners.

  48. Yet again powertrain engineering has proven that they can’t build an automatic transmission to save Bill Ford’s ass. P/E knew enough to drop a big bucket of $$$$ at GM to let them look over GM’s shoulder when they designed new transmissions, but they couldn’t leave well enough alone. They had to “adapt” it to Ford vehicles, which really means they did their best to screw it up. Couple that with Livonia Transmission, the world’s worst transmission manufacturing plant, and it’s the perfect recipe for disaster.

  49. I have had some issues in my 2018 F150 with the transmission. Especially cold it shifts hard, has pauses in gear selection and overall just doesn’t shift well cold. But It probably a side effect of shift by wire technology and cramming all those gears into a trans when they are not really needed. These Ecoboost engines should have a wide enough power band that they shouldn’t need so many gears. I take mine in soon to complain about a couple times cold when the trans acts like its stuck in neutral. Maybe the firmware needs upgrading or maybe the trans just is terrible in cold weather?

  50. My dealership just replaced my motor with a short block, replaced timing gears, cam phasers checked and cleaned cams and bearings, been making noise at 2200 rpms since day one, replaced at 22,000 mi. This is 2019 coyote super crew xlt , it had metal in the filter, honestly it is still a noisy motor, I don’t like the shifting issues I have all the same as everyone else’s shifting pauses, start up clunk, but or gets awesome gas mileage so the extra gears may not be comfortable but screw me money

  51. My dealership just replaced my motor with a short block, replaced timing gears, cam phasers checked and cleaned cams and bearings, been making noise at 2200 rpms since day one, replaced at 22,000 mi. This is 2019 coyote super crew xlt , it had metal in the filter, honestly it is still a noisy motor, I don’t like the shifting issues I have all the same as everyone else’s shifting pauses, start up clunk, but it gets awesome gas mileage so the extra gears may not be comfortable but save me money

  52. When you say noises at 2200 rpm is it a harsh squealing noise from a start and when the rpms go up and out shifting it sounds like a ear piercing squeal that what I have and I dont know how much longer I can deal with it that is not a normal sound and it needs to be fixed

  53. No squealing except for the high pitch noise coming from the fuel pump or transmission, every Ford I’ve ever owned has had a similar sound like that, my noise sounded like knocking but more repetitions like head noise but it wasn’t coming from the heads

  54. I have owned 3 new F150s with the 6 speed and loved them all. Now, I have a new 2018. Bought new one year ago. I have about 16,000 miles on it. I’ve had transmission problems since day one. I have been told it is characteristic of the 10 speed. I’ll try to make a short story of this 1 year nightmare. They have added trans fluid to fix the problem. Didn’t work. They replaced the valve body. Made it worse. Replaced entire transmission. Back to good as new…which means I’m having the same problems as I always have. Slips in 3rd gear every time. Hits what behaves as neutral between gears. Used to be between 3rd and whatever gear it picked next. Now it usually happens after 4th or 5th. I’ve had the autostart fail and I drifted into an intersection before I realized the motor didn’t start back up. An error message had me put the truck in park and restart…in the middle of an intersection. I’ve had the brakes engage on their own. I’ve had the truck accelerate with no foot on the gas. The tach showed it reved up to 2500 RPMs. I’ve had the knock/clunk shaking the whole truck on start up. I’ve had the power steering fail on u-turns. Very dangerous. I’ve had the radio refuse to turn on. Geez, I can’t even think of all of the issues. Ford has refused 3 buy back requests. My truck has not been in the shop since the transmission was replaced about 3 months ago. According to the lady at Ford corp, the service manager at my local dealership says my transmission is operating as designed. How does he know since he hasn’t seen it in 3 months. Ford tells me I need to get a second opinion from another Ford dealership. I have already dealt with 2 dealerships and they tell me it’s characteristic and operating to Ford spec. What do you think the 3rd dealership will say. They are all Fords puppets so therefore, they will tell me the same thing. I asked about getting an independent transmission shop to look at it. They said, only Ford technicians qualify to declare there’s a problem. Imagine that. I will never buy a new Ford again. But, maybe I’d get the same runaround with any manufacturer.

  55. My transmission has just been replaced on my 2019 F150 Lariat. They are still having issues. The transmission is a 10-speed automatic. I got the 2.7 Eco Boost. The vehicle is brand new. I got it back in October, and it doesn’t even have 7k miles on it. Right now it has been in the shop at the dealership now for a week. This is my second time turning it over to them to look at the transmission problem.

    I was at work, and shifted it into reverse only for it not to even move. Under Virginia state Lemon Law I believe I am able to ask for them to take it back or give me a brand new one. That is why I am here basically. I am trying to find information on it.

    Do not get me wrong. I love the truck. I hate the transmission. Any suggestions on what I should do?

  56. I am so glad I read this post!! I just had my 2018 F150 with 50,000 miles towed in because when shifting into 2nd gear, it suddenly lost power and the back wheels locked up causing to screech then it would let go with serious vibrating and then lock again screeching to a stop. I turned turned the engine off then back on, hoping it would reset and fix it but it didn’t. I limped home for 2 miles in 1st gear and then called a tow truck to take it to the dealer where I bought it. They test drove it the next day and it wasn’t doing it. There was no error codes so tomorrow they are going to open up the transmission and see if they can find anything. My worry is that it is a programming problem and if no error codes show, then according to Ford, there is no problem. I am scared to take this truck back and I don’t want to be the one who gets killed before they figure out how to fix it.

  57. if this tranny is the same as the chevy 10 speed, chevy fixed it by changing the transmission fluid to synthetic. Apparently regular tranny fluid has too much moisture in it which causes all the problems. Chevy bloggers are claiming night and day difference . Some of you guys having trouble should try the switch and let everybody know how it worked. I personally am shopping for a truck with this 10 speed because when they work right they are a great transmission.

  58. I drove my 1949 F-1 today. It shifts better and much smoother than my 2019 F-150, which scares me and my wife every time we drive it. It can’t be fixed according to Corwin Ford in Springfield, Mo. they said they are all like that. They would not even look at it or drive it. This truck was alright until it hit 36,000 miles. I am getting rid of this thing. Very unsafe with violent down shifts at highway speed. I’m a Ford guy of 60 years. (12 Mustangs) Fords, made in China and Mexico and Spain, FOR AMERICA! Pure dangerous junk!

  59. 2019 F-150’s 10 speeds. Horrible and scarey. Corwin Ford in Springfield, Mo says they are all like that and they would not even look at it. Violent down shifts at highway speeds up small grades. I’m a Ford guy of 60 years. (12 Mustangs) we cannot drive this piece of dangerous junk. I had to commit to not driving it. It will hurt someone. I need to get something to drive meantime. Junk!

  60. Thanks for all the posts on this site. I was about to push the button on a new F150. I’ve been researching them all year. This is the first time I checked for transmission issues. Now where do I go? Have to start all over. I won’t buy a Chrysler because of their transmission issues and other wear issues. Both front seat belt buckles in my Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited failed at 60,000 miles. I wonder about GMC? Been trying to stay American but it’s getting hard.

  61. My 2018 F150 has under 50,000 miles and the back wheels kept screeching to a stop when I would reach 15 mph. Extremely dangerous and I am lucky I wasn’t rear ended! I had it towed in and after a week of the dealer driving around my truck, it wouldn’t fail for them and no error codes were coming up. They told me there was nothing they could do unless it failed for them! Fortunately, after I picked the truck up, it failed after 30 minutes, the back wheels locked up and screeched to a stop! Shaking from fear and anger, I limped it back to the dealer AND LEFT THE TRUCK RUNNING so they could capture an error code. The problem was a valve timing solenoid. Believe it or not, the part has been on back order for one month now!! They paid for a nice rental car for me but it’s not a truck. I previously had a new 2013 F150 that had 60,000 miles when it would have a sudden loss of power and would not accelerate until I shut the truck off and then turn it on again which would reset the computer. These sudden loss of power issues with 2 different F150’s does not leave me with much confidence in the safety of their trucks. The 10 speed engine is seriously flawed and the Ford company knows it. They redesigned the engine for the 2021 models. Those of us that have a 2017-2020 are pretty much screwed. Once it’s fixed, I plan to sell it and go to a different brand of truck, either Dodge or GMC. Good luck and be safe.

  62. Turbo engines and more gears only help improve the EPA estimates enough to make it a marketing benefit for the auto maker. Real world driving won’t really benefit from these small turbo engines or 8 to 10 speed geared transmissions. Mainly because drivers tend to drive smaller engines like this aggressively which means they do not operate that efficiently. I think in towing situations the added gears will help take offs from a stop. But beyond that if your not pulling a load those trans tend to skip gears up shifting anyway. My issue is more long term durability and how well a turbo or 10 speed trans holds up especially if your towing a lot.

  63. 2019 ford f 150 3.5 ecoboost
    Got onto the highway the other day so decided to floor it, sudden loss of power then tranny went straight to neutral red lining at like 6500rpm,let of the throttle then everything went back to normal. Any thoughts on this???

  64. I have an 18 lariat special edition, the transmission is really bad. Slips from 4th to 5th lost 3rd for a bit. Also doing 120 km/hr it dropped from 10th to 1st to 7th to 10th then 10 just stopped working. That was with the dealer service manager in the truck with me. From a stop, multiple times it has started in 7th gear. Slammed from 2nd to 3rd so hard on a turn the truck started to slide. This is a dangerous problem. As for whiplash I do call bs, but definitely hard enough lurching to jar your body a bit.
    Typical corporate bs looking to blame anything they can find to not take responsibility for their bad products. Still fighting to have this fixed.

  65. Well, these all confirm that it’s not just my 2018 F150 that has problems. I bought mine new in May 2018, has the 5.0 V8 and 10 speed transmission. I have owned many Ford trucks in my life and had hoped this truck would be one I own for a long time to travel in, since I’m retired. I purchased Ford’s 8 year, 100,000 mile extended bumper to bumper warranty, for peace of mind. The last brand new Ford truck I bought was a 2008 F250 diesel but after downsizing my big travel trailer I no longer needed that much truck. I then had a 2010 F150 5.4 V8, I bought used with low miles and only one time had a problem with it downshifting hard, on the interstate. The dealer I bought it from said they reprogrammed the transmission and it never did it again. I immediately had concerns with the way the 2018 transmission shifted. I took it back to the Ford dealership in Des Moines, Iowa and the service shop foreman drove it with me. All he would say is “You just have to get used to it, it’s a 10 speed and has a lot going on.” Unfortunately, I took him at his word but have never been happy about the transmission or the clunk I heard many times on start up. As many others here have mentioned. When I complained about this to the dealer, I got the standard answer as everyone else, “we can’t get it to do it, so there’s nothing we can do.” My engine also has the ticking or clicking sound that the dealer says “It doesn’t sound any different than another truck with the same motor”. So that’s Fords answer??? Well, the transmission problem got worse, exactly 3 weeks to the day, after I had the original selling dealership service the transmission with 37,000 miles on it, at their recommendation. I had made several road trips so the majority had been highway miles. On the day I was driving to my new place in Wyoming, 3 weeks after the trans service, a warning light(crescent wrench) came on the dash and said see manual. The truck had not done anything more unusual than normal but I checked the manual and it said power train related and to contact the service department. I called the closest dealership in Casper, Wyoming and explained my circumstances, but they could not schedule me for at least a week. Since it had not seriously acted up, I asked if they could at least check for a code and they told me to bring it in. I did, the guy said “That’s strange, it doesn’t even show a code, so if it’s not doing anything I wouldn’t worry about” and cleared the warning light. I was about 30 minutes north of Casper, on cruise at 80 mph, when it downshifted, with a loud clunk and the truck felt like someone had rear ended me. It did the same thing again in a few minutes, so I took it off cruise and slowed down to 70. It never did this hard downshift again that day but it also never shifted into 10th gear the rest of the way to my new place. I knew there was a closer dealership to the town I was moving to, so I made an appointment with them as soon as they could get me in, 5 days later. They took down the transmission pan and found pieces of metal in the pan. It was a week before they had time to actually remove the trans and tear it apart to see what the problem was. They said it appeared there might have been a problem with the clutch plates and said they would have to rebuild it. I requested a new transmission be put in, instead of rebuilding this one. The assistant service manager said since it’s under the power train warranty but has over 12,000 miles, Ford would probably not approve a new transmission install and only a rebuild. Ford didn’t approve this and my truck was in the shop for 11 days waiting for parts and to be rebuilt. The dealer had no loaners available and did not have a rental department, so I had to rent a car. My extended warranty is supposed to pay $30 a day for rental car reimbursement for up to ten days. I’m still waiting for that reimbursement 2 months later. I haven’t had the hard downshifting since the rebuild but I do still have the low speed transmission hesitations, like it doesn’t know what gear to choose or that it’s stuck in 1st. I’m sorry for such a long explanation but I am very frustrated with this situation, as everyone else here is. I love the truck for many good reasons, I put an expensive matching topper on it, so I can sleep in the back and use it for traveling, but with this transmission issue and my concern about the engine noise, I no longer have confidence in it, or Ford. But being retired and on a fixed income, I can’t afford to take on a new truck payment. I worked several part time retirement jobs so I could pay this one off quickly and not have a payment. I also feel that most class action lawsuits only benefit the lawyers making the money and not the person who has the problem. There are just too many sue happy people in our country! It seems obvious with all these problems people have listed here, that Ford is well aware of the issues with this truck and transmission but refuse to fix it. I am so very disappointed in Ford!!!

  66. just found out my 2017 F150 needs a new transmission and it’s too new that they don’t have parts – so a whole new transmission needs to be put in. $14000. how do I join this lawsuit?

  67. I also have exactly this truck. For me it is true that the issue only arises in the morning, I often have to accelerate quickly pulling from home onto a bus road. slips between 3-4-5. By the time I drive to Ford dealer, it is warm and does not slip.

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