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Updated: Ford Lawsuit Over Duratec V6 Due To Water Pump

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Owners of Ford vehicles that use certain Duratec V6 engines are looking to Ford to help cover repair costs for water pump failures on the car. According to a class action Ford lawsuit, the typically inexpensive water pump replacement on other vehicles can cost many times more for a Duratec V6 engine. On many vehicles replacing a water pump will cost somewhere around $500, but on Ford cars with a Duratec V6, the repair costs can run into the multiple thousand dollar range.

The reason for this is that unlike most engines where the water pump is on the outside of the engine and easy to access, the Duratec V6 has a water pump that is inside the engine and driven by a chain. One plaintiff in the class-action lawsuit filed in late 2018 claims that he received a $3,000 repair bill to replace the entire engine. One man received a $1,800 bill for replacing the water pump, but the shop told him they suggested that the engine be replaced.

One plaintiff on the case says that the shop told him they would be unable to guarantee that other damage inside the engine hadn’t occurred with the water pump failure. With the water pump being inside the engine, owners of cars using the Duratec V6 often don’t see any leaks, and the first sign of trouble is when the car overheats. Attorney’s on the case are asking Ford to help owners of impacted Duratec V6 engines replace the faulty water pumps.

Vehicles that use the Duratec V6 in the class action lawsuit include some Flex and Edge vehicles, among others. Ford has agreed to see if there is a goodwill program that would help the man who received the $3,000 quote. Ford is facing a class-action lawsuit over its new 10-speed transmission.

UPDATE: This lawsuit has been dismissed by the judge with prejudice.

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Source: ABC27

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Written by Shane McGlaun

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. So if the waterpump was cheap replacement no one would bother with a law suite but becuase of the cost that could be involed then its a law suite even if the water pump has worn out.This is law suite goon crazy.

    • no IF you read it there is no warning the coolant goes out the shaft straight into the oil pan and nukes the engine
      = BAD DESIGN yes the cost is ignorant but a water pump should ( by there own definition of being chain driven should last MUCH longer than belt driven and this is not the case. Engines are grenading anywhere from @40000 to 100000 which in this day is just wrong

    • It`s one of the worst designs ever….The lawsuit is over someone paying about $8000.00 for replacing a complete engine that could have been saved if it wasn`t for the insanity of the design.

      • Following the recommended maintenance scheduled lade out in the manual is rarely looked at followed or even read. Its a great designed engine, before you buy a vehicle on an emotion its good to use the o’l thinker, read up , look ahead at maint. cost , engine design, proven failures. Blaming Ford because you failed to do maintenance and investigate what you were buying is the buyers problem, and you cant trust the little oil change flunkies who are looking at their phones for the latest twitter that mentions their name while getting your carpets dirty, stripping your drain plug, and double gasket your oil filter either 90 percent know nothing and in this self serve culture of entitlement and my rights, my stuff, and my way, businesses and companies are folding because the cost of lawyers and red tape.

        • Robert, your comment is broad based and doesn’t apply to everyone. Maintaining ones vehicle is as important as insuring it. The water pump is never mentioned in its maintenance manual. I’ve owned many vehicles and having a water pump fail on a maintained vehicle under 85,000 miles is a flaw. A $7200 bill to replace my entire engine isn’t due to any fault of mine.

        • Use the ol’thinker, you should take your own advice, unless you where dropped on your head when you were born. How can a proven engine failure be made by the person buying the vehicle if the car & engine are brand new. We don’t have access to the real documents that really come from their test labs. Plus it plays & pays to the companies advantage to take advantage of us the consumers. With proven documented evidence of products made to fail by design provided to us by the companies that sell it & the manufactuerers who make it. We are using the ol’thinkers, we just don’t show it as you expect. Plus why would any company devulge the dirt on their products if their trying to maximise the profits for early retirements. This type of act will lead your customers elsewhere & your name brand products to be used as a cautionary tale, 1 poor mans design could lead to a diy’ers success. We like doing things outside that dumb ol’box cause we are masters of creating our own & doing what we want, their are no limits you can put on life itself!

        • Robert, your post is being ridiculed for good reason. This isn’t a “maintenance” item. This isn’t a typical case in which the coolant leaks onto the ground, you run down to your local auto parts store to buy the parts, and replace the water pump. This design effectively ties the life of an otherwise great engine, to that of the water pump. Even if you catch/detect the problem — as I recently have — the cost is still 80-90% of replacing the entire engine. This is assuming the “weep hole” caught the problem before the timing chain gear seal gave out; otherwise my engine oil is now engine coolant.
          The fact that the class action lawsuit was thrown out by a judge over semantics, and lack of internal documentation for facts really smells of payoff or ignorance. A judge that probably doesn’t know how to change her own flat tire. It doesn’t take internal documents saying they knew the water pump failure would lead to engine catastrophe, nor to tell you that 12.5 man hours of maintenance is overly abundant for a non European supercar.

      • Bob, I agree! I am stunned they were so short sighted…Truly pathetic…US cars still cant make it right after 45 years of producing junk!!! Toyota or Honda will never do this

        • Both Toyota and Honda have had their own design issues. I would know, Family and I have had serious mechanical issues with both brands. Check on the website CarComplaints.com for the issues with those brands. My current 2008 Lincoln MKX is at 202K miles without any issues with the water pump.

        • You are ABSOLUTELY correct! Toyotas, truly are cars that will last until “the wheels fall off”. Hondas are a close second, they make the BEST engines, hands down, but their transmissions (automatic) have been problematic as of late. The “problem” I have with these 2 makes is buying them! Toyota in particular, is very hard to deal with and want to finance with “Toyota Financial” (dealers get a $6k kickback). If you are a “sub-prime” borrower, you will have a tough time financing through the dealer! And the prices on used Toyotas have actually RISEN in the past couple months, while other makes prices have fallen! I CAN understand why the dealers are gouging, they have an EXCELLENT product that, I JUST can’t afford!

    • If anyone ever had a doubt regarding your lack of intelligence and inherent ignorance, your post absolutely removes any doubt.
      You shouldn`t post with people that know what their talking about.

      • Hey McCann-So this is how you demonstrate YOUR intelligence? “People that know what THEIR talking about” 🙂

  2. A single failure of a water pump should not destroy an engine. With computer cars over heating or lost of oil pressure will put the engine in safe mode so there is no further damage and enough to get you to the side of the road. My son’s BMW electric water pump failed. The computer threw a yellow alarm on the dash and when the temp got higher the alarm went red and you couldn’t go over about 10 mph.

    • unfortunately it DOES NOT do that and ford techs cannt find the issue either. Mine did it and when the garage had it they replaced the thermostat, never went to a limp mode which I thought it would as well then it stopped for quite some time then a cam sensor error came up sent it to the garage and no motor…

  3. Basically, any Ford or Lincoln, even Mazda, with Duratech 3.5/3.7L engines, including Ecoboost 3.5 are potentially effected. The water pump is mounted inside the oil lubricated timing chain cover/housing. It’s gear acts as an idler pulley for the camshaft timing chain, its shaft turning the water pump impellor. If the water pump bearing or seal fails, it will leak coolant into the oil. Therefore, you would notice a loss of coolant which might subsequently lead to overheating, but you would also be mixing coolant with oil. This would be noticeable on the oil dipstick as “milky oil” and possibly on underside of oil fill cap when removed. Coolant in oil can lead to failure of engine bearings, cylinder wall scoring and engine failure. Therefore, any indication of the symptoms mentioned should be immediately investigated. Labor hours to replace water pump is like 20 to 30 and not a DIY project for most people. Check YouTube for some good videos of this repair. Scary! I own 3 vehicles with this series of engines: Flex, Taurus and Mazda6. As much as I like these cars, I’m now seriously worried about the problem occurring.

    • Also, I would like to add, if you hear ANY unusual clicking or clattering on start up, SHUT THE ENGINE OFF, IMMEDIATELY! You might be able to save it from major damage!

    • I need to know how to sign up too, it would cost $5700 to replace the engine with a rebuilt one after our waterpump failed. what a mess

      • Reading all that I can get my eyes and ears on there are two things that help avoid the biased ( THE JUDGE) AND FORD’S FAULTY DESIGN………..1.Switch to synthetic motor oil…(not the blend which percent is never divulged ASAP) .2. Coolant change every 30.000 miles (not the 100,000 miles dictated in my manual). My Ford dealer (not Lincoln where bought it) is helping me keep my young Continental (33,000) miles help as much as possible.

  4. I forgot to say only the transversely mounted 3.5/3.7L engines have internal H2O pumps so it doesn’t affect the RWD based vehicles like F-150’S or the 2020 Explorer.

  5. Just bought a flex with 87000 miles and was unaware of this problem. I bought it for fun, not my main car, but would not have bought it if I had known this issue, Ford Manufacturing needs to extend some kind of coverage for these vehicles. This motor should never had been put in this vehicle with this issue. The problem is engineers with any experience should have known antifreeze and oil don’t mix and to put these in such close proximity is ridiculous. There should be a recall on these vehicles and some kind of extended warranty should be extended. No way, with the improvement of technical advancement that motors shouldnt run 250,000. Other manufactures are with regular maintance. Do the right thing Ford and take care of your customer base. This warranty extension should extend to whoever owns a Flex whether First owner or second or third owner, shouldn’t matter.

  6. I still can’t find any info on a class action suit over the water pump issue. I went to a website that was suggested here — [email protected]—but got a warning message about going forward so I stopped at that point.

      • The case against Ford HAS BEEN DISMISSED! The judge found that the litigants did not provide sufficient evidence that Ford DELIBERATELY designed that engine to fail. Sorry, Ford owners!

  7. Yeah because if coolant leaks into the engine like in this case it destroys the whole engine. Of course there will be people that want to file a lawsuit. Instead of a $100 part you can replace yourself. You have to pay $1000’s to fix or replace your engine.

  8. We purchased a 2007 Ford Edge not knowing that the 3.5l V6 contained in internal water pump. We purchased it two years ago and are still paying on it. We now have an additional $7,300.00 for a new engine at the dealership. We did not buy it at a dealership. We had it replaced there because we have a Ford service credit card that of course is now maxed out to pay for this. we were not in the original lawsuit that by the way was dismissed. I will never buy a Ford again and when all of this is paid off, I will drive this thing down to whatever car dealership i will be buying from and trade it in.

  9. We just purchased a 2013 Ford Edge Sport with the 3.7 V6 engine. As we all know, this engine is one with the flawed design everyone is talking about, with the water pump inside the engine block. If anyone reading this owns a Ford vehicle with a Duratec engine (including the Ford Explorer, the Ford Edge, the Ford Flex, and the Ford Mustang) the question is, what can we do? There are two things to do. First, if you buy one of these vehicles, buy it from a reputable auto dealership (not a private party if you can help it), and spend the extra money to purchase a Ford Premium Care Extended Bumper to Bumper Warranty. The other thing we can do is to stay on top of our cars maintenance needs – and provide meticulous preventative maintenance on our vehicles. That means going WAY BEYOND what Ford recommends – it means taking your car to a trusted mechanic or Ford dealership and doing a full COOLANT FLUSH every 25-30K miles (or doing it yourself if you are mechanically inclined). Even this can not provide a definitive assurance that your water pump wont fail, but it certainly will help. Also, keeping this in perspective is important. Since the Edge was introduced in 2006, over 1.000,000 have been sold here in the USA alone. Add to that figure sales in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and the number is probably well over 2,000,000 Ford Edges sold worldwide since 2006. If you go to http://www.CarComplaints.com (a very informative website) you will see that there are a total of 1863 complaints about the Edge – out of TWO MILLION Edges produced and sold, this is quite a respectable record, although scarcely comforting to the unlucky folks who have had this issue effect their vehicles. The total number of water pump failures on the Duratec engines (these engines are also found in the Ford Flex, Ford Explorer, and Ford Mustang) possibly number around 100,000. It is easy to blame Ford as a crappy company that produces badly designed cars and doesnt give a rats ass about its customers – but if you go to CarComplaints.com, try typing in Chevrolet, or Chrysler, or Buick – every car manufacturer is guilty of flawed designs and have their fair share of recalls and class action law suits. Just my two cents, my fellow Fordies. Good luck with your cars – and remember – treat your babies with LOVE and hopefully they will love you back.

    • The people that will be affected the most by this design flaw aren’t the folks buying new or slightly used vehicles with the 3.5. Water pumps are a wear part. They are commonly replaced in higher mileage vehicles. Most of these 3.5 vehicles will make it past the warranty period and last until the vehicle is traded in or sold. The folks that will be hurt the most are those who can’t afford the new vehicles and will be buying older vehicles with the 3.5 without knowing about the design flaw. Many of these folks can’t afford the $4000 to $5000 necessary to replace their engine. So it’s really easy for me to blame Ford and all the other manufacturers selling poorly designed vehicles to the public. If Ford and the other manufacturers were standing behind their products there wouldn’t be a need for class action lawsuits. People don’t file class action lawsuits unless the manufacturer fails to work with them to resolve the issue with the product.

    • So what does this do for people who take car if their vehicles, only have service done at the dealership, and follows everything by the book? You may not have encountered any issues but there are a great number of working class individuals that have had to shell out thousands on a part that would otherwise cost less than $1K to repair. Now Me and my husband faced with basically cancelling Christmas and any winter vacations with our children because we have an expected $3K to spend in addition to the money spent trying to figuring out the issue for a year now. So though I get what you are saying, it doesn’t bring me solace.

      • I took my Taurus in to dealer (who does all of my normal maintenance) back in July 2019 as I had noticed a couple weeks prior that my coolant was dropping in level, but there were no leaks to find. I would top it off and 2 or 3 days later it was low again. They couldn’t find a leak, or cause of, and told me to just keep topping it off. Which I did…every 2 or 3 days had to add coolant. A couple of months later, my water pump went out. So proof that even the dealerships don’t know what to look for in preventive care for this

  10. looking to join the class action lawsuit. I HAVE A 2009 Flex that needs a water pump and was quoted $2,000.
    does anyone have any info?

  11. I bought a used 2011 Lincoln MKS (still a Ford product) and at about 98,000 miles my engine failed due to a faulty water pump. The faulty pump allowed coolant to enter the engine where it should not and created the “chocolate milk” effect (coolant mixed with oil). I had to pay about $3,000 to get my engine replaced. I think ford should be held accountable. Anyone that can help me with this matter please let me know. I’m looking to join the class action lawsuit

  12. 2013 Ford Taurus had the same water pump issue. No warning just got a quote for over $2000. Ford needs to step. My 1st and last American car. ” Built Ford Tough” I think not!

  13. Same just happened to me an my 2013 Ford Taurus SEL. I did have a coolant level drop appear a few months ago, and had local Ford dealer look at it right away. They could not find a cause for the leak. Told me to just keep adding coolant as needed. Then last week, internal water pump goes out. $2800 repair, with no guarantee that it has not affected the engine.

    I’ve reached out to one of the firms in the class-action to see about being added in

  14. My 2010 Ford Flex with 106,000 miles just had the water pump go, and the dealership is quoting me $4,000 for a new engine. We are in the midst of buying a used car for my son, and they offered $500 trade-in for the Flex. If I trade it in, do I lose the ability to join the lawsuit? We are leasing a 2019 Edge, and told the salesman we were interested in replacing the Flex in the spring with another one. That plan has been tossed out.

  15. we had an edge that this happened to, ford quoted $8,000 for a new engine. it was a 2007 with 90,000 miles on it. we got $750 from one of the mechanics who is going to fix it for himself. I was told this did not disqualify us from the lawsuit but keep all your paperwork showing the cost of repair. they actually had the nerve to ask if we wanted to buy another edge, I said were they nuts

  16. Just replaced my engine due to the water pump going out also. Approximately $3000 later for replacement. No warning of failure just went out.

  17. We were just informed by the Ford dealership that the problem with our 2012 edge us the water pump. It will cost $2700 to fix. The car just reached 100K miles. Would we qualify for the lawsuit?

    • I think ford is responsible like any big company they have someone design and build the engines . Its redickulous that they would put a water pump inside a motor when they could use an electronic water pump like BMW does.

  18. My 2011 Ford Flex (107k miles) water pump is on the fritz and now I will be having to pay for a poor design flaw of a million dollar company. I was a Ford fan/owner for years, but I’ll be hard pressed to buy another

  19. Why has ford not redesign the water pump replacing it with the same flawed design pump is not the correct solution .
    I have found sparkle like flakes in bottom of coolant drain pan I have change the coolant as much as I change the oil .I have no coolant lost plus send my oil to blackstone labs no coolant in oil the only thing at this time is the sparkles in the coolant ,has anyone found sparkles in there coolant?

  20. have owned fords all my adult life. 2013 ford taurus 74k mile when the water pump went. cost me $1100.00 at the dealer. one week later the motor seized. $3000.00 to for the motor wouldn’t be buying a ford with a v6 again.

  21. We have a 2010 Ford Edge. Just put in a new water pump to the tune of over 1800.00 last spring. We had 101,000 miles on it at the time. The Ford garage said they saw no damage to the engine, hope that holds true. Joining so we can follow the progress of the litigation.

  22. I have a 2011 Ford Explorer Xlt with 84,000 miles on it. With no warning the water pump failed. $7200.00 dollars later the Ford dealership where I took it is trying to fix it with a second attempt to replace the engine. I’ve contacted the attorneys involved in the law suit. Hopefully some day I will recoup some of the money I’ve lost for a poorly designed engine..

  23. Continuing to hear from Ford Edge/Flex/Explorer owners who are being hit with these water pump failures is tragic…and it can happen to ANY of us. It seems very random. Suggest going on YouTube and type in MACT-Ford Edge. This guy who started the group, Bill Trammel, is an expert on Ford engines, and especially on Ford Edges – he has numerous videos about this subject. He has a Facebook group as well I highly recommend: MACT-T FORD EDGE. Every Ford Edge owner should join this group! One key question I have for everyone here: HOW OFTEN DID YOU CHANGE YOUR COOLANT? The manufacturer’s recommended time between coolant flushes (what is it? every 6000 miles?) is NOT ADEQUATE considering the FLAWED DESIGN OF THESE ENGINES! Remember – coolant becomes very ACIDIC over time and this only accelerates the deterioration of the SEALS between the water pump and the engine oil. Everyone should do a complete COOLANT FLUSH every 2000K miles, or every SPRING. Just trying to be helpful, guys – even this kind of PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE DOESN’T GUARANTEE YOUR WATER PUMP WONT FAIL – but it surely CANT HURT!

    • Sorry – typo up there. I would flush coolant – reasonably – every spring, or every 4K or 5K miles along with changing the oil.

  24. At 92,000 mikes, my 2015 Ford Explorer XLT suffered complete engine failure, with no advance warning. The encased water pump broke and mixed coolant with the oil. The day that the engine seized was the day the Liw Oil Pressure light lit up for the first time. Ford Motor Company denied any liability or responsibility for the engine failure and played with ne for weeks. I finally had my V6 Cyclone/Duratec engine rebuilt which cost me in excess of $7,000. Ford has taken a deaf ear to any complaints and requests for assistance from its loyal Ford customers. Now, after the problems in the multiple 2007 to present models, it is rumored that Ford has taken the chain driven water pumps out of the engine in their 2020 models. The victimization of affected Ford vehicle owners makes a good reason for a Ford Motor Company boycott, although ut will never happen. Ford will just continue to victimize it’s own loyal customers. Sad and costly for loyal Ford customers.

  25. So will Ford do a recall and at least replace the water pump to help extend the life of there car? Will they cover the cost for my 2011 Taurus is up on 113000 now. Biting the Bullet here.

    • Sadly, this looks highly unlikely. So far, Ford has refused to acknowledge any culpability for the faulty design of the otherwise EXCELLENT Duratec engine…the decision by the original engineers at Ford who decided the only way to fit the engine inside the engine bay was to place the engine TRANSVERSELY and place the water pump INSIDE the block)…anyway, most of the folks posting here know about the class action lawsuit against Ford that seems like it will probably ultimately go NOWHERE. This is very sad, and frustrating for so many owners of Ford Flex, Ford Explorer, and Ford Edge vehicles that have had these RANDOM water pump failures – usually at high mileage (although Ive read about these failures on Ford vehicles with as little as 40,000 miles!) The only thing we can do is FLUSH YOUR COOLANT EVERY SPRING, or every 2000K miles. Do NOT follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
      I posted a link above to the MACT FORD EDGE GROUP on Facebook. It is very informative, and members are very interactive, and helpful. I strongly recommend all owners of Ford Edges join the group (see link in one of my recent comments above).
      Happy New Year, Everyone!

  26. Why not put in an engine that has an EXTERNAL Water Pump as it’s coming out of your pocket so no more problems and much better resale. The 2.7L V6 Eco-Boost has an External Pump as do all the 4 cylinders. Sure it will be more work and a computer/under hood wiring swap in most cases.

    • Why not save yourself a HUGE WAD of cash in trying to convert to another engine, and use that money to buy yourself a Toyota. The expense involved will cost MORE than the vehicle is worth!

  27. In my case, the encased water pump in my 2015 Ford Explorer XLT broke prematurely and not only leaked coolant into the engine block and oil pan, mixing it with the oil, with the deadly mixture being shot into the oil pump, but gave no advance warning before it caused complete engine failure. The only warning it gave at the last possible moment was the “Low Engine Pressure” light appearing. Ford made idle promises to assist me as a loyal customer under their loyalty program but then reneged in their promise. I was forced to have the Cyclone/Duratec V6 engine rebuilt at a personal cost of $7,000. If you are a victim In the NY/NJ metro area of this disaster and are looking to resolve your dilemma, I can refer you to a motor shop who can get you back on the road while you seek other reimbursement remedies. The most important part of this issue is getting your vehicle back on the road. Email me (Big Al) at [email protected] for details.

  28. I just had my 09 MKZ w/ 128k miles overheat on me (12/29/19). Dealer confirmed it was the water pump issue. Quoted over $4300 to replace the pump and cooling fans (parts+labor). What a shame. This car was great otherwise and thought I’d get it to 200k no problem. I was perfect in getting all regular maintenance done, too. The worst thing about this whole thing is that I just bought new brakes, tires, and oil the day before it died. Dealer is hesitating about doing anything for me on those purchases, too.

    I really liked Ford but this will be my family’s last one. Wish I could afford a Tesla. Looking forward to the day that I can ditch the outdated ICE designs.

      • Not often enough in hindsight. Which I accept only some blame because the dealer never recommended this maintenance despite everything else they recommended which I agreed to almost always.

        No doubt, I should have thought about it more often but I figured if the dealer didn’t recommend it that it wasn’t needed.

        I got the car with 75k miles and I think I changed it around 90k miles but not since then.

    • Beginning in 2007 and continuing through the present, Ford has equipped millions of vehicles sold under the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brand names with the Ford Cyclone Engine, also known as the Duratec engine.  Unbeknownst to purchasers and lessees of these vehicles, the Ford Cyclone Engine contains a defect in design, manufacturing, materials and/or workmanship that causes the water pump to suddenly and prematurely fail—before the end of the useful life of the engine—and can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Your 09 MKZ is one of the affected models.

  29. It has been established that the Cycline/Duratec V6 engines have experienced complete engine failure when the encased and chain-driven water pump breaks prematurely and leaks and mixes coolant with engine oil. There have been many owners of 2007-present Ford vehicle owners who have been victimized by this design, yet Ford has denied any responsibility or liability. This denial has forced affected Ford owners to personally foot the bill up to $10,000 to make the necessary repairs to get their vehicles on the road. It has been reported that 2020 Ford vehicles will no longer have water pumps encased inside the engine. Thus may resolve the current issue, but Ford needs to issue a recall for 2007 to present vehicles since the issues involve the long-known and recognized design and manufacturing flaw and not owner or operator fault.

  30. My 2011 Taurus is one of these, getting up there in miles, shop wants $1400. to replace the pump. I would rather have a problem solver put in place, and then mount the pump on the outside. FORD can figure this out and do it to all there customers that have this motor. FORD, please fix our cars, it is YOUR FAULT it is happening.

  31. Expecting FORD at this point to do anything except HIDE from this issue – and FIGHT IT WITH ALL THEIR HIGH PRICED LAWYERS – is – well, lets say, its highly improbable in the world we live in, a world of CORPORATE GREED. Apparently FORD doesnt care if they lose THOUSANDS of loyal Ford customers. The “fix” (problem solver) you mention – maybe a brilliant mechanic could figure out a CUSTOM FIX (removing the existing internal pump, sealing the hole that would leave in the engine block, then redesigning an external water pump – then, figuring out how to mount and attach the external water pump and making it FUNCTIONAL – this is virtually an impossible task – even it was possible, it would cost thousands of dollars….

  32. I have a 2008 Ford Edge with 92000 miles, on January 2 water pump failed. I know it is an old car I have it since 2012 I keep a good maintenance on it. But just to change a water pump cost between $2000 to $3000. And is not only that. Colant mixed with engine oil. Now engine needs to be fix too. I will not be less than $6000.
    I looking to join the class action lawsuit. If someone has any information please post.

  33. I know this isn’t any comfort for Edge and Explorer owners with water pump failures – I mention this again as it pertains to the relative RANDOMNESS of these failures. Between 2007 and 2014, Ford sold nearly two million Ford Edges alone across the globe (mainly USA and Europe where they are CHERISHED). This fact is easily confirmed – just Google it. All we are going to hear about here are complaints (and many on the MACT FORD EDGE Facebook page Ive suggested everyone here to join) as happy Edge owners dont stop by here to expound about how much they LOVE their cars – we will only hear from the relatively small number of owners who have experienced these GHASTLY water pump failures. If you go to the website http://www.CarComplaints.com, you will see under 2000 total complaints about the Edge. Im just mentioning this as the number of FAILURES if taken in context to the amount of Edges produced and sold, is actually RELATIVELY VERY SMALL. Most Edge owners LOVE their cars. Again, no comfort to the thousands (again, out of nearly two million Edges sold worldwide) that have experienced this tragedy. Bottom Line: This is a huge design flaw, a DUMB IDEA – and Ford KNOWS IT! This issue is not exclusive to FORD by the way – there are numerous other manufacturers that have vehicles with INTERNAL WATER PUMPS (again, Google this if you aren’t aware of this mostly OVERLOOKED FACT). Regarding FORD and its obvious responsibility here – Im betting they will continue to publicly deny any culpability, and use all their formidable financial power to fight any compensation to once loyal Ford customers, who after experiencing this, will NEVER BUY ANOTHER FORD PRODUCT. This is the hight of SHORTSIGHTEDNESS and CORPORATE GREED. Very Very Sad.

  34. Ford Cyclone-Duratec Engine/Water Pump Failure Class Action Suit Attorney Contact:

    Kessler, Topaz, Meltzer & Check, LLP
    280 King of Prussia Road
    Radnor, PA 19087
    P 610.667.7706
    F 610.667.7056

    • Hi Tracey,
      I am having the exact same issue with my Ford Edge, need to replace the engine because coolant got into the engine because of the water pump.
      Did the attorneys gave you any feedback/info, any hope?
      Is this the firm you contacted: Kessler, Topaz, Meltzer & Check, LLP


  35. Great Tracey, there is strength in numbers But there are so many Ford Cyclone/Duratec victims who need to come forth. They will have already paid thousands to get the affected cars back on the road, but everyone should be reimbursed and Ford should have enough evidence for a recall on affected vehicles from 2097 to Present. That would be the RIGHT thing for Ford to do! Past due!

  36. Looks like im experiencing the same issue. I went to my 2015 Ford Explorer Sport (63k miles) to a local ford dealership to have a toe link recall fixed and they found a leaky water pump. They quoted me a price of $3000 to fix this issue! Absolutely insane! Ford needs to do something about this! Does anyone have Ford contact info that will address this issue?

  37. Just like everyone else on here, My wife came home and stated she was smelling antifreeze coming from our 2013 Explorer, took a look under the hood and could see where antifreeze had been on the hose and dust cover.thought it was the radiator so i order one. Today I went to replace it and saw a small puddle under the car got under the car to see antifreeze dripping from the oil pan. pulled the dipstick oil looks fine. came inside and started to research this problem.well just ordered a new pump intake gasket and timing chain kit. my first and last Ford. there is always something going wrong with this car Fix Or Repair Daily.

  38. on 12/31/19 my 2013 Ford Explorer XLT heat was not working. Then it would come off and on. One week later 01/7/2020 the heat would not come back on. Then I noticed it was over heating. The fan was coming on to cool the motor down. I had a friend look at it. He said he looked at the coolant and found that my water pump was leaking. He said that due to my water pump leaking was probably why my heat was not working. That the water pump needs replaced ASAP or I will have major damage to my engine. I will be calling Ford.

  39. I have a 2015 F150 with a 3.5L cyclone (Duratec) engine and it has a front mounted belt driven water pump. I feel for everyone with a FWD Cyclone which has a timing chain driven water pump, what was Ford thinking.
    The 3.5L cyclone engine is a powerful, efficient engine that should last for 300,000 miles if maintained properly, but $2000 water pump replacements are not routine maintenance.
    A water pump should last no less than 150,000 miles and if it doesn’t, the pump has a design problem.
    In 2015 I was debating between buying an Explorer or an F150, it turns out I made the right choice.

  40. I have the same issue with my 2013 Edge, water pump screwed the engine. Called the local Ford service center, they gave me Ford’s Customer Care number. Called them and explained the issue, elaborated on the design defect, elaborated on the class action. The young lady could not help herself from interrupting me the entire time until I asked her if I could finish what I was saying without interruption. She gave me the usual “take it to your Ford Dealership, they will diagnose the issue, they will determine if it is a faulty part. If it is not a faulty part, you (me) would be responsible for the fees.” I explained again that it is the design defect. I outright asked her “since I still owe on it (bought used) and I have to buy a new engine due to the design defect, Ford can just wash their hands of this issue with no repercussion?” The answer was simply, emphatically “Yes.” I previously owned 2 mustangs, 2000 and 2002, no issues, used to be a Ford customer. It is shameful, what would Henry Ford think of it?

  41. I have a 2013 Ford Explorer. Some of these vehicles have been totally recalled and mine has 8 total recalls. My friend has the same vehicle. Her brakes went out and a week later mine did as well. My face cover next to my window fell off while driving a a week and a half later my friends car does the same thing except both sides fell off of hers. Out of no where and no warning my car overheats and is completely out of coolant. It is checked every time I change my oil. After adding more so I can get home we look at my vehicle. My husband and I have changed water pumps before. The water pump itself is only $50 at Autozone, but since it is in the engine we can’t fix it. I am looking at $3,250 as an estimate before they do any further investigating. My mileage is also just a little over 110,000 miles and they say its suppose to last at least 150,000. I will never buy a Ford again. This is a safety issue and can do more damage than good. Also since the way they have made it there are more parts besides the pump that has to be replaced. Over 12 hours of labor just to change a water pump. Ridiculous!!!

  42. Just received a quote of 5,800 for an engine replacement. 2013 explorer with 70k miles. Dealer service says it’s a rod nock, but will not formally diagnose unless we pay a $1,000 diagnosis fee. WTF Ford?

  43. How can I join the class action lawsuit? I am having to replace the water pump AND engine on my 2010 Ford Edge. I just paid this “new to me” car off 2 months ago, and now I’m having to spend over $2,000.00 for a used engine to replace the damaged one. Help!
    Laura Sandefur
    Evansville, IN

    • The lawsuit against Ford HAS BEEN DISMISSED! The Judge in the case, found that the litigants could NOT prove that Ford DELIBERATELY designed the water pump to fail in a manner to cause engine destruction. Sorry, Ford owners!

  44. Took my Taurus in for rough running engine last week. Quoted $5000 plus labor for a new engine…car had been well maintained, and had only 50,000 miles. I am now the proud owner of a 2020 Chevy Equinox. I used to have two fords…no more, and never again. What kind of auto company employs engineers who come up with an idiotic design like this?

    • I hope that Equinox is NOT one of those 4-cylinder models that was ALSO involved in a “class action” lawsuit for EXCESSIVE oil burning, which could result in running out of oil and guess what………lunched engine! Seems like you just CAN’T win, unless you buy a Toyota OR an EV!

  45. I purchased a 2008 Ford Taurus Limited in 2012 from Gwinnett Place Ford/Lincoln dealership, the water pump went out at 202,107 miles. Also I flushed my radiator frequently yet my water pump that is mounted inside the oil lubricated timing chain cover/housing still failed. The name Ford like so many products in America at one time I thought meant quality, and honest recall. Now we bailout companies only to find out they’re the criminals who’s causing foreign countries products to be purchased by Americans while faulty American products and lies are stacking up in parking lots, warehouse and etc…. As others have said Corporate America continues to get rich, take no responsibility and blame faithful Americans when they move on and buy foreign products. In closing when will Corporate America start living up to what they say on paper.

  46. I have turned away so many ford owners with the 3.5 regarding waterpump & timing chain issues. Replace the motor is my only option cause I’m not sticking my hand in BS! Even after replacing the motor cross your fingers or just junk it.

  47. I got 2011 Edge Limited. Overheat signal came on. Car stopped. Friend that has engine shop says water pump internal. Oil and radiator fluid dumped in engine. Engine could be off “teeth”. Estimate $1500. If engine teeth off extra $250.
    Yes. Where can I join class action law suit

  48. Who ever says use your ol thinker is a jack ass! Putting a water pump internal that runs off of timing chain is stupid. They should be past the old tech and know that it will fail .Why would you put parts that fail like a water pump inside the engine. Thank you ford for making your loyal customers take the bill for a bad design.

  49. Well here is a fun fact. The 2014 ford fusion with the 1.5 echo boost has a water pump that come with a clutch sensor, well the junk sensor went out which cause the water pump to go out with no warning what so ever & in return cause timing chain failure. Needless to say $1500.00 later with a used motor from a wrecked 2014 fusion the replacement water pumps dont have that clutch which was a poor design and a set up for failure anyway. But now the new water pump when you shut off the engine wants to keep running unless we disconnect the batter and we dont know what to do

  50. I have a 2011 Lincoln Mks with the 3.5 Ecoboost. I love this car. I had a the water pump go out last month at 150,000 miles. I replaced it along with the timing chain, thermostat, spark plugs, gaskets, ect. $1800 because I had a friend that works on cars. Week after I got it back, right turbo went out. $1200. Had if for one day, and left turbo went out. $800. Got the car back for one more day, and now the barring’s are knocking. Seems after some research, they recommend me going thru the whole engine, since water made its way thru the engine after the water pump failure. This has been a nightmare!

  51. I own a Lincoln MKZ 2010 with that dreaded 3.5 ltr engine. Just finding out about this problem the hard way. Pump seized engine scrap. No warning , engine ran smooth all the way to its evantual demise at 316,754 kms. Came back from honeymoon, parked car at home. Never started again, engine seized classic water pump problem. Read that this engine has a life of 300,000 kms. I got 16,754 bonus kms from Ford :-). Was very reliable engine but whish i knew about this sooner would had traded earlier or replace pump on spec at about 200,000 kms.


  52. I own a Lincoln MKZ 2010 with that dreaded 3.5 ltr engine. Just finding out about this problem the hard way. Pump seized engine scrap. No warning, followed reccomended maintenance, engine ran smooth all the way to its evantual demise at 316,754 kms. Came back from honeymoon, parked car at home. Never started again, engine seized classic water pump problem. Read that this engine has a life of 300,000 kms. I got 16,754 bonus kms from Ford :-). Was very reliable engine but whish i knew about this sooner would had traded earlier or replace pump on spec at about 200,000 kms. 🙁


  53. I might just now have owned my last Ford product a 2008 Ranger with a 2.3 I4. It is a good truck but I will not buy any vehicle with a water pump inside an engine that could destroy an engine when it fails. I have written off owning any FCA and GM products. I will buy Toyota and Honda from now on unless they do something like this. I would like to support domestic based manufacturers but I will not knowingly buy a poorly designed product that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

  54. I just experienced this problem the other day unexpectedly, I have a 2013 Lincoln MKS out of the blue the heat started blowing cold on and off and moments later the engine light came on and the engine over heating light came on, I barely made it to the shop, I had no other warnings that anything was wrong, the dealer said it’s going to cost me thousands depending on how much damage is done to the engine, due to the water pump. I really hope the extended warranty I purchased comes threw and covers the cost.

  55. Hi can anyone give me any advice as to what I can do. I have a 2013 ford explorer and a few weeks ago I was heading to town and it started acting up so I pulled over. I wouldn’t drive it any further and I had it towed into the Ford dealership. I was told I needed a new engine because of a bad water pump. Cost 8000.00. I’m now reading that ford had a recall on this year model water pump. It seems to me that Ford Motor Company should be responsible for the costs. I bought the vehicle used from the local dealership near me in 2019 so I had no idea there was a recall on the water pump. Can anyone give me any advice other than paying 8000.00 to fix it or buying a new vehicle because I can’t afford either.

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