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Ford’s 2021 F-150 Restyled Exterior Spied

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A camouflaged prototype of the upcoming 2021 F-150 was just spied out and about on public roads, giving us a fresh take on the next-gen Ford pickup’s exterior styling.

This latest prototype is covered in heavy black snap-on vinyl camouflage, as opposed to the black-and-white graphical camouflage seen on previous 2021 F-150 prototypes. It also looks positively enormous out on the road, especially the profile view. Just look at that length! In the corners, familiar six-spoke wheels get a bright, polished finish.

Critically, this particular 2021 F-150 prototype also reveals a few important styling points. For example, under the white mesh that covers the nose, we spot a brand-new grille with a three-bar design. Bookending the updated nose are two new headlamps, which also offer a new design with a simplified appearance and new LED lighting signature as compared to the current model.

Back in June, we reported on a separate 2021 F-150 prototype with exposed headlamps, showing off a look that’s more square and upright. This prototype is a continuation of that look.

As part of an all-new front fascia redesign effort, the 2021 F-150 will also gain a new front bumper, and although it’s covered on this particular prototype, we can see an exposed lower bumper air dam.

In the rear, things look even juicer, thanks to a new rear bumper design that’s completely uncovered. Deeper character lines enhance the bumper’s natural visual width, which, compared to previous spy shots, looks similar to the design seen on earlier prototype models.

As for what lies underneath the camo, the new fourteenth-generation pickup will offer new hybrid power and all-electric power as well, in addition to the standard lineup of gasoline and diesel burners.

There’s a whole lot more to this 2021 F-150 prototype than meets the eye, and we’ll post additional information gleaned from these spy shots in follow-up posts. Until then, subscribe to Ford Authority for more F-150 news and around-the-clock Ford news coverage.

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Written by Jonathan Lopez

Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. I just hope they are not trying to copy the Chevy and make a huge bulky looking front again. It was just starting to be the best looking truck again.

  2. Although its difficult to see the design of the front of what can be made out it looks like the F150 atlas concept that was done a while ago if its like that then it will be the best looking truck( its a good looking truck already in my personal opinion )although it would take a lot to beat the chezy.

    • They already did that. The styling of the Atlas concept was translated almost directly onto the 2015 F-150.

  3. I still think as far as the exterior design goes it will be more evolutionary than revolutionary. I expect to see the biggest changes on the inside, likely a large touchscreen. Eager to see all the changes.

  4. Yawn, Ford. Give us something-ANYTHING-on the Bronco. This is worse that the NSX, Supra, and Demon combined.

    • It appears that the step in height is lower. If true, that would be a huge selling point. Pickup truck step up height has been getting worse for the past 2 decades. I agree with Rain, I don’t see any rear leaf springs. Is it possible they are adding 4 wheel air suspension? It would make adjusting step in height easier and finally catch up with Ram.

      • Step-in height does appear to be lower, but that may only be due to this being a 2WD model. Either way, it’s a good thing IMO, because Ford’s gotten really bad since 2004 with making the 2WD pickups as high in the back as 4WDs. 4WD pickups should have reasonable ground clearance, but there’s no reason 2WD pickups should be the same height. Look at the jellybean pickups–those were quite low in 2WD form.

  5. Will the 5.0 remain in production, or is it being phased out in favor of the 2 Ecoboost engines for fuel economy reasons ?

  6. The cab looks similar to the current truck, yet it looks a bit longer than the same model of a recent crew cab std box. My bet is Ford decided to update the frame, front clip and put a bigger box on these trucks with more capacity in response to GM. I’m glad they’re doing this as there’s a lot of wasted space between the walls.

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