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Fords At The 2019 Woodward Dream Cruise: Mega Gallery

Every year the place for car guys and gals to go and check out some very cool and rare rides is the annual Woodward Dream Cruise. The 2019 Woodward Dream Cruis was no exception. We’ve already shown you some of the cool Ford Broncos that were at the event. Ford also invited some lucky owners to a special event during the cruise.

There were all types of cars at the event, but there were some very cool Ford running the gamut from early models to current generation cars. One of the coolest late-model current generation Mustangs had custom color-changing paint, and it looked very cool.

As you can imagine, there were plenty of classic Mustangs at the Woodward Dream Cruise. One of our favorites was an early blue and white GT500 that looks fantastic.

It’s always nice to see someone maintaining a classic Ford that not everyone is fond of. A couple of heroes were spied at the Woodward Dream Cruise in a very clean looking Thunderbird Turbo Coupe.

A very cool blue first-gen Ford GT was out running the streets. It was wearing a number 5 on the door.

A second-gen Ford GT in maroon and no stripes was also seen.

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  1. Jim Leonard

    Ford GT generations

    – 1st generation: Ford GT40. Won 1,2,3 at 1966 Le Mans, also Le Mans wins in 1968 and ’69; only a race car; very few built
    – 2nd generation: 2005 Ford GT; not a race car, although some were raced in the IMSA ALMS series in the 2000s; approx 4200 built
    – 3rd generation: 2016 Ford GT. Won 1,3 in Lemans GTE-pro class in 2016; has competed in IMSA GTLM and WEC class 2016-19 with moderate success; 1350 street editions built, $400,000 – $475,000
    – 3.5rd generation: 2020 Ford GT Mk II. Full-out racing prepared, not street legal, 700 hp from 3.5 L, planned production = 45; $1.2 million


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