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GM Has Axed The Mid-Size Bronco Challenger Program


GM didn’t want Ford and Jeep to have all the fun in the body-on-frame off-road-oriented SUV segment and had intended to bring its own body-on-frame mid-size SUV to the States. A new report is going around that GM has canceled its plans to bring a vehicle of that sort to market. GM had planned to bring a new body-on-frame SUV to the States, but that plan has changed.

As of November 2018, GM has ended those plans according to Motor1. The decision to kill the Bronco challenger came when GM announced layoffs and major restructuring to try and shore up its profits. Along with the body-on-frame mid-size SUV getting the ax, the sixth-gen Camaro Z/28 with the LT3 V8 and the 32XX mid-size truck platform was also cut.

The publication reports that the body-on-frame mid-size SUV was to be based on the 32XX platform and when that platform was cut, the SUV was terminated as well. Instead of the new platform, what GM is going to bring to market is a revamped 31XX platform, which the current Colorado is based on. Its too bad the GM SUV was axed, it’s always nice to have more competition in the sturdy, body-on-frame off-road-oriented SUV segment.

Another interesting aspect of the canceled program is that the Bronco challenger would have been GMC branded only meaning no Chevy version. Every other GMC product has an equivalent Chevy version. The GMC offering would have also competed against Toyota, with its 4Runner. The market has been hot with anticipation over the Bronco building.

Recently we’ve seen the so-called baby Bronco in testing. We’ve learned that the SUV will be called the Bronco Adventurer. When it was spied in testing, it had some interesting camo hiding its shape.

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Source: Motor1


Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Harry

    Sorry to hear that the GMC Jimmy is not likely. I’ve been hoping that either the GMC Jimmy, Ford Everest or Nissan Terra would become available in the US. I’m delaying any purchase but may end up with mid size pickup, but would like to see some BOF mid size SUVs.
    I feel if GM sold the Jimmy in a whole range of model trims similar to what is done with the Canyon that it would be a good volume addition. To me it seems like the Bronco is too oriented to off road and a 2 row Everest would be a great addition for Ford.

  2. A

    Dangit, GM!

  3. Russ Barrett

    Looks just like IH Scout!


    If they axed it a while back, why are they running Wranglers around their proving grounds?

    1. Don

      If you own them. Why not use them since GM doesn’t have a direct competitor.

      It appears GM is all in with the C8. Bad move for future product development. What about the full lineup where the profits are? No new products, dated current products and slow EV development. Maybe I’m wrong, but this business plan looks familiar.

  5. Bud

    If that’s the Ford baby bronco in the camo, I’m out. That’s hideous.

  6. Mike Burleson

    Really, Ford? Why would you get everyone excited about the Bronco only to to take the easy , or should I say lazy, way out. It looks nothing like a true Bronco. The version that The Rock drove, now thats a look I would buy. I will not, however, buy into a vehicle that is nothing more than what appears to be a market ploy. The new Ranger is awesome , but , give the Bronco its own look.

  7. Ed

    The photo used for this article has been around for years and has nothing to do with the current bronco build.

  8. Steve

    Well…..they have the new Blazer “minivan”.

  9. vbondjr1

    I’m truly beginning to worry about the future of GM. Talks of ending the Camaro, upcoming engines, a bronco fighter, a new midsize truck, etc are all pointing to signs of very bad things to come and it’s truly sad because it doesn’t have to be. GM, in my humble opinion, has been doing alot of really stupid things and this new “Blazer” was honestly, Terrible. They should have never done that to that nameplate.
    What I do think would be a wise move for General motors, would be to first and foremost, leave China completely. I feel ford should do the same thing but i will focus on GM for the moment. Secondly, drop Opel, Vauxhall and the rest of the european lineups and focus on the American lineups of Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac, and the Australian lineup of Holden and that’s it. It would help GM alot if they were to do that.
    Secondly, GM, along with EVERY OTHER CAR MANUFACTURER OUT THERE needs to realize the NOT EVERYONE WANTS A HYBRID OR AN ELECTRIC OR AN AUTONOMOUS CAR!!!! Some people do, but alot of us don’t. Some of us just want a car company, that actually still just makes good cars. It doesn’t have to be the everything thingy, we want simple good solid GM cars again, We want coupes, we want sedans, we want SUVS, we want TRUCKS!!! There are alot of us out here who realize if we’re buying a truck that we want a truck, that means we’re not looking to compete with the neighbor’s Prius in terms of fuel economy. That’s not what we bought the truck for, granted yes having a truck that makes an honest 18-24mpg on the highway is a great thing. it really is. but not at the sacrifice of it still being a truck. Trucks should have either a straight-6 or a V8 and honestly that’s it. Honestly, most cars should have either a straight-6 or a V8 and that’s it and a pushrod V8 at that.

    Let’s make it plain and simple this is what GM’s lineup should look like:
    Chevrolet cars
    Camaro LT: Straight-6 320hp 3.8L, 10-speed auto, focus on near buck-level comfort and tech
    Camaro RS: Entry level V8 5.3L Pushrod 385hp, 8-speed auto, 6spd manual
    Camaro Z/28: Mid level performer 5.7L V8, 425hp, 10-speed auto, optional 6-speed manual
    Camaro SS: Hot Street performer 6.5L 495hp 10-speed auto or high performance 7-speed DCT, 1LE suspension
    Camaro ZL1: Top performing car, supercharged 7.0L V8 w/780hp, 10-speed DCT only
    Malibu LT: Straight 6 3.8L 320hp, 10-speed auto
    Malibu SS: 5.7L V8 mid level street performance sedan 425hp
    Malibu Chevelle SS: Supercharged 7.0L 780hp, 10-speed DCT only
    Malibu Laguna: Luxury trim sedan 3.8L straight-6, hybrid 10-speed trans, AWD
    Chevrolet SUVs
    Chevrolet Trailblazer
    Trailblazer LS: 320hp 3.8L i-6, 10-speed auto, AWD standard
    Trailblazer SS: 6.5L 495hp V8, 10-speed auto, performance AWD, performance suspensoin
    Trailblazer Cheyenne: 5.7L V8 425hp, 10-speed auto, performance AWD, luxury performance suspension
    Chevrolet Blazer
    Blazer Deluxe 5.3L 385hp, 10-speed, on road/light off road Blazer
    Blazer Z71 4×4 5.3L 385hp 10-speed, off road blazer w/ 6-speed manual option, 4″ lift suspension, 35″ all terrain
    tires, beadlock wheels, washable interior, etc
    Blazer Cheyenne: Luxury blazer Deluxe
    Blazer Z71 Cheyenne 4×4: More upscale version of the Z71 Blazer with an optional 5.7L V8 and an inline-6 turbo
    Chevrolet Tahoe
    Tahoe LS: 375hp 5.3L V8, 10-speed, AWD standard
    Tahoe GT: 425hp 5.7L V8, performance suspension, performance AWD, large Brembo 6-piston front, 4-piston
    rear brakes, magnetic ride suspension
    Tahoe Z71 4×4: Off road setup w/ 3″ lift kit, 33″ all terrain tires, 20″ beadlock wheels, unique suspension, body
    armor, etc
    Tahoe Limited: blacked out luxury/performance Tahoe w/ 6.5L 495hp V8, 10-speed auto performance
    suspension, 6-piston front/rear Brembo brakes, magnetic ride, etc
    Tahoe Cheyenne: Ultimate luxury Tahoe, 5.7L 425hp V8, 10-speed, magnetic ride, large brakes, etc
    Chevrolet Trucks
    Chevrolet S10
    S10 WT: S10 work truck, 2 or 4-wheel drive, bare bones 3.8L I-6. Auto or 6-speed manual
    S10 LS: The well appointed ever day S10 3.8L I-6 320hp, 10-speed auto AWD optional
    S10 Z71: Currently known as the trail boss
    S10 ZR2: Off road Xtreme S10, 2-doors w/ diesel option and 3.8L I-6, 4″ lift, unique suspension, big brakes, body
    armor, washable interior, etc.
    S10 ZR5: same as above w/ 4-doors
    S10 Xtreme: Return of the 5.3L V8 mini truck. 385hp, 8-speed auto, AWD, Brembo brakes, mangetic ride, aero
    enhancements, styling upgrades 20″ performance wheel and tire package, etc.
    S10 Cheyenne: Luxury S10 3.8L I-6, AWD, magnetic ride, large brakes, luxury interior and exterior
    Chevrolet Silverado
    Silverado WT: Inline-6 4.7L, 345hp/380lb-ft torque, 10-speed auto, 2 or 4-wheel drive bare bones pickup truck
    Silverado Deluxe Classic-10 4×4: 425hp 5.7L V8, 10-speed auto, classic two-tone paint, classic interior, 20″ Rally
    style wheels, all terrain tires (not too aggressive but still truck-like) etc.
    Silverado Z66 Custom: Well appointed pickup truck w/ 5.3L 385hp V8, 10-speed auto w/ 2 or 4-wheel drive
    Silverado Z71: currently known as the Trail Boss. This should be the standard for the Z71 with all the bells and
    whistles along with the lift kit and aggressive tires.
    Silverado SS 485hp 6.5L V8, 10-speed auto, ultra high performance pickup truck, lowered stance, 305/35R22 tires front and rear 22×12″ wheels, 6-piston front/rear Brembo brakes, magnetic ride performance suspension, high flow exhaust system (exit in front of rear wheels, etc. the return of the red bowtie emblems should happen on this truck as well.
    Silverado Cheyenne: Ultimate Luxury Silverado (currently known as the High Country pickup) two tone paint options, 22″ Chrome wheels, supreme luxury (for a Chevy) interiors would be a must on this vehicle.
    Chevrolet Silverado HD: HD truck series with a few different trim levels
    Holden Cars
    Holden Monaro
    Monaro: Straight 6 3.8L 320hp, 10-speed
    Monaro Formula: 5.7L 425hp V8, 10-speed
    Monaro Trans Am: 6.5L 495hp V8, 10-speed
    Monaro Firehawk: 7.0L Supercharged 780hp, DCT

    Holden Commodore
    Commodore: 3.8L I-6 320hp, 10-speed
    Commodore GT Ram Air: 425hp 5.7L, 10-speed
    Commodore GXP Ram Air: Supercharged 7.0L, DCT
    GMC SUVs: This is where some of the more modern engines come into play
    GMC Jimmy: 2.7 turbo 10-speed
    GMC Jimmy Typhoon: 3.6L Turbo 420hp/430tq, ultra high performance, brembo brakes, performance suspension,
    GMC Jimmy Denali: 3.8L N/A I-6 320hp, AWD, 10-speed, premium Denali luxury and styling
    GMC Yukon: 425hp 5.7L, 10-speed
    GMC Yukon Denali 425hp 5.7L 10-speed AWD, magnetic ride, Brembo brakes, premium Denali luxury and styling
    GMC Suburban: 6.5L 485hp V8, 10-speed Auto, AWD
    GMC Suburban Denali: 6.5L 485hp 10-speed auto, magnetic ride, Brembo brakes, Premium Denali Luxury and
    GMC Trucks
    GMC Sonoma: the everyday Sonoma w/ 3.8L I-6
    GMC Sonoma AT4: Off road Sonoma w/ diesel option or standard inline-6. 10-speed auto standard w/ optional
    6-speed trans on both gas and diesel engines
    GMC Sonoma Syclone: same powertrain as the Typhoon
    GMC Sonoma Denali: Top notch Sonoma
    GMC Sierra 1500: the every day Sierra w/ a 5.3L 385hp V8 and a 10-speed auto and GMC Professional grade quality
    GMC Sierra 1500 Denali: 425hp 5.7L, 10-speed, 4×4, Denali luxury, tech and styling
    GMC Sierra 1500 AT4: Off road Sierra w/ 385hp 5.3L
    GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 plus: Off road Sierra w/ 425hp 5.7L V8
    GMC Sierra 1500 RST: 485hp 6.5L V8, 10-speed auto, AWD, Brembo brakes, magnetic ride, lowered, 22×12″ wheels w/305-series tires at all four corners, exhaust exiting in front of rear wheels, blacked out lights and trim, performance oriented luxury interior (like an AMG), improved aerodynamics, etc.

    GMC Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

    Buick: Buick is a unique brand with a very vague future. This should be where the bulk of GM’s electric and hybrid cars are focused:
    Buick Regal GS
    Buick Regal T-Type
    Buick Regal Grand National
    Buick Regal GNX
    Buick Regal GT Crossover
    Buick Regal Avenir
    Buick Riviera
    Riviera GS
    Riviera LS
    Buick Skylark
    Skylark GS Stage 1
    Skylark GS Stage 2
    Skylark GSX
    Buick Electra
    Electra: Luxury Electric
    Electra 225: performance electric
    Buick Wildcat midsize luxury sport Crossover
    Wildcat Grand Sport
    Wildcat Custom
    Buick Lesabre full size SUV
    Lesabre: Hybrid premium SUV w/ 2.7L Turbo Hybrid
    Lesabre Custom: Electric Premium SUV
    Lesabre 455: Electrc performance SUV
    Cadillac: DOHC twin turbo V6 cars and DOHC twin turbo V8 cars and ultra high performance Electric with nothing under 485hp. These are the cars needed to fight the likes of AMG & Ferrari
    Cadillac C8 Corvette Stingray
    Cadillac C8 Corvette ZR1
    Cadillac C8 Corvette E-Ray
    Cadillac CT4
    Cadillac CT4-V
    Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing
    Cadillac CT5
    Cadillac CT5-V
    Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing
    Cadillac CT6
    Cadillac CT6 Blackwing
    Cadillac Elmiraj Coupe
    Cadillac Elmiraj V
    Cadillac Elmiraj V Blackwing
    Cadillac Seville Crossover
    Cadillac Seville V Crossover
    Cadillac Seville V Blackwing Crossover
    Cadillac Escalade
    Cadillac Escalade V Blackwing
    Cadillac Escalade V
    Cadillac Escalade Excelsior
    This would offer a simplified and desirable GM Lineup, keeping with the VSS-R, VSS-T and VSS-S platforms throughout the entire range of cars. Also GM should expand its performance lineup to more of the American aftermarket brands such as most of the brands that fall under the Holley umbrella along with some upgrades from companies like Edelbrock and a few of the American performance and luxury wheel companies. I would have loved to put more on here with the different vehices but at the current time it’s 1:42am and I have to work in a few hours. Of course, what i wrote above are just my thoughts and my dream GM lineup. Granted not everyone will agree with it but i’m sure some people will.


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