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Hankook Tire Provides OEM Rubber For 2020 Explorer

The 2020 Ford Explorer will be a big seller for Ford and is anticipated by people around the country. The 2020 Explorer is pushing into the luxury SUV realm, and Ford is pulling out all the stops to make the Explorer quieter and more comfortable for buyers. Hankook Tire has announced that it will be the supplier for the OEM tires on the 2020 Explorer.

Hankook will supply its premium grand touring all-season tire called the Kinergy GT. The all-new 2020 Explorer will wear the Kindergy GT in 255/65R18 with pattern H463. Hankook says that the low rolling profile of the Kindergy GT will complement and enhance the fuel economy of the 2020 Explorer.


The tire has a four-channel design when compounded with an optimized lateral groove and chamfer sipe arrangement to give the Explorer grip in wet and snowy driving conditions. Under the tread, the tire features high grip silica compounds and a multi-layered carcass. The carcass has equilibrium carcass lines along with jointless and supplemental reinforcement belts. All of that fancy tire tech is meant solely to make the tire smooth and comfortable for use on and off-road.

Hankook Tires also supplies the OEM tires for the Ford F-150, which is the best-selling pickup, and the best selling vehicle overall in the States. Hankook supplies tires for the 2019 Ford Ranger as well. Ford recently announced a recall on certain 2020 Explorer and 2020 Lincoln Aviator models due to missing parking brake manual release covers. The 2020 Ford Explorer costs quite a bit more than the outgoing model starting at $37,770, which is $2,275 more than the outgoing model. The Platinum Explorer is over $4,000 more expensive than the 2019 Platinum.

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Source: Hankook Tire

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  1. TonyK

    Has anyone looked at HanKOOK tire reviews? It stopped me from buying a new Escape last year, I just kept my 2016 & replaced the tires with Michelin that’s what it came with in 2016

  2. Mike C

    I have a 2017 explore with the Hankook S1 nobal. I had premature tire wear at 18,000 miles the tires were completely bald. I have to admit that Hancook did prorate the tires and paid for half the tires on the vehicle. I would’ve personally preferred Hankook to pay for the full bill but it was better than nothing. But after going to two different Ford dealers because one was ready to rip me off and only give me $100 that they claim Hancock paid for and which hankook paid for $740 all right that’s it no more no more horse and around you’re right set down a

  3. Christopher Delwiche

    Come on Ford, how about an American tire on your cars. Have you ever heard about Goodyear or even Cooper? I’m sure Cooper would be happy to produce an OEM tire for Ford. Not much left of the American owned tire business.

  4. TonyK

    If my next Ford vehicle comes with these han’KOOK’ tires the dealer will have to swap them out with Goodyear or Cooper or other Made in US tires. I don’t care if the Kook’s are made here or not.

  5. Tony

    Hankook tires on my 2017 Explorer were very simply crap in every measure of what a reasonable tire should be. Got rid of them at 30000 kilometres. Now considering my fourth explorer in a row and find they are equipped with Hankook. Not going to happen. Dealer either swaps them out or I search for a different brand of vehicle.

  6. Austin Luker

    Sitting at Discount Tire replacing the Hankook S1Nobal that came stock on our 2017 Explorer that we bought new. They are completely bald and won’t pass inspection…after only 17,000 miles on them. This is a joke.


    agree 100%! I had goodyears on my first Explorer (1996) for 21 years – no issues. Then I get the “kooks” on my 2017 Explorer, what a disappointment (among other things on the new models)! Come on Ford, we want an SUV not a passenger vehicle – stop giving us luxury and give us what we want – utility and function!


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