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Man Sues Over 2016 Ford F-150 Check Engine Light


A West Virginia man has filed a lawsuit against Ford, and he wants the automaker to buy his allegedly defective 2016 Ford F-150 back. The man is seeking relief for his 2016 Ford F-150 issue using West Virginia’s Code Chapter 46A-6A, which is known as the Lemon Law. The owner of the truck is Derek Hatfield.

Hatfield says that the 2016 Ford F-150 truck (not pictured) that he bought from Ramey Ford in November of 2016 has been seen by a mechanic several times for a defective check engine light. Hatfield also alleges that the truck uses oil, the engine runs rough, and there is a defect in how the truck idles.

Hatfield says in the suit that the truck came with a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty. The man and his attorney are seeking $41,795.86, which is the amount he paid the dealership for the allegedly defective truck after financing and vehicle extras. The amount also has some money in it for court costs and legal fees. The judge who is hearing the case is Circuit Judge Warren R. McGraw.

The crux of the argument that Hatfiled and his attorney are making is that the truck has been taken in for repair on the same issue multiple times and still suffers from the same defect. It’s not clear when the case will land in court. The 2016 Ford F-150 has had recalls issued in the past. One recall was in 2016 and was due to potentially bad seat back welds. That recall also covered the 2016 Ford Explorer.

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Source: WVRecord


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  1. JohnTaurus

    So last week, I stubbed my toe on the tire of an Expedition. IM SUING FORD FOR $937,413!

    This sh¡t is ridiculous. Occasionally some vehicles are lemons, and generally, Ford will work with customers to find an equitable solution. They are far easier to deal with than, say, Hyundai/Kia. There are even laws and policies Ford has in place to deal with such situations. Why this came to a lawsuit for the entire purchase prices is pretty clear evidence of some sue-happy client and a lawyer who knows he’ll get paid either way.

  2. gareth

    I totally agree ford do try to work with customers to find a equitable solution and there will be always lemons especially as they become more complicated and but there always some greedy people and lawyers.

  3. Edward

    Typically I would agree that people are sue happy. However, having a 2018 F-150 that has multiple intermittent problems, I can sympathize with the owner. I’ve had my truck at the dealership multiple times (about six weeks total) and they keep saying they can’t recreate the problem so they’re is nothing they can do. I have provided video proof of the problem which has left me stranded twice and the electronics malfunctioning multiple times. They refuse to even try replacing a probable complement because they can’t “confirm” the problem. I’ve never sued anyone but it’s beginning to seem imminent…

    1. Ford Owner

      If the dealer says ” they’re is nothing they can do” (which has a grammar error, BTW), then the dealer is to blame, and the solution is a reimbursement by the dealer or a replacement (another truck). All dealers must do all they can to solve the customer’s problems and gain their satisfaction. My GM and Ford dealers have been very good with me, supporting me with immediate solutions for any problem. So call the main Ford office and put a complaint against the dealer. If it was a Tesla problem, you are really out of luck!


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