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Mountune M520 Pack Creates A 513 Horsepower Focus RS

The Ford Focus RS is no more here in the States, and that makes us more than a little sad. Our car guy and gal brethren across the pond can still get the Ford Focus RS. If the factory four-cylinder doesn’t give them the speed they want, they can opt for way, way more power courtesy of Mountune and its kits.

The m450 pack builds on top of and requires buyers to have already the m400R or m400X packs, that make 400 horsepower, unveiled earlier this year. The new m450 pack ditches the factory Ford turbo and replaces it with a Mountune BorgWarner EFR-6758 turbo. The m450 also ships with a cast turbo adapter, a high-flow sports cat and downpipe, turbo gasket set, stainless steel hoses and clamps, and other stuff.

When the m450 kit is installed, the Focus RS makes 444 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque. Those wanting all the horsepowers can opt for the m520 bringing the car to 513 horsepower. This kit also builds on and requires the m400R or m400X kits and replaces the factory turbo with a more potent BorgWarner EFR-7163.

That kit also comes with an upgraded fuel pump, revised and upgraded cams, and an ECU tune. That kit makes the 513 horsepower along with 516 pound-feet of torque. The M450 kit sells for £2,950, and the m520 sells for £5,974.99. Presumably, the transmission can handle that kind of power output. We imagine an all-wheel-drive Ford Focus RS with 513 horsepower would be a blast to drive. American’s wanting a Focus RS will need to check out the used market or find on left on a dealer lot.

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Source: TopGear

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