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New Explorer Patrol Car Lawsuit Filed Against Ford


Six troopers from the Washington State Patrol have field suit against Ford over alleged carbon monoxide poisoning that they suffered while driving the Ford Explorer patrol car. The Ford Explorer patrol car lawsuit was filed this week in the Clark County Superior Court and alleged that the troopers suffered physical harm.

One of the troopers is Randall Cashatt, one of the first to come forward with carbon monoxide complaints; he said he thought he was going to die. Some of the plaintiffs in the suit have suffered permanent damage as a result of the carbon monoxide poisoning. Trooper Cashatt suffered permanent neurological damage and was unable to continue working as a trooper as a result of the carbon monoxide poisoning he sustained in a Ford Explorer patrol car.

The attorney on this case is seeking class-action status to represent all police and emergency workers who drove Ford Explorers on the job. The lawsuit alleges that Explorer vehicles in the 2011 to 2018 model range (not pictured) have an exhaust fume defect with the climate control system that allows exhaust fumes into the passenger compartment. Attorney Josephine Townsend blamed metal exhaust manifolds that warp and allow carbon monoxide to leak out where it is sucked into the car by the intakes.

The attorney says that the fix Ford applied to the vehicles was to replace the exhaust system, but that was a “band-aid” fix as the new exhaust systems warped and created the same problem. Ford continues to claim that the problem with the Ford Explorer police cruisers wasn’t its issue, that the leaks arose from police equipment installed by third parties. The Washington State Patrol troopers aren’t the only ones suing Ford over carbon monoxide poisoning, officers in Austin, Texas have filed suit as well.

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Source: KOIN


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  1. Clark Platt

    had the same problem with my explore from day one bought it new .took it back 4 times to the dealer ,never fixed the problem ,or didn’t want i got rid of it ,could not drive it with the windows all the way up .had the 6cyl.xlt. had many fords but this is a problem they didn’t want to deal with.have a 2018 escape .good little car .titanium model .only problem i have is it’s a little small for me .but when my lease is up .im going to check out other options or dealers .had it for two yrs only have 9,000 miles on it and dealer maintained.

  2. Me

    Money grubbing lowlifes

    1. Wife of Blue lives matter

      Your a real winner. You don’t put your life on the line every day protecting jerks like you. My husband was four years from retirement and this almost killed him. We’re not out for the money you lowlife jerk. These vehicles need to be off the road so they don’t kill people. Also it’s just not in police vehicles it’s also in the ones the public drives. So don’t be judging people until you have the facts. Lefty!!!!

  3. Thomas E.

    I had a 2015 Ford Explorer sport that has this issue. Dealer had the SUV for close to 8 weeks, trying various methods to stop the exhaust fumes from getting into the car. At various times, my entire family had shown CO poisoning, luckily I got the worst of it. In hind sight I should have been hospitalized at least once before we realized it was CO in the vehicle.

    I could readily reproduce the issue. I still have a video of my daughter holding a handheld CO meter as it climbed to over over 16 ppm as I accelerated up an on ramp in McKinney, TX onto Central Expressway.

    The north Texas Ford dealer looked at me and with a straight face said, well we have to expect exhaust fumes getting into a car. Thankfully the dealer worked with us, and I was able to sell it. And I went out and got a 4Runner, and much refute to her (Ford rep) point, no exhaust fumes in it.

    As a child of a 27 year retired Ford employee it pains me to see Ford revisit the days of the exploding Pinto and ignoring customer safety. I will never purchase a new Ford again in my life.

    1. Thomas E.

      Sorry, typo, the North Texas Ford DEALER was amazing.

      It was the Ford Representative, captured Ford Employee that told me I was over reacting and we should expect exhaust fumes in the car.

      Again, the dealer who sold me the SUV, and their techs where absolutely amazing. If I where to get another Ford, I would without hesitation go to them first.


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