New Lawsuit Alleges Ford Super Duty F-250, F-350 Death Wobble


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A new class action lawsuit alleges that Ford Super Duty pickup trucks are equipped with defective suspension components and steering linkage systems, causing them to vibrate and shake in what the lawsuit has dubbed a “death wobble.”

The lawsuit includes current and former owners, as well as lessees of 2005 to 2019 Ford Super Duty F-250 and F-350 pickups.

The California plaintiff says that even though his truck suffered from shaking and wobbling, and it was still under warranty, Ford failed to repair it, resulting in a bill of over $1,500 for the owner.

The Ford Super Duty class action lawsuit points to premature wear for various suspension components as the culprit for the shaking and wobbling condition, including the shocks, damper brackets, struts, control arms, and ball joints. The lawsuit also includes a list of previous complaints filed to federal safety regulators that allege that a wobbling condition resulted in lost vehicle control, as well as 12 further reports pointing to crashes and injuries as a result of the wobbling condition.

The class action lawsuit was recently debated in front of a judge.

The automaker points to poor maintenance as the cause of the wobbling issue, even while the Ford Super Duty trucks were covered under warranty. Ford filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, asserting the plaintiff didn’t have the facts to back the claims made, and that the plaintiff could not assert claims outside of California due to conflicts between various state laws.

Ford also said that the plaintiff filed the lawsuit five years after the warranty period ended and drove the truck for eight years before seeking a fix, thereby proving the truck was working as intended through the warranty coverage period.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California – Lessin, et al., v. Ford Motor Company, et al.

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Source: Car Complaints

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Written by Jonathan Lopez

Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. I own a 1990 f250 it does death wobble every time I hit a bump in road and all parts in front are new and been replaced with oem and or aftermarket parts still no solution to death wobble starting to lose faith in ford and I’m a ford guy at heart Hope death wobble can be solved because money doesn’t grow on any of my trees

    • Have you replaced the body mounts? Took our truck in several times for shaking. Replaced the shocks. Didn’t work so back and were told one shock was broken so.they replaced it. The shaking/wobbling continued. A friend was researching and found the body mounts on all these trucks are poor quality and wear out after about a yr. Ford wouldn’t admit it and did not offer to look into the problem thus had to fix ourselves.

    • All you guys need to report these issues to the NHTSA ( I have reported it. The Feds needs to get into this, or we’re going to be SOL. While we drive, our Warranties are expiring.
      David English

      • I Complained to NHTSA ID #11164915 who could only refer me to the Attorney General’s office / lemon law. To date: Dec 2, 2019, truck has 10,022 miles on it, I still have death wobble, can’t haul heavy equipment for fear of loosing control and causing harm (OUR KILL) someone. The NHTSA will mandate a recall on an airbag that “might not work properly” however NHTSA won’t do anything about a known problem with the STEERING of Ford trucks that cause you to loose control,

        • Get you a lawyer I did!! Mine started at 16k and stayed in the shop for 2 mo picked up next day and was not right so it went back for 3 more days then at 16k more mikes it started again and they said take it to a dealership in which I can not do because I travel and ford dealership told me at this point take it up w ford so I did and they have no answers and I’ve been stranded for a week and I’ve takin matters in my own hands and I’m 3 days from home so I had no choice but to contact a law firm that’s more than happy to take my case and I’m washing my hands of this fucking fraud ass company

          • So glad I found this Forum, I have been a Ford fan all my life and have owned over 30 vehicles. Most of which were Fords. The issues that I am having with my 2018 F-250 and the issues I’m reading on this page, I am done with Ford….If I can get this one good enough to trade in, I will never purchase a Ford vehicle again. Because Ford has proven to me, no matter which model you get, they are more concerned about selling than supporting their product and the safety of their customers. I’ve called several times and several customer support lines and they do whatever it takes to put you off and I’m still getting the runaround. Done with FORD junk…….

  2. Worked in School with a 1990 F550 super duty that had the death wobble started about 1993 after a driving incident to cause damage which was undetectable to the naked eye. Replaced the rear shocks that were badly corroded around 1995, problem solved, one had gotten bent, but only visible once off the truck. One would expect with poor maintenance, there will be problems. This truck was fitted aftermarket dump box, so all bets were off with the warranty. A better dealership would have identified the problem earlier.

    My 2001 F150 crew cab had a different vibration that I had a hard time finding, any time I got over 100 kph (60 mph) it would vibrate and an audible hum would manifest. was the rear u-joint on the drive shaft of a truck started when it was about 13 years old. This time the backyard mechanic found and rectified the issue.

    With both circumstances the trucks have been worked well, and it would be difficult to assign blame to the manufacturer. working in the industry however, there is always a drive to reduce cost, and not every scenario can be tested prior to implementation.

    • These aren’t “beater” trucks, they are BRAND NEW. Ours started with 17k miles ad they replace the “faulty” parts “steering stabilizer”, trac bar, bushings….with the same crappy parts which are responsible for the issue.

    • How many miles did your truck have????? I’m betting more than 30K and mines sporting 12K. This is not a rear shock problem with all these late model F250 & F350 having rear bent shocks. Like Monte said beater trucks!!. This is not 1990-1993. Go spend 60K-70K on a brand new truck and have the dealer tell you it stopped back in 2017 and well see when we can get it in in the next month, not shop class. I grew up with Fords when they were real trucks, on the farm, that’s in the country for you young’ens. The death wobble has been around as long as there were automobiles and it occurs when the vehicles front end is wore out. Tie rods, ball joints, ect. I’m assuming these parts were made in some foreign country instead of the good ole USA and the parts are wearing out prematurely. This is nothing more than a money issue with Ford and the judge, it will come to a head when our DOJ is tired of hearing all this or one of them gets killed in a wreck from it then something will happen, keep screaming and don’t stop till it gets fixed.

      • Just saying, I have a 2018 F-250 with 13,400 miles and it started the “Death Wobble” Brought it in to the dealer and was told they changed the parts and it should be fine. Didn’t work, I did some research and spent $2,799.00 had the truck leveled with a Fox system, changed the springs and shocks and stabilizer bar. I currently have 16000 miles on it and it still wobbles. Unbelievable that a major auto manufacturer like Ford cannot figure this out.

  3. My 2017 is perfect, quiet and smooth.
    I only have 25,000 miles on it but that is almost 100% pulling an enclosed 8,000# race car trailer.
    I have the gas motor so I do not have the weight of a diesel on the front axle.
    I consider shocks a wear item just like brake pads.
    This truck has grease fittings on front axle joints that I give one shot of mobile 1 every other oil change.
    I wish it had more grease fittings like the Chevrolet but I guess most Americans are way to stupid to take care of required maintenance so Ford went the low maintenance accessibility route is my guess.
    So far, I’m happy.
    Comments above are from trucks almost 30 years old, a lot has changed in that period of time.
    Like I mentioned earlier in other response on the blog, I had a 2004 Dodge 2500 that eat wheel bearings, tie rod ends and ball joint every 50,000 miles religiously. In looking under me 17 ford, I can see that all of those components are a lot bigger than the old dodge. If they used good steel, grease and seals the Ford should be much more reliable.

    • Never have pulled a trailer with my 2019 with a gas motor.. Just happened to me tonight..!! Only 17,000 miles on it and maintained at local dealer

      • My 19 with 6700 miles did it twice last Saturday
        Replacing the track bar and adding dual steering stabilizers at my cost. Dealership will put them on at no charge but charge me for the alignment

        • These aren’t “beater” trucks, they are BRAND NEW. Ours started with 17k miles ad they replace the “faulty” parts “steering stabilizer”, trac bar, bushings….with the same crappy parts which are responsible for the issue.

        • These aren’t “beater” trucks, they are BRAND NEW. Ours started with 17k miles ad they replace the “faulty” parts “steering stabilizer”, trac bar, bushings, drag link….with the same crappy parts which are responsible for the issue.

        • (I have a 2119 F-350 6.7 diesel 4WD – tow a 17000 lb 5th wheel. Death wobble hit at 16,000 miles, 60 MPH with trailer in tow. Dealer says that steering damper is on nationwide back order. Dealer is trying to help but seems that they are being stonewalled by Ford

          • I recently took mine to dealership and had steering damper and bushings changed as well. Still have the issue and they claimed it was due to faulty tires. I disagreed because the tires were in excellent condition with 24k miles. Seems as though Ford is at fault.

      • Im in pretty much the same boat 2017 13500 miles bought new 45 yr old owner only been babied its whole life happened at 75. What a terrifying experience

      • I’m in pretty much the same boat 2017 13500 miles bought new 45 yr old owner only been babied its whole life happened at 75. What a terrifying experience

    • I have a 2017 F-250 with the gas motor with only 27k miles on it and it has the death wobble. Took it to the dealer i bought it from the day after it happened and he told me the parts to fix it are on backorder and there was 2 other newer F250s in there that morning with the same problem. I dont tow anything with it its just my everyday driver and i bought it new and its never been in a accident. So i can tell you first hand the death wobble is real in the new F250s. I am a die hard Ford person but i think thsi may be my last Ford.

    • Dude I have a brand new one!! You need to do more research before you say there all 30 years old! This truck has about killed me a hand full of times, I raced K&n pro for 5 years so I know wtf I’m talking about

  4. My 2019 death wobbled at 20k miles, tell me about how I have improperly maintained it. The dealership has services it since new. Please add me to the class action lawsuit.

      • I was out of warranty, ford agreed to cover 80% of repairs. Replaced EVERY tierod end and the stabilizer. Appears to have fixed it for now. Got a couple K on it last week with no problem.

        • This is a tough deal for Ford but they need to own it.
          Parts start to wear on day one of use so the suspension and alignment design needs to be such that unit continues to work well as parts get to the end of their life which should be over 100,000 mi is my opinion.
          I suspect this is going to be very expensive for Ford.
          In 2017 they came out with the new Super Duty, how could this happen after 12 million miles of testing????
          My 2017 F250 with 26,000 mi has been fine so far but it does have the 6.2L which I suspect is quite a bit lighter than the diesel.

    • My 2017 started death wobble at about 35,000 miles. It’s done it 6 times in the last week. Called the dealer and he tried to tell me that the tires may be out of balance? Are you kidding me, a tire imbalance doesn’t make a vehicle shake like freaking earthquake is happening. I’ll be damn if I’m going to pay a ton of money for FMC mechanics to hunt and peck for a what to replace to make it right. ADD ME to this suit.

    • 2019 f250 with 17k miles, this issue angers me beyond measures. I almost went head-on with an SUV this past weekend with my 5 year old in the backseat, luckily I was only going about 50mph when it started. I want to know what Ford is waiting for to issue a recall. Unfortunately this is not my first time experiencing this problem with Ford, had a 2011 F250 that was “fixed” 3 times under warranty and once we had to pay out-of-pocket, when the motor blew at 101k miles we felt it was a good thing to get into something we can trust, obviously we were wrong. Its not like we are driving cheap trucks, when you pay $65k+ you expect to feel safe and know your vehicle is reliable. Add me to the lawsuit, I’d be happy to encourage Ford to take responsibility. 2019 F250 owners are driving DEATH TRAPS!!!!!

    • Same Here Friend! Not happy at all! 2018 F350 Platinum Death wobble @ 30K Ford fixed it under warranty Lasted around 20K and back to the Death Wobble almost killed me and my family coming home from vaca … I gues Ford will do something After some poor Soul looses their life and their families life! Very Un Happy!….

    • I bought a 2019 F250 Super Duty Fx4 Diesel last month. At 2400 miles I had a very crazy & scary death wobble experience at about 70mph. The drag link, spindles and many other parts have been replaced. So far, I have a light shimmy in the steering wheel when I hit bumps or holes in the road. Still very cautious because I think the death wobble took about 2 days off my life…

    • My 2019 F250 did the same thing at 24000. I had an appointment with the dealer I bought it from today. They told me they can’t get parts–national backorder. So no one has any parts anywhere? He said no. So, now what?

      When i go over bumps like expansion joints on the freeway, it shakes and wobbles and it’s happening more often. I slow down and it stops.

  5. My 2010 has had it for three years. Three shops later replacing various parts and no solution. It’s dangerous to drive. Love this truck but god damn.

  6. My 2017 F350 Diesel had the death wobble repaired twice under the 36000 warranty and it has it again at 49000 miles. The very first time it was so bad it cupped a set of front tires which was not covered.. there is definitely a problem. I would upgrade to better parts and gladly pay for it if anyone has a proven fix..

    • It’s the whole front suspension. Make them fix it . Call kingman ford in kansas and ask them what they did. My truck has been fine since and the front end doesn’t feel light anymore. They know what to problem is fixed it no questions asked. Good luck

  7. I don’t know how relevant this is, but my 1995 F350 had one from the factory but I had to order this one from Ford and installed it myself. A steering stabilizer. It’s like a shock that bolts up to the steering linkage and when you hit a bump, it takes most of the jolt out. Helped a lot in Wyoming. It also helps if you were to blow a front tire. Helps you hold on.
    As far as shocks, I bought new ones at 50,000 miles thinking it was time to replace them, fact is, the old factory one were better so I put them back on. At 126k, they’re still on there. Just had the alignment checked for the 2nd time in 19 years and the man said those shocks were still good. I’d say they’re holding up just fine.

  8. I’ve hat my 2016 F250 repaired under warranty twice in the last year. I’ve less than 60k miles on it. Really disappointed. Not sure what else to do with it.

  9. My 2015 250 had wobble as does 2017 I have now. Dealership may have actually fixed it after many attempts. Prestige ford in dallas may have the solution

  10. I have a 2018 f250 and experienced the first death wobble with less than 200 miles on the odometer, and many times since. Im only at 25,000 miles now. Two of my friends have 2018 f250/350s and have experienced it many times. We have a 2019 f250 that has experienced it many times. One friend called and complained to ford, with ford saying the truck is designed to under a load and not used as a daily driver. That might be true, but the work f250 experiences death wobbles with no load and still experiences it with 15,000lbs behind it. Its definitely a design defect and ford wont admit it, probably because a suspension recall would be wildly expensive for them. I have almost gone off the road a couple times because if the wobble. It’s only a matter of time until someone dies. Fix your mistake, Ford.

    • I have a 2019 F250 and had my 1st Death Wobble at 15,000 miles. I have had it into the Dealership for repairs twice in the last 2 months. I have been violently shaken nearly off the road on 3 separate occasions and at least 6-8 times with sever wobble where I had to brake to about 5-10 mph to bring the vehicle out of the wobble. Ford doesn’t seem to have a fix! This always happens at 60-65 mph (dangerous) . This vehicle is a monthly mortgage payment… I shouldn’t have to continuously deal with this serious problem!

      • .has any body heard from the class action suit ? Why can’t the lawyers keep us up on what pressure is on ford to issue a recall on the hole front end Some one will get killed with this crap that ford has designed on the front end , when it happened to me l had no control of the truck when I slammed the breaks on thank God everyone behind me did also ! Come on ford !

  11. My 2005 F-250 Superduty had the death wobble problem. Went to Ford dealer sturman Larkin in PA. Told me it was rust on my brakes and rotors said I needed to replace everything brakes calipers and rotors wanted $900 plus. Went to another Ford dealer Kenny Ross in PA. Told them problem. They replaced the suspension shock in middle of front tires. Never had wobble problem again. I have a 2017 now 59,000 miles never had the wobble problem or any problems so far, love the truck

  12. I have a night a 2017 F250 4 wheel drive started the death wobble at about 17,000 miles and continued they finally fixed it at the dealer but nobody believed me. Finally I went to kingman ford in kingman kansas and they were very aware of it and fixed my truck didn’t cost me any money but time.

  13. Add me 2007 f250. Vear dangerous when u i hut bumps on the road my whole rear end jumps to the other lane cause me to lose steering. This is not the frist time i read a out something about this situation.

  14. Ford’s are well known for death wobble going back to the 90’s. I almost died and gotten others killed when I experienced it traveling down the interstate towing a stump grinder. I had to slow down to a crawl to stop it and thank God the grinder didn’t flip over.

  15. Had this issue with my 2013 f350….showed up around 150k miles. Took it to Basin Tire the do nothing but tires and suspension work.The issue? A worn bushing in the track bar. Upgraded the track bar from factory stock to an after market heavy duty-better design, better performance, replaced front shocks with Bilstien 5100’s. Issue gone.

  16. I JUST paid for all of these issues on my 2003 F250. It needs to be included into the lawsuit. How do I get ahold of the attorney in charge of the lawsuit?

  17. I got the death wobble on my 2012 F-250 at 321,000 miles, my dealer did all new suspension and it went away. 422,000 miles now and have not had a problem.

  18. Brand new 2019 F250 at less than 10000 miles! Thought I had blowout! I was traveling at highway speeds hit a bump and I thought my truck was going to shake apart! Had to nearly stop before it quick bouncing. It’s only done it that once, but I’ve felt it try to do it a few more times since. Crazy!

  19. Best to diligently check everything for play/wear as this problem comes with all solid axle (even 2WD) front ends!

    I had seen the problem before on a used 1962 IH Scout which was my first 4X4 (replaced worn parts to fix it) and have a 1976 Chev, 1500 4X4 shortbox that developed the death wobble (in the front) back in 2000 after buying it second hand and driving it home on the highway almost 2500 miles. I was towing a 3000lb car with a dolly in the mountains with it also at the time and going downhill it started at over 50 mph . I almost lost control of it and scared the heck out of me as I almost rolled it! Breaking heavily I got it slowed down to 45 mph and slower the rest of the way home as it was okay going slow. I had checked all the ball joints and steering parts before driving it and they were fine.

    This truck had the solid axle like all older 4X4 trucks and the late model 3/4T + from Dodge (Dodge 1/2T 4X4 had solid axles till around 2003) and Ford. On the way home as it was a long trip I stopped at a 4X4 parts place ASAP and put a pair of the best quality steering stabilizer shocks mentioned above and that helped some. The truck had big oversized tires so I sold them half way home for regular sized tires though std. width 3/4 T 16″ in diameter so taller and heavier than the std 15″ ones the truck origionally came with. This didn’t help much and I paid more attention to the wheel bearing play which didn’t seem excessive , but was! Cured at last!

    Also never run a solid axle with worn or soft shocks as it will suddenly change lanes or send you off the road on a slippery or icy road without warning on the slightest road imperfection.

    Twin I-beam used by Ford until recently on 3/4T -1T 2WD trucks and E series full sized vans can also do the above with any worn part . It is also can be found on the pre 1997 F-150 & till the SD on 4X4 F250 and as always on 2WD.

    Hope that helps!

  20. 2005 f350 I was told that I didn’t have a problem while I was still under the warranty. To this day I have still have the death wobble.

  21. Listen to some of these crazies!…. “Had to do the same thing to my 2003F350” Duh! 15 years old! It’s not an Abraham’s Tank! The warranty was over 10 years ago
    Worked at Ford Store when the Firestone tires were recalled up to a max of 45,000 miles. People like these idiots came in with 75000 miles on their original factory tires , but still wanted something for nothing! That was not even a Ford problem ,but Firestone refused to recall the tires so FORD took care of the problem.

    • Some of these crazies. My truck has 28,000 miles on it and coming home Christmas Eve night I thought the front tire were coming off the truck. Preston Ford has picked up the truck to bring it in for maintenance. I spent the money to buy a truck to haul my horse trailer and be safe, not feel like I’m loosing total control.

  22. I received a recall for my 2007 F-250 probably 10 yrs ago stating owner must check tire pressure regularly and to slow down when it happened. Pretty dumb fix if you ask me! Never again!!

  23. Surely people must realize things don’t last forever(suspension takes a hamering on rutted and potholed roads.If it was a design defect it would effect all models with that design from new.If certain dealerships have found fixes to the problem maybe they could let everyone know what they did.

  24. My problems showed up at less than 20,000 miles, Ford blamed them on lack of maintenance and refused to cover them under warranty. Fortunately I had a good dealer and all the maintenance had been done at that dealership. Vancouver Ford was able to get it covered under warranty. If wasn’t for them I wouldn’t buy another Ford.

    • I have a 2012 F250 and the 1st wobble came at 40k miles…also happened twice recently at 120k and 155k…had front end repaired each time but does not entirely fix the problem…short of completely replacing the entire front end it is an engineering nightmare!

  25. I have a 2012 F250 and the 1st wobble came at 40k miles…also happened twice recently at 120k and 155k…had front end repaired each time but does not entirely fix the problem…short of completely replacing the entire front end it is an engineering nigjtmare!

  26. I have a 2012 F250 and the 1st wobble came at 40k miles…also happened twice recently at 120k and 155k…had front end repaired each time but does not entirely fix the problem…short of completely replacing the entire front end it is an engineering nightmare!

  27. Death wobble here 2009 f 350 4×4 dully, freakishly scary in a truck this big, every time you get confident bam there it is. Speaking of things going bam how about them cab mounts only 91,000 miles

  28. I had the death wobble in my 2019 f250. The first time was at about 1800 miles and had the truck 2 months. The 2nd time the truck had a little over 4000 miles. This truck was New they couldn’t say it hadn’t been maintained. Both times I took it in and they replaced parts and said it was fixed. This continued to happen even after being REPAIRED. At 16000 miles I was done with this problem and told them that they either fix it or we were going to court. My salesman talked me in to giving them another chance, so I now have a 2019 f350 and so far no problems. Hope they crushed the 250 so no one else gets stuck with it.

  29. I have always liked Ford, I sold my old 1999 F-350 and got a new 2014 F-250. This was the biggest mistake EVER!! Nothing but problems and MacHaikes Ford in San Antonio has the worst customer service!!

  30. i got it on my 2010 ford at about 100,000 miles. i changed all the steering joints , tires , rims twice , still had the wobble , couldn’t use my truck very much because all the roads around here are full of potholes , even had changed steering stabilizer , twice , each time we did work on it it would go away for a week or two then return , what seemed to cure the problem was i found a front shock that we had put on was broken internally and hadn’t leaked any oil out to tell it was broken . we had put shocks on right before the wobble began , no problems now but spent a lot of money for nothing

  31. i also had a friend who experienced it on a 3015 f 250 4×4 he changed the whole front and it went away but it may have just been a shock

  32. I had several occurances before 30k, the dealer said the words “death wobble”. I had never heard the term prior. I looked it up and learned all about it. After they had it for a 4 hour “oil change”, the problem went away mysteriously. They told me nothing was done. I know better. I was on a highway interchange bridge the last time it happened. I was on a curve and couldn’t control it. No room to pull over. The semi behind me laid on their horn and brakes. It was a mess, luckily nobody was hurt.

  33. I have a 2013 and it’s been in the shop 3 time and still having trouble with my front in .they need to find the problems with the Ford f350 and f250 trucks.

  34. They just replaced the steering gear box on my 2005F-350 4&4 and replaced a lot of other front end parts and I still have problems. There not sure what’s going on with it.

  35. My f 250 2014 began to shake at the speed of 49 miles and I took two Ford agencies and do not know that even because it trembles is a big problem

  36. I have a 2008 f250 SuperDuty 6.4 and my front end is always wearing out from gear box to alignment parts nothing seems to work and I get a vibration at 70 to 80 miles an hour and I agree something needs to be done

  37. I buy my at lake Jackson Texas ford f 250 take twice back to the dealership still have the problem y trade in for a toyota tundra I lost about $7000

  38. Both my 2005 and 2008 have the death wobble. First time was in middle of high traffic in left lane doing at least almost 70. Had my kids in the truck. Scared them to death. I love my trucks but my kids are more important. Hit no bumps, watch all roads even for the slightest uneven patches.

  39. I have a 2005 350 if I’m driving over 55 and hit a bump or uneven road I get the death wobble. I’ve changed different parts not fixed yet.

  40. I had the same issue in my 2006 f-350 . Took it to the dealership still under warranty. They took the air bag cover off and installed a little weight and claimed it was a steering occultation problem . Never fixed the problem ! I started doing my own research and found a solution to the problem WC Motorsports has the fix . It is a solid mount adjustable sway bar , all the trucks that are having the death wobble problem has a sway bar that is mounted on ball joint connection . There is the problem the ball joints . The bar was pricey it was 800.00 for the sway bar and new front end alignment specs . After the death wobble problem wore my front tires and shocks out all said and done it was 2000.00 for everything . No more death wobble .

  41. I bought a used F350 Lariat Diesel. Mostly for use, Northern Minnesota, snow plowing & maintaining a 2.2 mile private gravel road. I recently took it ~100 miles to pick up a mower and trailer. This is the first time on a 65 mph road and it was just terrible. I thought it was the high torque and being used to my “driving vehicle”. I had to slow down to 55, or just a touch faster, in order to stay in the lane. Bringing it in for pre winter maintenance in afew weeks. Please email me with any updates to this situation. Thanks!

  42. I have a 2006 f250 had same issue. Have replaced all front end components and still have issue. A while back FORD sent out a recall notice about it said to check air pressure….to low of pressure makes it bounce like a basketball they said. we all know that didn’t change anything!! They know there is a problem!!

  43. My F-350 began wobbling, and steering wheel shaking. This article really helps out. Now off to the dealer to see what they say.

  44. My husband has spent 2 times in bill kay Ford in midlothian Il to get death wobble fixed we bought it used paid 30,000 they did not fix it went to another place paid again went to another place spent over 4,500 to get fixed it’s a mess we should get are money back

  45. I have one the traps 2006 that was taken back to ford 6 or 7 times last time on the paper unrepairable condition it has 7 or 8 thousand on it now said was heavy duty I don’t care how duty the truck your supposed to be able to control it

  46. I have a 2012 and i also got the death wobbles. I have tried new tires track bar and bushing nothing fixes the problem.

  47. I have a 2001 f250, 2015 f250 and a 2019 f250 and I have never had an issue with the steering. The only issue I’ve had with any of these trucks was the DPF system suffocating the engine with gasses that should not be put back into the truck, but that’s not Fords fault, it’s the government’s fault. Death wobble is usually found in older trucks, and even my 01 drives fine. It has a little give in the steering but other than that it’s all good. And all 3 of these trucks have been driven between 1 and 115 mph.

  48. We have had the same problem of the death wobble in our 2005 F350 Super Duty since day one. Complained many times, changed many steering parts, tires, shocks, air pressures you name it, changed. Hang on to that steering wheel if any slight deviation in the road. If towing race trailer, travel trailer or landscape trailer not too bad. Still love the truck because I had to re- learned how to drive it. (Not the best thing to do) I am also a mechanic so its helpful. 269,000 miles and still in great shape and runs great. “Muscle Arms”

  49. I have an 2016 250 extracab long bed with 32000 and it has done it 3 times the first time only 3 weeks ago. I’m going to contact the dealer tomorrow.but meanwhile I talked to my friend who’s the head mechanic at the dealership and showed him this article and he said there is a TSB for the newer Fords 17/18 19 they are giving them front end alignments and checking steering dampers.but when i talked to him personally 3 weeks ago about my truck doing the death wobble he said I was crazy and check the tire pressure and rotate my tires.which I do every oil change. I should have called the dealer sooner because my 3 years was out on the 5th.

  50. I am not sure if you are aware of it or not but it didn’t just start happening on 2005 models. My 2001 suffered the same issues and would not return to center on its own. Until you get accustomed to the steering, you are weaving all over the road and it is very dangerous.

  51. I have a 2016 f250 and have maintained my vehicle at dealer on required intervals. Pulling my 13000 lb 5th wheel camper I had death wobble with less than 38k miles. I took it to the dealer and was told I was within drive train warranty but it would not cover death wobble replacement parts. I had full extended warranty which did cover repairs less my deductible. I also replaced all my tires as the closest ford dealer was 300 miles away in El Paso. It was $1300+ out the door.

  52. Jon

    If it’s had hard use / road salt or lots of miles you may want to replace the steering box as the shaft can fail and check the u-joints and shaft going into it. Borgeson makes great steering shafts as I have used them. Best to check check everything for wear and binding.

  53. I currently own a 2011 F350 sd. I have had it little over a year now. i have replaced tires that were wearing way to quick even kept them rotated. I have had to replace wheel bearings , axle bearing, shocks and needs more again now. Went thru 2 sets of tires in a weak, transfer case had to be replaced, driving shaft had to be repaired and balance, steering stabilizers replaced, whole
    assembly for windshield wipers and several other parts also. I have never abused the truck or taken it off roads. Right now my front end and steering is shimmying like its gonna try to do the death wobble but hasnt yet. I love my truck but at this rate spending so much on repairs that I can’t enjoy it.

  54. Lots of comments on this one so the issue is real and over several model changes.
    After reading all of this I have one question and one observation.
    The question is, are these trucks with the death wobble mostly diesels?
    My observation is that on my 2017 F250, the steering stabilizer is “rinky dink” when compared to my JK 2016 jeep wrangler. The mass of the Ford parts is much greater than the wrangler so I would suspect that the steering stabilizer should be much more “beefy”. The attachment points are also not very strong. I suspect this may be a $400 fix for Ford so they are resisting.

  55. I had a 2013 dodge 3500 mega limited had tranny issues at 35kreplaced tranny at 45k and again at 95k but great truck all the power in the world just could get it to axle. Neighbor talked me into F350 limited 2019 death wobble started at 5k took it in said it needed shims I’m at 14k and they are claiming I need shims and there moving my front axle back to add weight to front axle oh by the way warranty for front axle is only up to 12000 miles but they couldn’t get my truck in for 3 weeks I’ve already been to California in it and back I live in Oklahoma. By the way my neighbors driving a brand new ram 3500 because they gave him the run around on his F350 2018 with 39k. Count us in on the class action lawsuit.

  56. Add me to this I have a 2019 F250 diesel with 11k on it experienced the steering wheel violently shaking after it hits a bump or railroad tracks causing it to almost go out of control. The truck was bought with 800 miles on it at 1000 miles I brought it in because the truck was pulling to the left , I thought it was an alignment issue . Ford stated the alignment was fine no major corrections needed . The tires even after rotating are wearing as if it is not aligned properly and Ford refuses to acknowledge a problem.

  57. Add us to this. We started out of town when it happened. At 45 miles an hour it was hard to control. We have a 2015 F250 with 76,000. We took it to the dealer who replaced the right side tie rod and steering stabilizer. Thank goodness it was covered under our extended waranty.

  58. Something I noticed on the new Ram 2500 and 3500 is that you can adjust the caster angle with a cam on the lower control angle.
    If I understand this correctly adding more caster causes the front end to track better but increases steering force a little but who cares with power steering.
    In the Ford, the caster angle is not adjustable from what I see.

  59. I have a 2011 F350 King Ranch. Picked it up used with about 70Kmiles on it. Had it a week before having my 1st Death Wobble episode, mind you I don’t drive it very much. The dealer I purchased it from put a stabilizer on it and it fixed it for about a week. Had it for almost 4 years and during that time I’ve replaced all shocks, steering damper, steering stabilizer shocks , wheels, tires, and Tie rods. The problem still exists. Was looking to upgrade to a 2019 F350 but if this is happening with a brand new Super Duty then ill wait on it. Ford, fix this crap!

  60. F250 with 22,000 miles I have experienced it twice in the last week I hit a bump at 75 miles a hour could not regain control till down to about 35 miles a hour on the interstate my truck reared off to the right uncontrollable took very small bumps to make this problem happen. very weird feeling very life threatening

  61. We took our f250 in for the second time now. This time they replaced the steering shock. 43,000 miles approx. Temporary fix for sure.

  62. I bought a2019 f250 and 15 k my truck started doing the death wobble it scared the crap out of me and my wife .. I took it back to ford I haven’t heard anything back from yet .. they put me in a loner for now ..

  63. I bought a 2019 F250 Diesel. And at 13k it has happened twice, once on the freeway at 65 mph
    If not for my quick reaction could had lead to a bad wreck. Dealer is blaming the Wrangler tires. Seems like BS

  64. blaming it on the tires is one of Ford’s first moves. Tell them they put the tires on there so it’s still their fault. Call the 800 number and file a complaint and request for action. They responded within 24 hours and helped on mine. They replaced every tie rod end and the stabilizer. Appears to have corrected it. You’re still under full warranty.

  65. I Bought A 2019 F250 6.2l The Death Wobble Started At 10500kms , Took It In To Ford Dealer And They Replaced Trac Bar , Steering Shock , And Wheel Bearings , After Repair I Got About 300 Kms On The Truck And Death Wobble Is Back Worst Than Ever ,Truck Is Only 3 Months Old And Its Been At The Dealer For 3 Weeks Again Waiting On Parts, Ford Cant Justify Saying Poor Maintenance , Wish We Had Lemon Laws In Canada , Ford Will Say And Do Everything They Can To Avoid A Recall , When I Called Ford Of Canada They Said This Was The First Time They Heard Of This And Basically Said If The Dealer Didnt Help Me That I Would Be On My Own , I Traded A 2017 F250 On This 2019 Had No Problems With My 2017 . I Have Lost All Respect For Ford

  66. 2019 F-250 6.7: 18,000 miles. The “Death Wobble” began. No heavy towing at all. Never in 4×4 except in wet grass. Dealer said I have to pay for the “RealFix” (Swaybars). They know how to fix it but choose not to!! All my service/warranty was Pre-paid!!! Let’s get them. It could KILL YOU AND FAMILY!!!

  67. My company just bought a 2019 f250 6.7 with 2k miles I drove it for 2 weeks I was doing 65 when I hit a road transition from a bridge and it wobbled like crazy until I took it down to 35mph I own a 08 f350 6.8 and have never had this issue I have over 250k miles on mine this is absolutely crap ford told me on Friday I can bring it in on Monday and said nothing of this issue

  68. My new 2018 F250 just hit 12000 miles and went into a death wobble going 78mph down Interstate.almost smashed into the side of semi. Scared us both and he said he will never ride In it again Just took it straight to dealer and they had a few of them do it. Life long Ford owner and that may change soon. Thanks Ford for putting our lives in danger when you know there is an issue. Hopefully my Ford dealer which is awesome BTW will get it fixed.

  69. Bought a 2018 F250 in Feb 2018. Over the next 10 months put less than 8000 miles on it. During December 2018 while driving on the interstate at 75 mph with no load on it, I crossed a rough bridge joint and the front tires started wobbling violently and I had to slow to 40 mph to get it to stop almost getting hit by an 18 wheeler while pulling to the shoulder. Scared my daughter and I thoroughly.
    Took it to Ford dealership and they replaced the steering linkage dampener and set tire pressure per TSB 18-2268. Tire condition was inspected and given a green code. Completed in early January 2019 after a week in the shop.

    Now 10 months later, Nov 2019, similar situation while merging onto a interstate, crossed a bridge joint at 70mph and violent shaking occurred, again. Only 12000 miles, just had a tire rotation and full inspection by Ford dealership.

    This unacceptable, taking it to Ford tomorrow.

  70. Took my 2012 F-250 to my local 4-Wheel Parts Company here in Fresno and they replaced all linkage, tie rods, dampner,etc. with aftermarket parts including new Fox shocks and it is an entirely new truck-they’ve never had a truck come back with the problem again…been battling the wobble for years. Ford won’t do what’s needed (which would be an admission of guilt) and their oem tolerance specs are useless so don’t waste your time…oh and expect to spend 2-3k

  71. how does a person join the death wobble suite ? My truck f350 has the wobble for 2 nd time in 30, 000 miles it’s a 2017 . Ford tough ?

  72. I have a 99 F350 super duty. Had the wobble. Turned out the tire pressures were at 30-40 psi. I added air up to the 75 psi level and poof,no more wobble until They leaked down again. Load range E tires need air or they are like riding on a balloon. No shock will fix that.

  73. 2018 F250. Has the death wobble. Went to dealer #1 twice to get it fixed and still had it. Took it to dealer #2 and they said they could fix it with a new caster kit but that it would cost me 450 even though I’m within warranty! Called Ford direct then dealer #2 said I had to take it back to dealer #1 because they didn’t want to deal with me after I got Ford involved.

  74. I own. 2018 F250 6.7, Wobble started at about 12,000! Really was so bad, I was towing Travel Trailer, hit bump in road and shake was so violent, I was all over trying to brake. I was on an interstate and took up two lanes, Thank God there was light traffic. If my wife had been
    Driving, an Angel would have to write this. Ford has a problem! Include dealers
    In the lawsuit, that’ll get some attention. I also had the truck in the Dealership, less than 5 K miles ago for tire rotation and check.!No pro-Active check!!

  75. My 2018 F-205 did this yesterday doing 75, I thought a tire had blown out !! This truck has been serviced by the dealership and only has 39,000 miles on it !! Sigh me up !!

  76. What happens whin you try to trade the ford on another truck and the dealer has the death wobble on file every were at every dealer and you can’t get a fair trade in because the dealer can’t fix that or won’t ,my truck has had this twice

  77. My 2017 F250 just came out of the shop today for a second attempt to fix the death wobble. I have text messages from the ford service manager telling me they have a fix for the problem but it is not a ford warranty fix it is an after market fix. Now having my death wobble fixed for the second time I got the dual damper kit on the truck and the steering is so tight not the same truck very disappointed that I am stuck with a 72000 vehicle with 27k miles on it that I don’t feel safe in and will have to get rid of. Sign me up

  78. I’ve never been happy with the stiff steering on my 2018 F350. Today I got the death wobble three times twice at 55 mph and once at 70mph. I complained about the steering since day one. The truck has 26000 miles on it and the extended maintenance program. I taking it into a dealer first thing Monday morning.

  79. i have had this problem with a 2011 2015 nut not on my 2019 yet waiting for ford to own up to the problem and have a recall and fix the problem . MIGHT HAVE TO MOVE TO GM.

  80. Ford needs to get this fixed, i am seeing all these years having problems and here i am with a 2019 f350 king ranch that keeps getting worse, my question is what is the best fix for the problem? I have a second one, same year same truck with no problems at all so is it defective parts or what?

  81. Trade trucks ,Maybe a G M C product . If you wait and your truck gets this death wobble the dealer replaces it with same junk parts and you pay far labor like my dealer did you still got 2 more problems 1 it will happen again 2 lose the trade in value because the dealer has that on file that it has had the death wobble .

  82. My 2019 F250, owned for just 3months at less than 8k miles had death wobble 2 times. Took to dealer for the so called fix, another 800 miles back in the shop because of once again death wobble. Now waiting on answers from Ford. Tried to sell truck back and they want to offer 15k less than what I paid for it 3 months ago.

  83. I have a 2019 f350. I’ve had the death wobble and power steering problems since I bought the truck brand new. It has been to the shop 5 times. I only have 15,500 miles on it. Now has a bad clunking noise when you turn to the right. I didn’t buy a brand new vehicle to have it in the shop. I spent the money on a truck to not have to worry about rattling off the road at 70-80mph down the freeway. I damn near rolled my truck and caused a major accident. We will be going back to the shop again.

  84. Bronson

    I have a gas 2018 f250 43,000 I have had the death wobble experience many times. Even a day after a new steering damper was installed by my ford dealership. Now back in for round two of trying to repair it

  85. My name’ Rick and our family is a large Ford supporter, And we presently own A 2010 half ton pickup a 2019 3/4 ton pick up and a 2019 Ford Edge… I am so disappointed that Ford has Not only declined certain people the privilege of owning a safe vehicle but has denied coverage for those that need it to get this problem resolved by covering the cost of all repairs concerning this issue… I have experienced the death wobble myself on my new truck with 24ooo miles and almost caused an accident…they will no longer see my face at another Ford dealership again!

  86. Ford now says they have a fix for
    But you have to wait till the first of December
    to get the part. This is supposedly going to fix
    it. Putting my after market parts on and fixing

    • Is there a TSB number for this. I have a 2019 F-350 SRW CCLB that had a bad case of the wobbles twice in one drive last week with 15k mi.

    • There is no fix bro!! Whole trucks junked now! This has happened 60 times on the 2nd unit now, trucks a bad design and has ruined parts naked to the eye! Only fix is they need to recall this junk and give all owners opportunity to get there money back and time and inconvenient it has been not alone the payment being made! Government needs to step their ass up to the plate and shut these trucks down before they kill people! And they want to talk about cybertruck killing people because of strait lines!! Jesus Christ wake the fuck up

  87. My 2018 f250 with 33,000 miles has done it on interstate with. Load of horses then it also did it in town going 50 mph it’s been in shop2x to fox problem. The dampener didn’t work next day it did it after that repair second time don’t know what they did but it felt fixed until today on interstate I do t even recall hitting a bump it just started shaking violently cars started getting away from me It didn’t quit until I hit hazard lights pulled over to 35mph. I can not safely drive this vehicle like this. I have a call into service manager at my local ford dealer who is very good to deal with but I’m a bit worried that nothing is gonna help this time. And I’m scared to death to drive it. Something has to be done. It’s only matter of time before someone gets killed over this.

  88. 2019 F350 King Ranch with Death wobble at 8800 miles. Replaced recommended parts at dealer. Experienced death wobble on the way back home. Ridiculous!!

  89. Nov. 2019. Just experienced my 2nd death wobble in two weeks with my 2017 F250 Diesel. Of course truck is out of warranty with 38k miles. Will talk around to mechanics to see what to do. Not sure if I trust the dealership to do the correct repair.
    Would like to participate in the class action lawsuit. Maybe someday there will be a recall but by then the truck will be repaired. I have been a loyal Ford guy for over 20 years. Time to check out the Chevy products. Thinking they might be better. Who knows.

  90. 2018 F250 6.2L 4×4 XLT. Experienced the death wobble 5x in less than a week. The first time was with my wife who is pregnant of 8.5 months and my 4 year old in the back seat. Had no choice but to drive off the interstate into the grass median as there was no safe spot to pull over and nearly lost control and crashed into two tractor trailers. Immediately took to a Ford dealership and said they were two weeks out. Trucks been sitting since. Called Ford to confirm appt and they acted like I never was there. Dropped it off in person and blocked the bay doors with truck after two weeks of sitting. Dealer now has truck for 1.5 weeks and no fix. Said the part is back ordered (steering damper) and could be months. Oh by the way my truck just rolled 18,000 miles. Spend all this money on a truck I don’t even have in my possession. I am beyond frustrated with Ford. I have owned Fords my entire life. Truck is currently sitting at the Ford dealership wasting space waiting for a part that nobody knows when will be here. Absolute waste of money and never again will I purchase a Ford. I will make sure to voice my opinion and bring a suit against Ford for the known issue that is already being addressed in California. Now it will come out of an Ohio common pleas court in the matter of time.

      • Heather my truck is coming back to me today. The service manager was approved to use an after market part for the dampener because Ford’s part is on back order. I was told by service manager that everyone they have fixed has not come back for service. I was told this by another service manager at another Ford Dealership. I’m hoping they are not just saying this. Guess I’ll see how the truck drives with the dampener changed. A bit scared.

  91. Purchased new F250 4×4 Dec 8th, 2018 had 250 miles on it. Dec 9th, 2018 with just 389 miles on the truck, I experienced my first “Death Wobble” doing 77 mph (speed limit is 75mph). The next day the truck was taken back to the dealer Cook Ford in Texas City, Texas. Over the next 45 days, the truck was in the shop for 30 days. Complained to Ford, who said dealer could buy the truck back. Dealer offered to get me into another truck with an $8000 loss because I paid cash for my new truck! Complained to NHTSA ID #11164915 who could only refer me to the Attorney General’s office / lemon law. To date: Dec 2, 2019, truck has 10,022 miles on it, I still have death wobble, can’t haul heavy equipment for fear of loosing control and causing harm (OUR KILL) someone. The NHTSA will mandate a recall on an airbag that “might not work properly” however NHTSA won’t do anything about a known problem with the STEERING of Ford trucks that cause you to loose control, really! God help us!

  92. Back in shop today for 3rd time for the same death wobble this time they said my tires which has 34,400 miles are not good enough this is 3rd attempt. First was dampener then the caster however they put a set of tires on it who’s are shit! But I drove it tonight and it now has a shake it 60-70 that it didn’t have and it did the death wobble they wanted me to come in with it tomorrow again so they could drive it again I said no you come here and get it and drive it. I’ve spent 3 days at shop with this bullshit. They are just trying to let the warranty run out. I’m so furious at this point

  93. I have a 2019 F250 and had my 1st Death Wobble at 15,000 miles. I have had it into the Dealership for repairs twice in the last 2 months. I have been violently shaken nearly off the road on 3 separate occasions and at least 6-8 times with sever wobble where I had to brake to about 5-10 mph to bring the vehicle out of the wobble. Ford doesn’t seem to have a fix! This always happens at 60-65 mph (dangerous) . This vehicle is a monthly mortgage payment… I shouldn’t have to continuously deal with this serious problem!

  94. The dealer wanted to put the damper on my
    19 F-250. I told them no!!!
    There damper will not fix the problem
    I put a new heavy duty track bar and dual steering stabilizers on 2 weeks ago.
    Not one issue since. Now go after ford to pay me back.

    • I used PNF suspensions in Tucson AZ.
      They recommend FOX stabilizers along with
      there hardware and the track bar. They
      shipped me everything. And the dealership
      put both on. Dealership didn’t charge any
      labor. Like I said in the other post now I’m after Ford corporate to pay for the parts.

  95. I purchased my 2019 new in 2018, I just turned 20,000 miles and had the scariest death wobble ever today! Couldn’t even hold onto steering wheel at highway speed during wobble! Fortunately got it slowed down before going off road, about 25mph it stopped and cars backing away from me. NOT WHAT I EXPECT FROM A $70,000 truck!!!

    • 2017 f350 had death wobble multiple times. Steering damper didnt work. What I’m worried about is the damage being caused by the violent oscillating of the front axle on other components of the truck.

  96. I have a 2017 Super Duty, that has the Death Wobble . It has had front parts replaced and have been told that Ford had a run of some bad parts, so we don’t know what is bad or good. The one fact that remains is the DW is still there, it gets so bad that you think you are going to die. Last time it was so bad I ended up in a ditch, due to the truck becoming uncontrollable. We need to get these trucks off the road until Ford fixes them. We need a huge lawsuit that hurts them financially, then maybe they will make it right, we do not need to feel like David against Goliath.

  97. I own a 2019 F-350 4×4 6.7l diesel purchased in December 2018. The truck “wobbled” at 15,000 miles. I took it to a Ford dealership in Tucson, AZ immediately after the wobble occurred. They had the truck most of a day, and their examination revealed a worn out steering stabilizer, so they implemented TBS 19-2274 which came out in September 2019. I examined the old stabilizer with a service advisor. He told me that the very small (1/16″) amount of free play at each change of direction, which I could feel, indicated the stabilizer was worn out. To me the stabilizer still had a lot of resistance in both directions, so I wasn’t completely sold on the “worn out” conclusion. The truck just wobbled again at 18,300 miles, so I’ll be taking it back for another go around. I spoke to the service advisor who told me that he had personally seen steering stabilizers replaced as many as FIVE times on a single truck, and he’d seen them fail in as little as 500 miles after replacement. This data clearly indicates that the Ford OEM steering stabilizer is an INFERIOR PRODUCT! I may not get anywhere, but this time around I’m going to ask that the following services be done: tire balance, track bar bushing replacement, shock replacement and of course another new steering stabilizer. If they balk or argue, my argument is going to be, “You need to cover ALL these potential contributing factors because your first attempted fix, that being implementation of TSB 19-2274, clearly was woefully inadequate to insure the safety of me, my wife, my dog and any passengers riding in my vehicle, not to mention other vehicles on the road should my truck become uncontrollable due to the occurrence of DEATH WOBBLE or as Ford calls it SUSTAINED STEERING WHEEL OSCILLATION.” I will add that if they fail to replace all these parts and check tire balance that I will consider them acting in BAD FAITH. I am going to put the request for service items in a letter which I’m going to present to the service advisor along with sending a copy to Ford Customer Relations Department in Michigan.

    • I am in a similar boat. Have a ’17 with continued DW issues. So violent at times that truck is uncontrollable, last time I had to go in a ditch. All front end parts have been replaced 3 or more times including the tires. I am on the verge of going the route of the Magnusson-Moss act, it is a federal statute that allows you to bring a lawsuit, much like lemon laws, but this gives us rights in those situations when the lemon law dosen’t work. I used it against GM in 1999 and won, GM paid for the attorney fees. Only mention this as many people don’t know what else is out there to help.

  98. i have 2017 f 350 super duty lariat had death wobble twice. it is in the dealership right now. truck has only 8500 miles on it. service manager was rude and said all it was wheel alignment. refused to give me a loner vehicle and told me to call ford. i have had many new trucks. this is the first i have experienced death wobble.

  99. We have an F250 Super Duty Diesel 4×4. It has less than 30K miles. Been in Ford’s Dealership 6 times since Oct. 2019. Replaced multiple parts in the front end. Several, multiple times. Been aligned several times also. Actually got it out of the shop on a Friday and returned it on a Monday after multiple Death Wobbles over the weekend and was out of alignment. Really, like mentioned above, if you have ever experienced it, it will scare the crap out of you the first time. It has had the Death Wobble in excess of 10 times since mid October. It’s like an earthquake inside the truck!! Unacceptable in any new vehicle especially a $60 plus truck.

  100. I have read recently on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Form that Ford has recalled all the available steering stabilizers in the country. The posting person said that Ford will be issuing new stabilizers, and possibly upgraded bushings for various parts. I have not been able to get confirmation of this yet. I can say that my own dealership in Tucson, Arizona told me a few days ago when I called to report a reoccurrence of Wobble in my truck after only 3000 miles since the stabilizer was replaced less than two months ago in October 2019 at 15,000 miles that they cannot get a new stabilizer for at least four weeks. In contrast, they were able to get a stabilizer in less than 12 hours in October.

  101. i have a 2017 f250 6,2 4×4 crew I bought it brand new from the dealer I work at . at around 17,000 I started getting death wobble. performed tsb 19-2274 replaced steering damper . truck was ok for about 15000 miles then started doing it again, but now its worst then it was before. ford pulled the old tsb 18-2268 which we had good results with. and now the update damper ,which has been updated several times is now on back order, so I drive my truck and im careful when I see bumps in the road, until I can get the up dated damper or another fix that ford doesn’t have yet.i now have 40,000 on my truck.

    • It is absolutely shocking that Ford is taking so long on this and I’m surprised that their attorney’s have not issued a do not drive warning which, of course, we all would ignore.
      My F250 2017 with 30,000MI has not wobbled yet but I’m sure all of this reporting will eventually get out and significantly hurt my retail or trade in value!!!!!!!!

  102. I had a 17 that did it consistently and my 19 f250 just did it the first time. I am very concerned. We were assured that it had been fixed in the new models.

  103. I have a 2019 F250 and the death wobble started around 20k. Brought it to the local dealer and they said it was the steering stabilizer and the replacement part is on back order.(TSB 19-2274) Can’t tell me when it will be ready, so I am going to purchase a PMF dual steering stabilizer myself to see if this solves the issue. This is a serious problem that Ford needs to fix quickly, dealer says they have many trucks waiting on this part and no idea when the replacement stabilizer will available.
    I will report back if the after market part corrects the issue.

    • *UPDATE* I finally rec’d my PMF Dual Stabilizer in on Dec 24th and had the local Ford dealership install it for me.
      I emphasized to them I wanted them to go thru the entire front end again to make sure nothing else needed replacing. The good news is my truck is now working as it should and drives with out any hint of steering wheel shimmy or death wobble. The dealership did swap out many bushings, tie rods, and other parts but it seems it has fixed the issue for now.

      • It’s a shame that Ford engineers and Purchasing people get beat out by after market company.
        CEO needs to be fired for the poor response to this disaster.
        It’s just like the Detroit Lions, Ford dynasty does not hire the right people and fires the good people.

  104. It is sounding more and more like the “rumor” I’ve been hearing (reading) that Ford has recalled all the steering stabilizers in the supply chain is a reality and not a rumor. In the past couple of weeks, I have heard supporting information from several posters, and my own service department in Tucson, AZ told me that they cannot get a replacement stabilizer for four weeks or more. In October they secured a replacement stabilizer in 12 hours. Of interest is a report on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum from someone, in I believe Indiana, who said that his Ford service department has agreed to pay for and install an aftermarket stabilizer, either a FOX ATS or a DUAL setup. I am going to ask my service department for the same accommodation given that my 2019 F-350 4×4 diesel truck experienced DW at 15,000, necessitating a stabilizer replacement, and now has experienced a reoccurrence of the dreaded wobble at 18,000 miles. As far as I’m concerned, the OEM stabilizer is a poor product.

    Of equal importance and great interest to me is that this problem does not affect every Super Duty 4×4 diesel truck, not by a long shot from what I’ve read. This is the most disturbing thing to me since my $70,000 truck as become one of those affected by the problem. Does this argue for a Lemon Law claim? I am very disheartened to be in this “leaking” boat.

    • I’m Back, with an update on my Death Wobble/Sustained Steering Wheel Oscillation (DW/SSWO) situation. At the recommendation of a Super Duty owner on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum (FTEF), I contacted the Ford Customer Care (FCC) department this morning, 16 December. I explained my predicament and tried to get them to open a case for me. To explain, my 2019 F-350 6.7l 4×4 first exhibited DW/SSWO at just shy of 15,000 miles whereupon I took it to a dealership in Tucson, AZ where they “determined” that the only identifiable defective component was the steering stabilizer. They put in a new one, presumably manufactured after May 2018 for those of you in the know, and checked my alignment which was spot on with high caster, +4.0L and +4.3R. At around 18,000 miles, my truck did the WOBBLE again when I was traveling at 60mph on a California freeway in a driving rainstorm. Fortunately, I had educated myself about DW/SSWO, so I recognized its ugly face right away when it reared its head, and I slowed the vehicle and got the ‘beast’ under control. Now with that out of the way, on with the story.

      When I called FCC, the person on the other end of the line explained that they could not open a case until my truck was evaluated, and a service advisor called them with the result. Since I was not in a position to deliver my truck to a dealership, I decided to try another tack. I called the assistant service manager at the dealership in Tucson where the stabilizer was replaced on my truck in October 2019, a real nice guy. He essentially confirmed that Ford has recalled all of the OEM steering stabilizers in the supply chain. After hearing my situation, he said that he would open a case for me. He also asked me what I expected. I told him that I’d really like to have Ford buy a FOX ATS stabilizer and install it. Based on what the FTFE poster said, I also want the frame side track bar bushing replaced with the new version which is made of a stiffer material (rubber?), a so-called “higher durometer” material. And I told him I wanted every part in my front end examined and replaced as necessary because the front end of truck now seems like a “rattle trap” as I drive down the road.

      I will report back on what happens. The FTFE poster, a knowledgeable mechanic-type guy who builds off-road race trucks, said that Ford had agreed to pay for and install the FOX stabilizer on his truck along with the track bar bushing and possibly the drag link bar.

      Since I am not able to deliver my truck to Tucson until late March 2020, I am getting the ball rolling now in the hope that everything will be in place by then. I also couldn’t deal with driving my truck for three months and risk another episode of DW/SSWO, so I installed a Kelderman Dual Steering Stabilizer that used two FOX 2.0 stabilizer shocks. It’s been on for a couple of days now, and the result has been like night versus day. The steering is tight and the truck no longer feels like a rattle trap. For the curious, I intend to remove the Kelderman before delivering it to the dealership for two reasons: I don’t want to give Ford any reason to abuse me, and I want them to install the FOX ATS single stabilizer at their cost. I’ll eat the $600 for the Kelderman, which I intend to reinstall after they install the FOX ATS. I do not think that having three steering stabilizer shocks on the front end of this monster truck is overkill. That’s a massive mass up there, 700lbs extra of engine weight and 1000lbs of differential weight, that needs to be controlled and buffered from oscillation!

        • Gotta have thick skin if you venture into this swamp. I’d like to say, “Bring it on and keep it up Terry,” but your evident acquiescence and throw-the-towel in attitude is not my way of addressing adversity. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The weak run away, with all due respect sir.

          • I have a 2017 F250 and it has the death wobble starting at about 40,000 miles just passed warrant. Now at 50,000 miles it doing it more and more just after a bump in the road. They have engineering issue on the front end. It is just uncontrollable. I have factory tires and wheels, the 20” rims and tires. Any suggestions?

  105. I have a 2017 superduty 4×4 diesel. The first time was at about 25k miles. Took it straight to the dealer. They could find anything and gave it back. It didn’t happen again until around 30k. I was close to a friend of mine. He’s the service manager at NTB. He said it was the (seconds) that Ford puts on there trucks. I know for a fact the factory tires don’t compare to the same tire from a retail store.
    We changed the tires out for nitto dura grappler highway. 305/70/18. I’ve never had the wobble since. I’ve proven this to be a fix on (2) 2018 superduty’s since then. I now have 90k and still no problem.

    • Thats total bull regarding the “seconds” for OEM tires. Do you think that after the Firestone Wilderness AT debacle ANY manufacturer would put “seconds” on a car or truck?

      I owned a Michelin Distributorship. I know I’m talking about regarding OEM versus aftermarket tires. Now, you very well may have hit on a tire that doesn’t exacerbate the problem, in fact might mask it. Thanks for the tip. I’m due for tires.

    • No, its with the gas engines too. I have 28,000 on my F250. Ford dealership just replaced the dampener with an aftermarket part, Ford OEM parts are on back order. The service manager said everyone they have fixed has not come back. I have emailed one owner with issues and he said he’s been back 4 times with the issue. So I’m not so confident that the issue has been fixed. Steve told me at about every 10,000 miles parts are wearing out and the wobble comes back.

      I don’t know what more to do but wait and see. This is not a minor issue. I put in a complaint with the National Highway Safety Board and everyone else should as well. When the wobble occurs there are people that are loosing control of the vehicles. Someone is going to get killed and I really don’t want it to be me or anyone that I may hurt because my vehicle is not working correctly.

      Problem is that it doesn’t effect every F250 or F350. So what is the difference in between vehicles. I know all parts are not the same and there may be minor differences. Needs to be a safe solution.

  106. It’s not b s dumb ass we are stuck with these 78000 f 250 and 350 super duty trucks .i whent they to trade mine and was offered 10000 less on trade in than I owed so yes it is a real prob we are stuck with this peace of shift

  107. Have a 2019 F-250, diesel, 30k miles. Going 70 miles and hour on freeway, hit minor bump, Death Wobble kicked in. I was eating a hamburger…not the smartest thing… hamburger exploded. Pickles hit the windshield, meat on the ceiling, bun on the floor. Never will eat again driving a Ford… Add me to the lawsuit.

  108. I own a 2017 f250 6.7ltr I started getting the dw at about 30thousand kms I’ve had it in for repair 4 times they keep replacing front end parts now i have 68thousand kms warranty is over the ford dealer service mgr told me he couldn’t fix it and i need to install after market parts my cost what can i do

  109. I’ve had to put two new front ends on my 2014 F250. I can make it for about 16 months and the death wobble comes back. About to put a third front end on.
    Bad design and or bad oem parts….
    Can’t just go buy another truck

  110. 2018 F-350 Steering and ride seemed loose from the day I purchased it new. At 18,000 mi it started shaking so bad after driving over a bridge expansion joint it bounced me into the oncoming lane! Scared the crap out of us. Took it to the dealer. They said they had already fixed a few. They replaced all front end steering/suspension components and then adjusted caster/camber to maximum specs per Ford service bulletin. 2,000 miles later, it’s starting to do it again.

    • Matt how many miles have you put on the truck after replacing parts with aftermarket parts and not OEM parts. A lot of these buyers are still under the manufacturer’s warranty period. I would assume not using Ford parts to make repairs are going to void the warranty.

      My truck is coming back to me today with new dampeners – aftermarket parts because Fords are on back order. Service manager received approval to use aftermarket parts. My assumption, they are doing the repair under warranty and this won’t void my warranty.

      Again, how many miles and what parts did you replace. Really would like to know there is a solution so I’m not driving and loose control to no fault of my own.

  111. I had the death wobble occur 3x ….2 with a 5th wheel camper attached and 1 without anything…just got mine fixed a couple months ago and it was literally an $80 part ….

  112. I have had happen two times now on my 2019 f350 powerstroke. I only have 7,000 miles on it. I am taking it in now, but I am not to hopeful.

  113. Danny file a complaint with the National Highway Safety Board. It’s a phone call that will take about 15 minutes. If this wasn’t such a big issue, I wouldn’t make such a big deal. When this happened to me I thought we were going to get killed. This is NOT A MINOR ISSUE. If you have an accident and kill someone, do you really think that another persons family is going to care if your truck had issues. No, nor is your insurance company. And is your insurance company going to cover damages if you cause damage to your vehicle. We all know that is not going to happen, they are just going to point the finger. If this is a design flaw, it needs to be fixed. Let not wait until someone looses their life.

  114. Purchased our 2018 F-350 crew cab new in March of 2018. At 18,000 miles it started shaking when I would hit bumps like expansion joints on bridges etc. the last time it did it I called the dealer where I purchased it and took it in. After looking at it the service department told me they had never see so much wear. They said all of the components were worn out. They replaced all of the worn out components. The truck seemed to drive fine after that but now at 22,000 miles it seems to be starting all over again. Here are their notes on the repair paperwork.
    “Road test operation in town & at HWY speeds-hit a rough spot in road & had a violent shimmy at HWY speed. Lift & inspect front suspension & steering & found steering gear needs adjusted. Both front shocks seeping oil, steering shock sloppy, all tie rod & drag link ends have play in sockets & track bar ball joint has play. Replace both front shocks, steering shock, trac bar with ball joint all tie rod & drag links & adjust steering gear. Had aligned & and retest, drove-no issues”. I did find a TSB which seems to be related to the issue. TSB # 18-2268. My concern now is that if all they actually did is replace the bad parts with the same OEM parts, they really haven’t solved the issue which is why did it do it in the first place.

    4-Wheel Drive (4WD) – Sustained Steering Wheel Oscillation – Above 45 MPH (72 Km/h) – Built On Or Before 31-Jul-2018
    31 August 2018
    2017-2019 F-Super Duty
    Issue: Some 2017-2019 F-250/F-350 4WD vehicles built on or before 31-Jul-2018 may exhibit a sustained steering wheel oscillation after driving over rough pavement or an expansion joint above 45 mph (72 Km/h).
    Action: Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition. Parts
    Part Number
    Steering Linkage Damper
    1o Adjuster Assembly
    3/4o Adjuster Assembly
    1/2o Adjuster Assembly
    1/4o Adjuster Assembly
    Castle Nut
    Cotter Pin
    Warranty Status: Eligible Under Provisions Of New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage Warranty/ESP coverage limits/policies/prior approvals are not altered by a TSB. Warranty/ESP coverage limits are determined by the identified causal part and verified using the OASIS part coverage tool.
    Labor Times
    Operation No.
    0.4 Hrs.
    0.4 Hrs.
    1.3 Hrs.
    1.8 Hrs.
    2017-2019 F-Super Duty 4X4 250/350: Inspect The Vehicle, Set Tire Pressure, Remove Steering Damper And Test (Fails) Replace Damper (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor Operations)
    2017-2019 F-Super Duty 4X4 250/350: Inspect The Vehicle, Set Tire Pressure, Remove Steering Damper And Test (Pass) Reinstall Damper (Can Be Claimed With Operation C Or D) (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor Operations Outside Of This Article)
    2017-2019 F-Super Duty 4X4 250/350: Additional Time To Check And Adjust Caster, Camber Toe In On One (1) Side (Can Be Claimed With Operation B)
    2017-2019 F-Super Duty 4X4 250/350: Additional Time To Check And Adjust Caster, Camber Toe In On Both (2) Sides (Can Be Claimed With Operation B)
    Repair/Claim Coding
    Tool List
    Causal Part:
    Condition Code:
    Tool Name
    Power Tool

    Tool Name
    Torque Wrench
    15 mm Deep Socket
    18 mm Deep Socket
    Power Tool
    Torque Wrench
    15 mm Socket
    28 mm Socket
    28 mm Crows Foot
    Pipe Wrench
    Service Procedure
    1. Is the customer complaint that the vehicle exhibits a sustained steering wheel oscillation after hitting rough
    pavement or an expansion joint at speeds above 45 mph (72 Km/h)?
    (1). Yes – proceed to Step 2.
    (2). No – this article does not apply. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 204-00 for diagnosis.
    2. Does the vehicle have aftermarket modifications to the chassis, steering or suspension systems?
    (1). Yes – this article does not apply. Recommend to the customer that all aftermarket modifications to the chassis, steering and suspension systems should be removed. Aftermarket equipment should not be removed without customer consent and removal is not a warrantable action.
    (2). No – proceed to Step 3.
    3. Check and adjust the tire pressure as indicated on the driver’s door placard. Proceed to Step 4.
    4. Remove the steering linkage damper. Refer to WSM Section 211-03. Test the damper for lag/lash.
    (1). Place the steering linkage damper in the vertical position so the tapered stud end is at the top and the bushing end is at the bottom. By hand, attempt to compress and extend the damper. Lag/lash is most likely to be noticed when transitioning from extension to compression, constant resistance should be felt.
    5. Is any lag/lash felt?
    (1). Yes – proceed to Step 6.
    (2). No – install the steering linkage damper back in the vehicle. Refer to WSM Section 211-03. Proceed to Step 7.
    6. Obtain a new steering linkage damper. Check the steering linkage damper package date code (Figure 1). Does the package date code indicate a package date on or after 01-May-2018?
    (1). Yes – replace the steering linkage damper. Refer to WSM Section 211-03. Repair is complete.
    (2). No – repeat Step 6 until a steering linkage damper is received with a package date code on or after 01-May- 2018.
    Figure 1

    7. Reduce the front caster of both front wheels to the lower end of the specification without exceeding the limit. The front camber, cross-camber and cross-caster should be set as close as possible to the nominal specifications found in WSM, Section 204-00. Figure 2 provides the optimal starting position of the alignment bushing when performing the caster adjustment. (Figure 2)
    Figure 2
    © 2018 Ford Motor Company All rights reserved.
    NOTE: The information in Technical Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do the job properly and safely. It informs these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or provides information that could assist in proper vehicle service. The procedures should not be performed by “do-it-yourselfers”. Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Contact a Ford or Lincoln dealership to determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle. Warranty Policy and Extended Service Plan documentation determine Warranty and/or Extended Service Plan coverage unless stated otherwise in the TSB article. The information in this Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) was current at the time of printing. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to supersede this information with updates. The most recent information is available through Ford Motor Company’s on-line technical resources.
    1 2
    Left side
    Right side

  116. So my 2017 F-250 has 6500 miles on it. Experienced the death wobble. Took it to the dealer for fix to weeks before Thanksgiving. I am told the parts needed are on back order. At least they furnished me a rental but could not give me an estimate on when my truck would be ready. I don’t understand why the parts are not available. Anyone have any ideas?

    • John, my truck was in the shop for over a month because of these back order parts. Dealership could not put OEM parts on the truck and had to use aftermarket steering damper. I had truck for a week and still continued to shake violently. They tried to give me every excuse in the book to not fix the issue until I did a little research.

  117. It is evident that Ford has recalled ALL of the steering stabilizers in the supply chain. This assumption is based on numerous reports of unavailable SS’s along with uncertain availability dates from Ford service centers. I haven’t seen any reports confirming this probability. My own dealership in Tucson acquired a SS in October and installed it on my 2019 F-350 6.7l 4×4 at 15k miles, but this new one went bad in 3K miles at 18k miles. It is obvious that Ford’s OEM SS is an inferior garbage product, and they KNOW IT! If you are set on waiting for Ford to install their ‘next’ SS, pull up a comfortable chair, or be prepared to drive their loaner vehicle for an undetermined period of time.

    Your other option is to get Ford, through the Customer Care department, to tell your dealer service center to install a high quality SS. Many people refer to such SS’s as “aftermarket”. To me, they are the ONLY and PRIME market. Take your pick of options. I installed a Kelderman Dual setup using two FOX 2.0 SS’s. It appears to have solved my Death Wobble problem. However, the jury is still out since it’s only been on for several weeks and about 2k miles. In that time, my truck has gone from a rattletrap in the front end and steering to a confident feeling joy to drive. So I’m happy and impressed with the result. If this continues to perform, I’m going to wonder why the Ford engineers couldn’t arrive at this solution and implement it.

  118. Our truck has been to the shop 3 times … Ford says it’s fixed then bam it happens and we almost go into oncoming traffic or the truck towing a dump trailer lands in the ditch … But there’s nothing wrong, right .. finally during a fourth attempt we call to get into shop again and gain an appt to be called thirty minutes later cancelling our appointment because Ford is now replacing a certain part that is out of stock and onback order until Mid February. In my opinion just take your darn truck back. Been Ford owners for decades … This is seriously making us think twice about Ford tough … We have had the greatest loyalty to Ford, but their loyalty falls short.

  119. I have had my truck in the shop three times for this problem. I had my 2017 F250 in the shop less then 3,000 miles ago and the truck started doing the death wavelength two weeks ago again!!! I was on the highway going the speed limit 75 mph and I felt it start and thought here we go again. This time the truck threw me into the lane to my right almost hitting another vehicle!! I had to slow down to 20 mph before the steering wheel calmed down. This is a real problem! Somebody is going to get seriously hurt, hurt someone else or even worse! All I could think after is thank god I wasn’t hauling my enclosed trailer when this happened this time. Is there anything we can do, call someone or get in touch with someone higher up in the company?

  120. Yes hire attorney that does lemon law! I hired alex Simanovsky and associates LLc lemon law attorney he’s an in line att

  121. I’m going to give you all a little advice of a previous incident with Ford and it will get their attention beyond your biggest expectations. Bought a used F350 in 94 that was a 94 and truck had a problems that the dealer wouldn’t fix when they said they would, kinda what’s happening here. A friend, girl friend at the time and me picketed the dealership and had banners made to go on the pickup for the public to all see. Long story short it worked, dealer bought the truck back with some damages. They are betting on you’all will just take it and keep venting on this blog. When they get hit in the back pocket is when they’ll start to listen and do something. We have the power to overcome this and when their sales start to be affected is when the nonsense, blaming, lies, ect will stop, it’s really already started for us all we have to do is put the nail in and finish it. My 2019 F350 Diesel started at 12K and I started researching it and couldn’t believe there was a problem this big and I hadn’t heard a thing about it. Just like all of you and thousands of others. I just googled 6500 trucks are sold a month with Ford coming in first at 2452/month. (Lets assume 1/2 are F250-F350’s = 1228/month X $60K/truck = $73,665,000/month Ford is bringing in per a month. This will not only affect the F250 & F350’s but the F150 sales. Bad publicity has a 7 to 1 ratio. If I say one bad thing about something it carries 7 times or has an affect of 7 times, (it’s a proven fact). Think about the people that have the problem and don’t know how big it really is and sees someone advertising the DEATH WOBBLE. Ford doesn’t even like you/us to use that language, my personal experience, think of the attention and the loss of sales and how it would catch on from them playing us down with all the excuses. “THEY DO NOT LIKE BAD PUBLICITY!” It’s just $60K-$70K of your hard earned money they are playing with that we won’t buck em on that has to do with peoples lives. What’s your life worth, or your children’s that’s riding with us or worst someone else’s that’s innocent of the whole problem that gets in a wreck with one of the pickups that Ford won’t repair for the almighty dollar.
    I know your saying that’s even F150’s that don’t have the problem but think of the impact you or all that’s on this blog would have if we advertised the problem and how long do you think Ford would sit around and keep telling you the parts back ordered 4-6 weeks out. I have a relative that worked for Ford back many yrs and have conferred with them of the problem, they said the same thing I’m saying and they know what the problem is their BANKING that most if not a minuet few they will have to be repaired because most will be out of warranty, which they will have the upper hand on with those pickups. Money talks and BS walks. So far this has not hurt Ford or they wouldn’t keep playing the odds and have been since 2005. I’m not driving mine due to risking someone else’s life and possibly mine but I have a strategic location that’s going to get a lot of attention in the next few weeks if this nonsense continues with me(Vehicle wraps). The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets greased. I wish you all the best and safety, don’t spend so much time trying to figure out what’s wrong, that’s not the problem, Ford is. They knowingly sold us a faulty pickup and all I want is, it fixed! Wake up America!

  122. Update on my ongoing saga with FORD. To reiterate: 2019 F-350 4×4 6.7l Diesel Lariat CCLB purchased in December 2018 that has wobbled on me twice, so far. First time at 15k whereupon a new OEM (second generation) was installed in October 2019. It failed 3K miles and about one month later.

    I have obtained confirmation that Ford pulled all the second generation steering stabilizers from the supply chain late in 2019. They have very recently issued a THIRD GENERATION steering stabilizer which are trickling into dealerships. Current estimate is 4-8 weeks, probably 8, to obtain one. That is unacceptable to me! Time for Ford to step up and do something better for their customers.

    I am currently dealing with the Ford Customer Service department. I found out today that I was assigned a Case # in mid-December when I called the first time; obtaining a case # is the first step in a process. However, the cretin that I was talking to in December failed to inform me of this, instead telling me that I had to take my truck to a dealership and have the Steering Stabilizer Confirmed as having failed. The well informed and informative representative today (1-3-20) told me that if I want to have Ford approve and pay for an aftermarket stabilizer, specifically a FOX ATS (part number 983-02-143), I have to get the service advisor at the dealership where I’m taking the truck next week to call Ford and “open a technical hotline” with a Ford representative for only they can approve my intentions and desires.

    While I do appreciate the information from another owner about initiating a BBB Arbitration action, I’d prefer to get Ford to approve some upgrades to my front end. Along with the FOX ATS Steering Stabilizer, I would also like to install a PMF track bar and drag link bar, the latter of which uses a Heim Joint on the steering box side. I expect to have to pony up the $815 for these two parts, but I would like Ford to install them and realign the truck.

    I may be pounding sand, but I intend to shake the ground under Ford before my hand gets too sore. I’ll see. The best confrontations are the tough ones.

  123. I have been going through the same thing on my 2017 F250 with 32,000 miles on it. It started before Thanksgiving when we went to Nebraska to pick out our Christmas tree. There are about eight bridges on that road and every time when we would come off of them the truck would shake and take me off the road. I got out to check to see if I blew a tire but they were fine. Took the truck home and had the wheels checked and they were all balanced. Two weeks later, went on the same road except this time with my 2015 GMC Yukon Denali and this vehicle had no issues. Fast forward to the morning on 1/3/20, going down interstate 70 towards Topeka, KS, the truck started to shake so bad after coming off the bridge it took me across three lanes on the interstate to get it stopped. I was taking my in-laws to the airport and they couldn’t believe what happened. After I dropped them off and was heading back to my house it did the same thing again. I called the local Ford dealership and they said this is a common issue and all the parts are on backorder but they would look at the truck anyways.
    I also called the National Highway and Safety hotline to report the issue, 1-888-327-4236. They said that if there is an issue that more people need to call.

  124. You better get a lawyer because it’s all over dealerships now this truck is not worth a damn and the value has dropped significantly

  125. I purchased my 2019 Ford F-2150 in August and I have 6k miles. Today I had a death wobble and I don’t feel safe driving this truck anymore. Over 60k for this “Dream Truck” and now I want to get something that doesn’t require me to spend $500.00 to fix a problem that Ford has known about but doesn’t tell buyers but rather lets them learn the hard way!!

  126. After taking my 2018 F-350 to the dealership for the 5th time for the death wobble, one of the technicians took my truck for a test drive to determine what needed to be done, he promptly wrecked my truck which totaled it. The dealership wanted to give me a trade in on a new truck to settle the loss, I accepted a 2018 Dodge and I’m done with this.

  127. FOLLOW UP on our 2018 F-350 Death wobble 2nd fix. Took our truck in for oil change. While there discussed truck starting to shake again. Service tech suggested we wait until it gets bad again. Wrong answer! Had a conversation with the owner of the dealership.Long story short I left and the owner called me and said the tech started researching and Ford has issued an updated repair for the problem which is a new and different steering stabilizer, (not from the same 3rd part manufacturer). All under warranty and scheduled for repair. Will it fix the issue? Stay tuned. I will say, this is the best dealer I’ve ever worked with and would recommend them to anyone.

  128. Same problem here, low mileage and death wobble. Bought my 2017 F-350 SRW Platinum new in 2018. Had one ‘death wobble around 5K miles at 55mph. Brought it to the dealership and they changed the camber and something else. Now the truck has a constant vibration in the front wheels at 65mph (truck has only 11,000 miles on it and has not seen much towing, only light duty use). I brought the truck to my local Ford dealership before Christmas for service and to correct this problem. They say they need to replace the steering damper (safety issue). It is still at the dealership and they says it will take 4-6 weeks for the steering damper to come in and Ford doesn’t want anyone to drive the trucks until this part is replaced. Unbelievable, this was my last Ford pickup truck I ever bought (bought a total of 3x F350 new). Ford knew about this major issue since years and didn’t do anything about it.

    • Update on my truck: Ford has released the replacement trackbar and steering stabilizers and they should be starting to roll into the dealerships. I have been battling with Ford and my truck is now parked and they gave me a rental. After almost crashing twice over the weekend the truck is just not safe to drive. While I was at the dealership, there are five other trucks parked all with the same issue. As I was talking with the service manager, another guy came in with the same issue. I have not heard any updates from the National Highway Safety Authority but I have been giving them the updates and information from here. I am also in the process of speaking to an attorney about trying to start another class action lawsuit to help all the other owners who are out of warranty.

  129. Have a 2015 f-250 Super Duty had acquired the death wobble at 96,000 miles after several pothole incidents. Had my mechanic go through it and he added all new parts in front end, and an after market steering stabilizer. It was worse. Talked to a 45 veteran of the Ford assembly line who was retired in Cincinnati, and he told me steering stabilizer was the problem as it had been for the last 20 years plus. So my mechanic and I decided to get Ford part(Steering Stabilizer) direct from dealer and it worked so far about 3000 miles into it. Stabilizer direct from Ford was much more heavy duty than aftermarket one. I am now out of my extended warranty that’s why I had my Mechanic do it. These F-250 Diesel trucks have a lot of other problems, that will be costly after warranty runs out also. Add me to any lawsuit

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