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Own This Controversial Mustang Poster Without The Fine

It sounds as if the powers that be in the Supercars series are as uptight as they are in F1. The Supercars series has tried repeatedly to slow the Mustang down and let the other manufacturers in the series get some wins, but Ford and the Mustang have held them off. Supercars driver Scott McLaughlin from DJR Team Penske took a fake newspaper up on the podium with him at a recent Supercars race that read, “Mustang wins title” on the front.

The rule-makers at Supercars didn’t appreciate McLaughlin taking the fake front page onto the podium with him and said he violated rule E6.8.2, which is a non-permitted item on the podium. The stewards later slapped McLaughlin with a fine of $10,000.

Proving that Mustang racers weren’t allowed any fun at the race, McLaughlin was also fined $3,000 for his post-race burnout. The race stewards said that the burnout went “past the nominated points.” We aren’t even sure what that means.

To show that Team Penske has a good sense of humor, they are putting copies of the infamous poster up for sale to the public for $20 each. The proceeds from the posters will be donated to charity. The charity that the team has chosen is called Camp Quality. McLaughlin doesn’t feel bad about the fines saying he was looking to get the crowd excited. He also noted that after seeing the response from sponsors and fans at the track, he would do it again in a heartbeat.

We wonder if McLaughlin had to pay the fines out of his own pocket of if the team or sponsors stepped in an took care of the fine. Supercars fans wanting a copy of the poster for themselves can get one here.

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Source: Motorsport

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  1. trailhiker

    I think the Mustang has brought some awareness about this series. The publicity has to be good for the organization, and if they continue to put on a fine series, I only see growth potential.


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