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The Elvis Roadster Is For Sale For The First Time

Fans of Elvis will pay a pretty penny for all things Elvis and an iconic car that The King drove in his first starring role has been put up for sale. The car is a 1937 Ford Roadster that was made by a famous Ford builder John Athan. The car is known as The Elvis Roadster after Elvis drove it in the 1957 film “Loving You.”

Athan is the only owner the car has ever had, despite being called the Elvis Roadster, Elvis never owned the car. The Elvis Roadster played a big role in the film and at one point, Elvis describes the car in the movie. The one of a kind ride was something that Elvis wanted to own according to the auction house, GWS Auctions.

Reports indicate that Elvis tried to buy the 1937 Ford Roadster several times, but Athan refused to sell it. The car was said to have been the ride that Athan and his wife headed to Las Vegas in it to get married. Athan has passed away and his wife, who is now 89-years-old, owns the car and is selling it.

Other than being used in the Elvis movie, the car has also made quite the museum tour in its time. It has been displayed in the Smithsonian Museum twice, The Peterson Museum in LA, and the NHRA Museum in Pamona, CA. The winning bidder gets a lot of documentation with the car, including photos that Athan mailed to Paramount Pictures of the car when he offered it for use in their films. The photos also include three promotion images of Elvis in the car.

The Elvis Roadster will go up for sale for the very first time on August 31st at 10 am PT. The car is very original, having been polished up. The interior is not original, but the auction house is selling the original upholstery as well. The bidding is up to $45,000 as of writing and bid increments are $5,000. Mecum is selling a very poor condition limo that Elvis owned known as the Elvis Presley Family Car.

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Source: GWS Auctions

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  1. Nate

    You’d think that if Elvis wanted it so badly, he’d have just had one like it made.

  2. Jethro


  3. George Vreeland Hill

    Some things money can’t buy and for decades, this was one of those things.
    The guy’s marriage and this car was too much of a memory to sell.

    George Vreeland Hill


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