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Trump Slams Ford Over California Emissions Agreement

Ford and several other major automakers signed an agreement with the state of California earlier this month side-stepping the White House and the plans that President Trump had for rolling back Obama era fuel economy and emissions rules. Dems have urged other major automakers to sign the deal along with Ford.

It came out not long after Ford signed the agreement that Washington rejected the new California emissions agreement that Ford and others agreed to in 2018 because it only delayed the Obama era rules for a year. President Trump has now slammed Ford for not backing his efforts to roll back the Obama-era fuel economy and emissions rules and making its own California emissions agreement.


Trump said in a series of Tweets that auto executives were “foolish” and that “Henry Ford would be very disappointed if he saw his modern-day descendants wanting to build a much more expensive car, that is far less safe and doesn’t work as well, because execs don’t want to fight California regulators.”

Automakers like Ford and GM are in a tough spot as they aim to satisfy lawmakers in Washington while working to do what’s best for business. Ford and the other automakers that signed the California emissions agreement said in a joint statement that the terms of the agreement provided “much-needed” regulatory certainty. CNBC reports that none of the major automakers have supported a freeze on Obama-era standards, but many have supported a reevaluation of the rules.

Ford responded to President Trump’s Tweets stating that it was “proud to lead the way in taking the right actions for the environment.” Opponents who side with President Trump say that the rules put in place under Obama aren’t realistic with the market conditions of today and would add thousands of dollars to the price of new vehicles. Trump and others argue that by lowering the cost of new vehicles, owners of older and less efficient vehicles will replace them with more modern, safer, and more efficient vehicles.

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Source: CNBC

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  1. Ford Owner

    The POTUS is a POS and a full term idiot! Henry Ford supported environmental issues, and even suggested using soybean to produce materials, instead of petroleum derived plastics. The POTUS is just worrying that more MPG standards will reduce gasoline consumption and lessen his oil baron’s campaign contributions. He will definitely lose next year!

    1. Richard Brazier

      I believe you are the POS .I have six Ford’s and the way Ford keeps going I will soon be no longer buying Ford’s.Trump is right California is trying to lead America into total destruction with their stupidity.

    2. Steven Rounds

      Trump is the EX-POTUS. As in LOSER. I have been driving a Mustang Mach-E GTPE since last October, and I will NEVER go back to gasoline cars, EVER. EV’s are completely superior in power, simplicity, ease of use and maintenance cost. If you don’t like electric cars, that only means that you haven’t tried one yet. This is coming from someone who had two Track Records by the age of 10.

  2. George F McHugh

    Trump’s right. Ford should not have sided with the CA nonsense.

  3. f_trump

    trump is a moron


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