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1926 Ford Model T Gets Totaled Right After It’s Sold


Some cars are hard or impossible to replace. Vehicles like the 1926 Ford Model T seen here can be hard to replace. Unlike the inexhaustible supply of modern cars, only a few classics are left, and when one gets totaled, it’s a sad day for car fans everywhere. A collector named Ronald Long was hit by another vehicle at an intersection in Reading, PA recently. The unfortunate part is that Long had just sold the 1926 Model T.

Long was driving the car home after selling it to wait for the buyer to pick it up. A car driven by another man pulled into the Model T’s path and hit it according to police. Thankfully no one was injured in the accident. The buyer of the car was driving behind Long and his new ride at the time of the crash.

Long says that the 1926 Ford Model T is worth about $8,000. He made good for the buyer and gave the new owner another Model T he owned. Long had three Model Ts before the accident and now has one. Presumably, the other driver was insured, and Long will get the money back for the lost classic car.

It sounds like Long has quite the collection in addition to the 1926 Ford Model T. He also owns multiple Model As, a 1955 Thunderbird, and a 1941 Plymouth. He says the Plymouth is his favorite and notes he used to drag race it but stopped a decade ago when he was 65 years old. He has had some of the cars in his collection for 40 years. Long was a contractor in his working days but said he always liked working on cars. Check out this Model T with a wooden body.

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Source: Reading Eagle


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  1. Ford Owner

    I know that there are some classic car owners who would help Long rebuild his Model T after reading this news. Classic Ford owners are friendly and help each other, especially for parts.

  2. Vincent J Amico

    I’m very sure there’s people around that would help put this car back even the guy from fathom work would help try to put this car back together he’s got good people working for him it might cost him a few dollars but his car could be put back together specially if the wood was damaged I saw him do it on a TV show one day they put a car back together made out of wood he’s located in Ohio somewhere

  3. SeberHusky

    “Totalled” my ass. All it did was break the axle off. The car only has 3 moving parts. It can be rebuilt in a weekend.


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