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1968 Ford Thunderbird Has Suicide Doors And A 450 V8

The early Ford Thunderbird cars were very small two-seaters, but within a decade or so they had grown much larger. This 1968 Ford Thunderbird is a perfect example of the larger generation of the car. While the early cars were two-seat convertibles, by 1968 the Ford Thunderbird was a bigger four-door beast that combined luxury and muscle for someone not wanting to rough it in a Mustang.

This 1968 Ford Thunderbird is a four-door car with the ever-popular suicide doors that are probably most famous on Lincoln Continentals of the ’60s. 1968 was the second year for the completely redesigned Ford Thunderbird according to the seller. The comfy interior is spacious and comfortable for five people.


Like most luxury-oriented cars of its day, the back seat of the 1968 Ford Thunderbird offered ample space and would fit three adults comfortably. The green paint is custom and not the factory hue. The car has a black vinyl top with the ornaments on the rear corners of the top. The interior is covered in newer vinyl upholstery, and the radio inside the car looks old but has modern touches like Bluetooth making the car ready to cruise and listen to some tunes.

Under the hood is a big 450 cubic-inch V8 that the seller says is “period correct” we aren’t sure if that means it’s not the original engine. The seller does say the factory air cleaner sits atop that big V8 with the correct 429 decals on top. The V8 sends power to the rear wheels via a 3-speed automatic transmission and a 9-inch rear end. The front brakes are power discs and the car rolls on retro looking Cragar 50th anniversary wheels with 235/70/15 tires. The car will be auctioned off at no reserve by Saratoga Auto Auction.

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Source: Saratoga Auto Auction

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  1. Gerard

    Engine choices for the Thunderbird in 1968 were the standard 390 “Special” V8 (315 hp) and the optional 429 “Thunderjet” V8 (360 hp). The 429 became the standard engine on January 1st 1968 when the venerable 390 was discontinued. (for the T-Bird). The 460 Lincoln V8 was not available on the Thunderbird until 1972.

    1. razin

      If memory serves me correctly, The 428 was still available up to 1969. I do believe the 429 became standard in late 69 or 70.

      1. Juanito Ibanez

        1968 Thunderbird Specifications

        Thunderbird 390 Special V-8 (315 Horsepower)
        (Standard until January 1, 1968, then discontinued)
        4-Barrel Autolite 4300 Carburetor/Dual Exhaust System

        Thunder Jet 429 V-8 (360 Horsepower)
        (Optional until January 1, 1968, then added as standard equipment)
        4-Barrel Autolite 4300 Carburetor/Dual Exhaust System

  2. Gerard

    Since most engine sizes today are expressed as litres, sometimes it’s fun to do the conversions for these vintage V8’s:

    390 = 6.4 L
    429 = 7.0 L
    460 = 7.5 L
    500 = 8.2 L (Cadillac)

    1. Razin

      So what about the 406, 410 and the legendary 427?

  3. Gerard

    Not available on any Thunderbird (or Ford) TTBOMK so not included in the Litre conversions.

  4. razin

    The 428 certainly was. That i know for a fact. And as far as the 406 and 427 they were also available in every thing from galaxies to fairlanes to mustangs. And Cadillac is not a ford product so why did you even include the 500?

  5. Gerard

    Ok. Tbird availability for the year referenced in the original article with the massive Cadillac conversion thrown in for fun. No good deed goes unpunished I guess? I suppose I could have included every engine or otherwise in Fords history, including the V12… But I have a life. Peace


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