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2018 Shelby Super Snake Is Brand New

The gang over at Kunes Country Ford has one of the rarest of modern Mustangs up for sale. The car is a 2018 Shelby Super Snake Mustang, and it is on eBay with a Buy it Now price of $108,500. That eBay price is a bit higher than the price the dealership, Kunes Country Ford, has listed on its website of $108,000.

Since the 2018 Shelby Super Snake Mustang was a conversion done at Shelby, the window sticker shows a standard 2018 Ford Mustang GT that had the GT Performance Pack, Smart & Safe package, and Triple Yellow Tri-coat paint along with the leather Recaro seats inside. The car stickered for $51,165 as it rolled out of the factory.

What sort of options could double the MSRP? The big performance option for the 2018 Shelby Super Snake Mustang is the addition of a supercharger on the standard 5.0-liter V8 engine the Mustang offers to turn the power up to 800 horsepower. Shelby says the car can reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds with the blower. The specs of the car on the dealership website and eBay say nothing about a supercharger, but the sticker price and image of the engine bay show it has one.

Other than more power, the car also gets new suspension and brakes to allow it to carve up the road or race track. It rolls on 20 inch Shelby forged aluminum wheels and high-performance tires. Shelby offers Widebody and suspension options. The car doesn’t appear to be a widebody, and there is no mention of the suspension options. The listing on the dealer website doesn’t mention the car is a Shelby Super Snake.

All Super Snake cars get a unique CSM serial number and are included in the Shelby registry. The interior has custom seat covers on it and special badging among her things. The dealership says the car has 5 miles on it. We saw a 2019 Super Snake with an asking price of $135,000.

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Source: eBay

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Jim Robertson

    Beautiful car, can’t see spending that kind of money. I’d rather buy a low mileage GT Premium and build it myself! That’s half the fun. Unless, you have $ to burn.

  2. Tom Farabee

    Really!! Go buy a Real car! Like a C8 Vette and do a few additions and you have a world beater for less than 100 k.

    1. Jim Robertson

      Heck, pay within 5K have a a GT 500, do 10’s in the quarter mile 760 HP campared to the Chubby 495, and take your 2 kids to the baseball game! The GT 500 is the King!

  3. David

    Yeah you could go buy a vette but you would still have a vette you wouldn’t have a super snake would be worth more money down the road and would look better and drive better than a vette (can’t tell I’m a mustang guy right)

    1. Jason Lynch

      It’s so true though David, I’m not a vette fan either!

  4. wesley hayes

    Meh,,yawn. I’m happy with my 66 mustang

  5. Adam Peaslee

    Rare?! Might want to check Harris Ford in Lynnwood Washington. They have about 10 of them.

  6. Hugh


  7. Buddy

    That’s cool I mean I’m not a Mustang fan , I mean there are alot of wicked cars out there Cadillsc CTS V 640 hp and effortlessly modified, Demon, Vette, even my trackhawk but Im just saying as mentioned in other comments for the money and what you get you must be a mustang fan. I get it though “super snake” I know Ill take a beating on this one.

    1. Jim Robertson

      Hi Buddy, all you say is true, and I agree. Yes, I’m a Mustang fan, but I’m a Muscle Car fan. Truth be told, I’ll take a ‘69 396 big block Camaro with a Muncie 4 speed, or a 71 Hemi Cuda. Plum Crazy with the shaker please.

      I’m really loving these new high HP cars from everyone! I just miss standing in the engine bay and changing my spark plugs! Oh, and my Timing gun. I’m quite lost with the new computer stuff, but I’m trying to learn.

      1. Buddy

        To funny I was just talking to neighbor about gaping points on my 1969 ss396 Chevelle. That thing was going through points like crazy so I would keep my moms nail file and an extra set in the glove box. I used to borrow his chromed timing light to check my timing mark , haha who the hell even knows what im talking about? I agree with you though, these new car are beauty.

  8. Kabuki

    A.PEES.- YEAH “RARE”…!!! A “HANDFUL”(5) or so per state even per City “IS RARE”… Ignorance isn’t a virtue, just like “10” DOES NOT EQUAL 4. The others you “claimed” ARE NOT “19 Super Snakes, they’re GT-350s and a GT-Hs(Heritage) EVEN IF there were 10 @ 100+K THEYRE RARE ?

    1. Adam Peaslee

      I guess you didn’t check their website. Let me help you with the numbers there are the following Super Snakes on their lot – #52, 53, 55, 92, 93, 94, 106 and a couple not labeled with their number. So not so rare pal.

  9. Tony Cabrera

    Pal these nuts, who u haven’t blown in town is a rarity these SUPER SNAKES ARE RARE…douchebag (drives a Chevette) me Stangk on ya


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