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2020 Ford Edge Ditches CD Players

The 2020 Ford Edge arrives as the automaker’s new mid-sized crossover SUV (CUV), bringing with it a model year changeover that includes several notable changes, such as the deletion of the single-CD player head unit for the Titanium and ST trim levels. This change follows the deletion of the CD player feature from the SE and SEL trim levels with the 2019 Ford Edge, which means the nameplate will no longer offer a CD player on any trim level, period.

Indeed, with CD players now completely eliminated from the Ford Edge nameplate, it’s a sign of times we’re living in.

Lincoln Town Car

Interestingly, the 1987 Lincoln Town Car was the first car to offer an OEM CD player. The trend quickly ramped up in the ‘90s, and the technology improved to offer new features and enhanced quality, as well as greater CD capacity.

Ford has traditionally been at the forefront of automotive audio. Back in the mid-‘60s, Ford teamed up with Motorola to introduce 8-track players as an available option in various 1966 Ford models.

Now, with the outright deletion of CD players from the entirety of the Ford Edge lineup, the Blue Oval brand is recognizing the latest shift in consumer tastes with regard to in-car audio.

These days, most folks use smartphones as their primary hub for music, with streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora providing the tunes for the overwhelming majority of drivers. Radio, including AM, FM, and satellite services, make up the rest.

Per tradition, some folks will definitely complain about the move away from CDs. We get it – in fact, a few of us here at Ford Authority still have huge binders filled with CDs. But the fact remains these are no more than relics of the past at this point.

Bring on the future. We’re certainly ready for it.

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Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    CD may be out but not gone. For those drivers who still wishes to play them, they can buy a USB powered CD player, and attach it to one of the USB ports inside the console compartment. But it is better to convert (rip) all CD tracks to MP3 files on a PC, put them on a USB drive (up to 32 GB in my Fusion Hybrid) and carry thousands of tracks better than a case of CDs. The Sync entertainment system will index the files, and allows track selection by different categories. You can control the selections on the touch screen while parked, or by the right set of buttons on the steering wheel while driving (much safer then the touch screen). All of these features can be read in the Fusion Owner Manual available for free at Ford Owners web pages.

  2. Chris Durden

    Sad. I buy CDs from independent artists all the time. I usually don’t bother ripping them. I’ll look for vehicles that still have a CD player. Adding a USB CD player seems cumbersome.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Gregory Brinson

    More than sad deleting CD player from fords. Have a catalog 700 reissued and contemporary jazz albums on compact disc. By buying music streamer with CD ripping capabilities or using slot on my desktop. Will work up a sweat and even lose album liner notes with album cover art. My new 1974 Ford Torino with auto transmission power steering only options. Allowed an eight track player under drivers seat. A CD player in trunk hard wired to premium speaker system at cost. At least Ford people. I’ll enjoy private sounds on public roads.

  4. Eileen Van Hall

    I took delivery of a 2020 Edge Titanium yesterday and just this morning discovered that it does not have a CD player! Couldn’t believe it! If I had known this when I ordered the car, I would have looked elsewhere for a vehicle with a player. I’m an older person and am not enthusiastic about a portable player in my expensive new car. What a joke that would look like. What is Ford thinking; they should give customers an option of having an audio system with CD. I am so pissed, but I’m trying not to take it out on the salesperson. Ford should know that people don’t keep up with the latest trends such as eliminating CD players in vehicles. Maybe sales people should point out things like that when trying to sell a car. For me it would have been a game changer and I would not have purchased this car. Now it’s too late!

  5. Evelyn Shermer

    Planning a trip in my new (this week) Edge. Looked for CD player to play books on CD from the library. Very dissatisfied with this change.

    1. marina

      Same here ! And my salesperson didn’t even mentioned it doesn’t have it . I realized after I bought a vehicle. What a shame !

  6. Tom G

    My wife bought a new 2019 Ford Edge SE. Did not realize there was NO Cd player. What was Ford thinking? May try to find one, I understand they were available for the Titanium series. Maybe one for a Titanium will work.

  7. Lori F.

    I bought a brand new 2020 Ford Limited Explorer and no CD player. What was Ford thinking? Looking into adding a CD player that connects by USB. Don’t care to do that but Ford didn’t leave me much of a choice.

  8. Mary

    I just signed the lease on my new Escape. I’m sooo mad there is no CD player!! I didn’t even think to check for one, because I never imagined it wouldn’t have one. I ordered a bunch of new cds for my new beautiful Escape. I guess this will be my last Ford.😣

  9. Mike M

    Has anyone found a portable CD player that will work with a 2020 Edge? Looking at the ones that are Bluetooth, but most state not compatible with all vehicles.

  10. Cathy K.

    Ford simply doesn’t “get it”. They are introducing the vintage Bronco to stand-out “ABOVE” the competitors, yet have deleted the option for a CD player. Vinyl records were re-introduced for a reason. The crispness and clarity of the sound of vinyl is undeniable. The next best thing is the sound and convenience of CDs, and dowloaded music doesn’t come close to replicating the sound, although there are those that would try to argue otherwise. This simply isn’t true. Not to mention, the reliability of Ford vehicles has gone down the tubes. If Ford wants to keep their fanbase of yesteryear, especially with the re-introduction of Bronco, the option of a CD playerer should be a must! This is a deal breaker for me.

  11. Sammy Pringle

    Not only is there no CD player which I had in my 2015 Fusion Titanium The crazy start/stop is a real problem. Who needs a start/stop?… I drove off the lot without being told about that feature. My car stalled 5 times before I drove back to complain.. What a useless addition. Whoever thought that up should be fired…I need a CD player.. not a start/stop…..Had I know I would have passed up a Ford….

  12. Don L Vasquez

    Is there an app that can be added to the Sources list. Since there is no physical aux input?

  13. Linda

    Like many others on here we discovered the “downgrade” we made purchasing the 2020 Ford Edge. My husband and I sing karaoke and our KDJ records us each time we’re in. We loved being able to listen to our music. Huge mistake Ford!!

  14. James

    I just found out about CD Players on longer being available. I was looking into ordering a new Maverick truck and didn’t see that feature. That is a dumb move by Ford!! I don’t have a smart phone and I won’t pay for satellite radio.

  15. Edwin k

    Has Ford come up with a CD option yet ? I have too many cd’s that would be unbearable to convert. I am sure a cd option fix would be more convenient for Ford than me.


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