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2021 Ford Bronco Tipped For Manual And 33-Inch Tires

The 2021 Ford Bronco is shaping up to be an impressive off-road machine. We still haven’t seen the official Bronco just yet, but there have been plenty of patents that turned up hinting at features the ride will offer. We’ve also seen test mules running the streets clad in strange Ranger bodies.

A new rumor is making the rounds that is of dubious origins, but we hope it’s true. The rumor claims that the 2021 Ford Bronco will offer an available manual transmission and 33-inch off-road tires. Neither of these would be a surprise given that the Bronco is being positioned as a direct Jeep Wrangler competitor. The Wrangler comes with 33-inch off-road tires on higher-end versions like the Rubicon and is offered with a manual transmission.

The 33-inch off-road tires are said to be wrapped around 17-inch wheels. The source of the report is from a reader of TFLcar who was given these facts by a Ford dealer. It’s unclear how the Ford dealer would know anything about the vehicle at this point as dealers haven’t seen the Bronco.

Ford has filed a number of interesting patents that are directly addressing some of the issues that Jeep Wrangler owners have to deal with daily. The pantest have been for doors that are easy to remove with no tools, removable rear windows, and removable top panels. One of the most interesting of patents is one for a storage system in the rear of the Ford Bronco that will hold the doors so they can go with owners when driving. There is no convenient way to store doors in a Wrangler, and they require tools to remove.

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Source: TFLCar

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Buy American

    Please tell me the baby Bronco isn’t going to be built in Mexico.

    1. Wes Davis

      They are being built here in the US

  2. Buy American

    Please tell me the baby Bronco isn’t going to be built in Mexico.

  3. Jay

    The “MT-88” 7speed manual was in development since 2015 so it’ll land first on the new Bronco and then probably replace the MT-82 6speed of the Mustang in the future.
    2.3 I4 and 2.7 V6 aside, I really really hope Ford is considering the 5.0 V8 under the hood of the new Bronco atleast as an option (higher trim level or a speciality model like Bronco Raptor)

    1. TS

      You can safely forget about the Bronco getting the 5.0. With the Bronco being based on the Ranger, and the Ranger having only a four cylinder, a V8 in the Ranger-based Bronco is an absurd notion.

      1. Andrew

        Agreed. A 2.7 eco would be a beast. I’m crossing my fingers for that. I work at a dealership and our GM saw both models, conformed 2 and 4 door versions for each. Removable doors, hard and soft tops. Removable tops and doors. Standard 33 inch tires.

      2. Jay

        The Bronco will be based on the next gen Ranger (heavily modified T6) platform. The new T6 platform was/will be updated keeping the Bronco in mind. That’s why I’m hoping Ford thought about the modular 5.0

    2. Mike Fornetti

      I’m hoping it will be lighter than the Rubicon to the turbo 4 will be checked on my order.

  4. SamueLuzbeL Brazsil

    ??FORD Nova Ranger cabine estendida com ca├žamba curta!
    Bem interessante Ranger-Bronco!

  5. TS

    NEWSFLASH: Some dealers actually HAVE seen the Bronco at a dealer event earlier this year.

  6. Andrew

    There was a recent unveiling in Chicago with Ford dealers present. They where required to check phones at the door but production models where on display and I can confirm several key details. Bonco sport and Fullsized bronco have retro, round headlights. Both models are available with two and four doors. Doors are removable. Both are available in hard and soft top. At least one has rear mounted tire. Full sized has STANDARD 33 inch A/T tires. Although all I had to go off of was a verbal description, both models where described as “Bad Ass.”

    1. Scott

      bad ass.. are you 10? move on, Einstein

  7. Jeff Inskeep

    Was in Chicago and “BAD ASS” is right! Also removed doors can be stored in rear cargo area so take off/on anytime. Had a silver 4 door w/o doors and roof. 33’s and black fender flares, Couldn’t take my eyes off of.

    1. Jury Mander

      LOL… did you have your fairy wand with you? Glad you made it out alive tho, Princess.

  8. Pat

    Is that a real picture of it? It looks like a truck with a really short bed and a camper shell. It doesn’t look like any of the awesome photos online…

    1. Kyle

      It is merely a test mule. The final product will look nothing like that Frankenstein’s monster.

      1. Ford Fan


  9. Pat Neary

    I am looking forward to the new Ford Bronco! Hopefully, it will have an extended 2 door version, too! The Mustang’s, Turbo I4, and/or the 2.7 liter turbo, as an option, would be good, too!
    I have always liked Ford Trucks!
    In-spite of that, I have only owned Chevy Trucks!
    Being that I am now aged 64, I need to rapidly mend my ways!
    Plus, I am a stockholder, as well!
    Good-Luck, Ford, with finishing up your Bronco package!


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