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2022 Is The Electrified Ford Tipping Point

Ford is in Germany at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and at the show, it is showing off its new electrified Ford models. The automaker has said that this is its strongest line of electrified vehicles it has ever offered with the range including hybrids, mild-hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and fully electric vehicles.

Along with showing off the new electrified Ford cars, the Blue Oval is also talking about when it believes the tipping point for electrified car sales will come along. Ford believes that 2022 is the tipping point and that year, 54 percent of all Ford cars it sells will be electrified compared to 46 percent of its sales being standard non-electrified rides including gas and diesel options.

Ford plans to introduce eight electrified Ford vehicles by 2022 that will contribute to sales of 1 million electrified vehicles in Europe by that year. The automaker intends to launch nine more vehicles in Europe by 2024.

Ford has been trying to educate consumers in America on the truths behind electrified vehicles, some of that education will be needed in Europe as well. Ford is also working in Europe to increase access to charging stations and make them easier for EV drivers to find. Ford is partnering with NewMotion to help drivers locate and pay for charging more easily at over 118,000 charging points in 30 countries.

Ford is partnering with six energy suppliers in Europe, including Centrica in the UK and Ireland, to install new home charger wall boxes and provide green energy tariffs. The goal is to make charging faster and easier for consumers. Ford also debuted its Go Electric experience in Frankfurt to help the consumer understand “how seamlessly they can step into electrified vehicle ownership.”

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  1. Andrew Christian

    Hopefully Ford is going to push the design boundaries. One thing that was really successful about Tesla is it felt familiar and completely fresh simultaneously.

    Hopefully these aren’t the current design language with batteries. I really want to see Ford succeed here!

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      Don’t make the mistake of putting all the controls on a touch screen as Tesla has done. Real buttons , knobs, and levels can be handled without looking down at them. You may see a touch screen “familiar” because you have a smartphone, but you can never drive while touching one. And what will happen if that screen breaks down? It will cost much more than replacing a mechanical piece.

  2. Adithya Ramachandran

    The company should be pushing Electric drive to compete and lead, not Electrified Vehicles that includes hybrids without a plug which improve gas mileage by only 10% compared to conventional ICE’s. The future should have PHEV’s with at least 25 miles of range, as well as BEV’s.

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      The Ford Fusion Hybrid gives over 50% more MPG than the gas only version. I have a 2014 model and I get up to 54 MPG. No gas model Fusion can even reach 40 MPG!

      1. Adithya Ramachandran

        While I agree, the Fusion Hybrid technology is no longer the best in business when it comes to green vehicles. Yes, it gets great MPG, but cars like the Niro EV and ID3 offer zero emissions at a affordable price point. The European market also has numerous PHEV’s over 25 miles of range, so the Fusion hybrid tech is a bit obsolete. The Fusion Energi OTOH is a good place to start. Improve the packaging and refresh the interior so that it would compete well against VW’s GTE lineup.

  3. gareth

    I don’t mind if ford if push designs but it has to keep in reason like not realling on informant sytems to do everything in a car( the cost of replaceing a screen instead of a button is a very expensive and a waste of resources) and keep things simple not go complicated just for the sake of it.Also please keep the rear door handles where they are in not in the corner of the rear window like some manufacturers do.I thought even the first electric ford focus did that and people still moan about that as not long enough.


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