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Dearborn Research And Engineering Center Revamp Announced

Ford has announced some major plans for its Dearborn Research And Engineering Center in Dearborn, Michigan. The plans will see the Dearborn Research and Engineering Center transformed into a high-tech, efficient, and forward-thinking campus. Ford says the campus will house its thousands of designers, engineers, and product development workers.

The focal point of the revamped Dearborn Research and Engineering Center will be the 66-year-old Product Development Center that is located on the northwest corner of the existing location. Ford says that work on the Dearborn Research and Engineering Center will be completed by the end of 2022.

Ford is also planning to revamp the central campus building with that facility set to complete by 2025 and it will co-locate more than 6,000 Ford employees. It will also create what Ford calls an “inviting, walkable community entrance” to the revised Dearborn Research and Engineering Center. The master plan for the work will ultimately see a campus of interconnected buildings that could one day house over 20,000 employees.

Ford says that the new master plan framework is the result of a two-year research and planning process. The plan is based on three core principals, including integration, interaction, and co-location. Ford says that the master plan also transforms community engagement as the Dearborn Research and Engineering Center moves closer to Oakwood Blvd to be more connected and open to the surrounding neighborhoods.

The facility will be packed with amenities, including cafes and restaurants that prioritize sustainable local products and farm-to-table food sourcing. The facility will also have connected outdoor environments people can use in all seasons like pavilions, courtyards, and covered walkways.

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