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Fair Buys Ford Canvas Vehicle Subscription Service

A start-up company called Fair has agreed to buy the Ford Canvas vehicle subscription service at an undisclosed price. The announcement of the deal came yesterday, and neither company is offering details on what the purchase cost Fair. Ford and Fair say that the acquisition of the Canvas vehicle subscription service will further Fair’s leadership position in the vehicle subscription category.

Fair is an app-based vehicle subscription model that launched in August of 2017. The idea behind Fair was to put the end-to-end process of getting a car on a smartphone. Users can show pre-owned cars by all-in monthly payments that are affordable and sign with their finger and then drive it as long as they want.


Georg Bauer, co-founder, and chairman of Fair says that the Ford Canvas vehicle subscription service opened new ways for consumers to gain access to mobility. The acquisition underscores Fair’s intent to provide consumers with the car they want on their terms according to Bauer.

Canvas launched in 2017 in a limited area and provided vehicles to about 3,800 subscribers in San Francisco, LA, and Dallas. Canvas subscribers will get the chance to join Fair at the end of their current vehicle subscription. Fair and Canvas promise that more details will be provided to Canvas subscribers soon. Fair currently has 45,000 subscriptions and is live in 30 markets and is continuing to expand nationally. Canvas was looking to expand last year.

Canvas subscriptions started at $400 monthly with 24/7 access to a vehicle like it was the user’s own, and includes a mileage package, insurance, warranty, maintenance, and roadside assistance. Subscribers could turn in their vehicle with a seven-day notice.

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  1. Lou

    This is the future. Cars are so expensive today that the average consumer is priced out of the market similar to the housing market. Lease or renting a car will take over in the next five years. In 2018 I bought a new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. By the time I got done with taxes, warranty, model upgrade to an XLE, etc. it was 40 grand. That is a Toyota folks. Think about that and I had to take a six year loan even with 10 grand down. My next vehicle will be leased.

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      You paid too much and bought an import. Get a U.S. brand hybrid and pay less. I bought a 2014 Fusion Hybrid and paid about $34,000 including local taxes in Puerto Rico. On top of that I got a $5,000 tax rebate because it is a hybrid. I have it all paid off, it gets me 54 MPG, and in five years, I only pay $45 a year for annual oil changes. The only part replaced in those five years is the oil filter. That is proof of American quality over imports!

      1. metfanlou

        Agree with your comments except I wanted the RAV4 Hybrid. I got a good price BUT had to pay over 2200 dollars in state tax alone (7%) and then you add warranties which I wanted and finance interest (did get a very good interest rate) and you get close to forty grand. By the way I absolutely love it. Could not buy a hybrid car because my wife has difficulty getting in and out f a car because it sits lower. You did great! People can learn from you.


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