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FBI Raid On UAW President Puts Negotiations In Weird Place

Just last week, we reported that the FBI had raided the home of UAW President Gary Jones amid an expanding probe investigating possible corruption between labor union leaders and auto industry officials. Further raids occurred in five other locations, including the home of former UAW President Dennis Williams. Now, with the United Auto Workers still grappling with ongoing negotiations between the big three Detroit automakers, the union will need to navigate through uncharted waters and growing discontent among workers.

With the FBI expanding its probe to include current UAW leaders, both sides of the table must come to grips with growing weariness and a lack of confidence in finding a common middle ground.

The ongoing corruption investigation has lasted four years thus far, with the new round of raids, including those on the current UAW president, occurring at a sensitive time during important contract negotiations between the UAW and the big automakers, including Ford.

So far, the investigations have resulted in eight convictions, including officials from both Fiat Chrysler and the UAW.

Now, things are looking even murkier, as evidenced by the mood among UAW members. Traditionally, union members vote in line with the plans set forth by UAW leadership. However, in an interview with CNBC, one UAW official, who asked to remain anonymous, described the mood among workers as “disappointed,” “angry” and distrustful of “anybody involved in the process.”

UAW President Gary Jones, pictured left, had his home raided by FBI last week

That obviously doesn’t bode well for officials looking to hammer out the details of this critical new contract. What’s more, it also increases the possibility for a strike, as union leaders ramp up their negotiation tactics in a show of strength to prove to UAW members that they are pursuing the best contract possible.

The current UAW contracts are set to expire September 14th, but it’s possible that deadline will be moved to a later date as both sides reevaluate the situation.

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Source: CNBC

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  1. Adithya Ramachandran

    De-certify the UAW, and create smaller unions to represent each brand, where the union works with management to ensure the brand maintains its status and doesn’t fall prey to competition. I wish Lincoln was more desirable than Lexus, but that doesn’t seem to be what most people in the USA think these days. I think it’s awesome Lincoln is working on a revival, but they need to have a vision to remain at the forefront of quality, brand image, technology, and durability. The UAW get’s in the way of getting that job done.

  2. Nicholas J Sanders

    I’m Nick from the Livonia transmission Ford plant are the top UAW officials are corrupt they are in the pockets of The Big Three we as Union brothers and sisters need to get them out legally through the legal system and punish him through the legal system then vote in people without ties and have them fight for us if anybody wants to contact me contact me on Nicholas John’s on Facebook but the UAW leadership apocalypse Union brothers and sisters money from the the national UAW in Detroit local 1A and all the local union is themselves so the FED should look into people taking out money at all local unions and all the way up

  3. Nicholas J Sanders

    The FBI needs to look at the top union leaders at National at Region 1A and at are the local unions around the country the Union is being bought and paid for by Ford GM and Chrysler. Are the local union representation are taking money out of brothers and sisters you mean Goose I know that for a fact Floyd’s are paying off are Union to mess with every contract so FBI if you’re looking at this and all my union brothers and sisters if you think I is corupt and you want a better Union we should all get together and vote out every Local Union region 1A an international Union representation and put new in and and get in there a safe way to handle Union money they might want to contact me look me up on Facebook under Nicholas John’s I work at Livonia transmission


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