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Ford Explorer Commercial Nighttime Adventure Highlights 4×4 Modes: Video

Ford has started its new national ad campaign to try and lure car shoppers into buying the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer. We have talked about the Explorer commercial in the past called “Journey Home” that followed an astronaut as he returned to Earth and climbed into his real exploration vehicle, the Ford Explorer. The second commercial in the new series is called “Nighttime Adventure.”

This commercial starts with a woman inside a submarine exploring the ocean depths. She surfaces at the dock in the dark and climbs into her 2020 Ford Explorer. The Explorer commercial is focusing on the Explorer ST and its 4×4 Terrain Management Modes. Those modes optimize the Explorer for whatever conditions the driver might find themselves in.

explorer st

The woman uses the mode for deep sand, trial, and ultimately ends up back on the pavement where she talks her kids out for froyo. Ford’s new commercials do an outstanding job of being theatrical and fun to watch while highlighting the 4×4 Terrain Management System. The “Journey Home” Explorer commercial also touted those same features.

Ford clearly sees the Terrain Management modes as being a selling point for buyers. The Ford Explorer ST featured in the Explorer commercial has a 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine under the hood and can tow 5,600 pounds. It’s hard to tell if the voice of the male narrator in “Nighttime Adventure” is Bryan Cranston, who narrated the “Journey Home” Explorer commercial is the voice in the new commercial or not. The Explorer is one of Ford’s biggest selling vehicles and is very important to the automaker and its bottom line. 2020 is the first time that Ford has offered an Explorer ST.

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  1. Scott

    … ah, nothing like $62,000 worth of pure enjoyment .. er, well um ..

  2. Dominic

    Leased a 2016 explorer sport it wasn’t good nor bad but the fumes every time I went fast was bad no one wanted to help at ford I now leased an x5 BMW big difference and 10.000 more I love it and no fumes


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