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Ford Mach E Website Shows How Far You Can Go

Ford has launched a new website where it wants fans of the Mach E, the Mustang-inspired electric SUV, to go and see how far the all-electric driving range of the Mach E will take them. Ford says that the expected driving range for the Mach E is 370 miles or 600 km. Ford is working hard to debunk the myths that surround EVs ahead of the Mach E launch.

One of the big fears that people have when considering an EV is range anxiety. The new website is meant to show people just how far the Mach E will take them. It allows users to input their daily driving routines and shows how far they can travel between charges. The map will route you between two destinations and gives you the location of charging stations along the route to top off the Mach E.

Ford says that a survey it conducted found that most people aspire to own an EV someday. In that survey, 45 percent of people said that not stopping for fuel was a benefit of owning an EV. However, the survey also found that 40 percent of people have little or no knowledge about EVs. The new website is meant to help people understand how far they can drive on a single charge.

The point is that nearly everyone can do multiple days of normal driving with an EV on a single charge. The survey also found that 84 percent of hybrid and electric vehicle owners agree that an EV is fun to drive. The survey found that 92 percent of Chinese people want to own an EV, 73 percent of Europeans do, and 53 percent of Americans.

The survey also found that 87 percent of people think they need a special plug to charge their car. You can charge from a normal AC outlet, but dedicated chargers make the process faster. Check out the Ford website with the map service here.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    Driving an EV is as simple as using a smartphone or electrical appliance. That is it! Does anyone fuel their smartphone, power tools, or other portable appliances with gasoline?? So just consider an EV as a mobile appliance , but this appliance can carry you.

    I drive electric every day in my Fusion Hybrid because the electric motor powers the wheels. The gasoline engine generates electricity to charge the battery and add power to the motor when needed. As an example, if I am parked with the A/C on, the battery can run the A/C for seven minutes, and the gasoline engine comes on for just three minutes to recharge the battery. So I save 70% of a normal gasoline consumption while parked, all the accessories are electric, and the engine has no pulleys or belts. If my battery was larger, I would not need the gasoline engine for much longer periods.

  2. Rod.D

    EV’s are superior to their ICE equivalent and once people drive them they sell themselves. I don’t believe you should compare them to an appliance, I for sure don’t want spend $40, 50, $60k on an appliance. People have an emotional connection with their cars/trucks so you need to sell it as a superior product that it is. Sell the major upside to ownership of EV’s and educate them on the misconceptions that exist and let them decide, more will buy than not.


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