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Ford Roadside Assistance Program Aims For Improvement

Roadside assistance is one of the things that many car buyers want when they are buying a new vehicle. Roadside assistance is something that no one wants to use, but it makes drivers feel better to have it even if they never use it. Ford has a Roadside Assistance Program that comes with new vehicles, and according to Ford, external statistics show that 88 percent of its customers rate the service as good or excellent.

Ford wants to improve that percentage and has announced some changes to its Ford Roadside Assistance Program. Ford has made changes to streamline the call process and has cut the length of time that drivers needing assistance spend on the phone in half. To make the Ford Roadside Assistance program easier for Spanish speakers to use, Ford is now offering a Spanish option in the beginning.

The Ford Roadside Assistance program is also giving users the ability to track the location of the service provider during transit to their location, presumably via an app. Ford’s goal with the changes is to get to 100 percent customer satisfaction. Ford Roadside Assistance Program covers the first five years and 60,000 miles of ownership.

Services offered in the roadside assistance program include towing to a Ford dealer within a 35-mile radius, jump starts, lock-out assistance, tire changes, fuel and fluid delivery, and winching if stuck. Ford’s Sterling Black, manager of Ford and Lincoln roadside operations, says that roadside assistance is “one of the most meaningful touchpoints” that the automaker has with a customer. The only customer touchpoint more important, according to Black, is selling the customer a car. Black says that it is important for Ford and Lincoln to create experiences with customers that foster a sense of trust. Ford also operates the FordPass Mobility app, which can be used to call for roadside assistance.

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  1. Amelia Becci

    When is Ford going to go back to beautiful cars? The last year was 2008. Now they all cars are ugly and one can’t tell one from another.

  2. Amelia Becci

    When will Ford, as well as other companies start delivering a car that is actually beautiful again? Nowadays they are all ugly. One cannot tell one car from another. Ford had the last decent looking car on the road. But that was in 2008!


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