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Ford v Ferrari Gets A Standing Ovation In Toronto

We are all very excited about the film Ford v Ferrari set to hit theaters on November 15. Ahead of the film hitting theaters, it’s making the rounds at the film festivals, and it is earning high praise from most who see it. The film premiered yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and viewers of the movie gave it a standing ovation when it was over.

Previous screenings have suggested that Ford v Ferrari is an Oscar contender, and its showing at the TIFF seems to indicate that is certainly the case. So far, the movie has been called a “master class in filmmaking.” Many who have seen the film say that Matt Damon and Christian Bale are fantastic together, and the racing action is excellent.

The movie isn’t as much a car guy and gal film as it is an underdog story about the people that made Ford’s win over Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans race happen. Much of the story focuses on the stain between Ken Miles, played by Bale, and Carroll Shelby, played by Damon, and Ford executives. The story behind Ford v Ferrari is legendary.

It started when Ford tried to buy Ferrari only to be rebuked at the last minute leading to a corporate mandate to beat Ferrari at all costs. The result was that Ford took the top three places at the iconic race that year locking Ferrari out.

Director James Mangold recently talked about the film and gave up some details on how he came at the movie. Many who have seen it call the film old-school and Mangold said he loves that. Ford v Ferrari will land in theaters November 15, and it should be a widely released making it available to see everywhere.

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