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Lincoln Nautilus And Continental Earn Top Awards

Lincoln has announced that two of its vehicles, the Lincoln Nautilus and Lincoln Continental, have earned top ratings in the recent AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle Awards. The new awards come shortly after the brand won top honors in the AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, which also counted the Continental and Lincoln Nautilus among the winners.

The AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle Awards recognize vehicles that are ideal for their owners with respondents rating 14 attributes ranging from technology offered to interior quietness. The vehicles that are named winners in their respective classes are culled from responses from more than 50,000 owners of new vehicles across all major manufacturers.

AutoPacific says that the Ideal Vehicle Awards “speak to a vehicle’s layout and design.” The awards give the owners a chance to tell AutoPacific what they would change and how they would change it. The Lincoln Continental won a best-in-class mark for a luxury car in vehicle satisfaction and as the top car in vehicle satisfaction. The Continental may be scoring well, but it has been suggested that the car will be discontinued. Buyers can get a $3,000 rebate on the Continental this month.

The Lincoln Nautilus was named best-in-class among luxury crossover SUVs in the awards. Lincoln has been working hard to improve the ownership experience and has been designing and launching some of the most desirable luxury vehicles on the market. Lincoln has the all-new Aviator, and Aviator Grand Touring that launched recently; the new Corsair will be launching this fall.

Ford and Lincon also both scored their highest ever rakings in the J.D. Power Initial Vehicle Satisfaction survey this year. It was the first time that both brands were in the top five.

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  1. Jersey Blue

    I keep hoping that Lincoln will not abandon sedans like the Continental, but will continue to update and electrify them in some form. We have a Ford crossover but we also have a Lincoln sedan and we like what each does in their separate roles. We will continue to want the mix. I hope our choice from Lincoln/Ford isn’t reduced to CUV/SUV.

  2. Phil Kerr

    I have had Lincolns. All my life. Do not drop sedans. As demands change. I now own Lincoln Aviator WOW what a vehicle. We need MKZs And Continetals

  3. Raymond Ramirez

    Please, Ford, don’t drop any of the sedans, especially a top model such as the Lincoln Continental! Customers do buy sedans, but the imports are drowning the domestic market with lower quality and prices.

  4. Gary

    I love my Continental, probably the most comfortable car I have ever driven.


    Don’t get rid of the Lincoln Continental, if you do it’s corporate suicide not everybody likes Cadillacs does Fort Myers have no other choice we can’t even buy a Ford Taurus anymore Maysville close up the whole damn business just sell trucks you must be kidding me do yourself a favor take a survey on all the people then on Ford products and ask them what they think if you get rid of the Continental you making me very grave mistake

  6. Patrick Sullivan

    I too have a Lincoln continental…I bought it after a long wait from the last time it was discontinued. I was so impressed with the continental, when it started being manufactured again, I bought another one. Please Ford, rethink your decision to discontinue. Every where I go, people stare at it and say nice car!

  7. Roberta Palendrano

    Please don’t get rid of the Continental it’s the best riding sedan I own 2018 reserve and never want to part with it.


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