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Mark Fields Talks Risk In Rivian/Amazon Deal

Former Ford CEO Mark Fields has had a lot to say about the automotive world this week. Mark Fields said recently that the arrests of UAW leaders would make rank-and-file members of the UAW skeptical of any deal it might reach with GM. Now Mark Fields is offering comment on the deal that Amazon announced with Rivian. Amazon announced that it would buy 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vehicles with the first 10,000 units due by 2022 and the full 100,000 to be delivered by 2030.

Fields were asked in an interview for his opinions on the Rivian and Amazon deal. He said there was “a bit of risk” in the deal. He says that the delivery schedule is “aggressive.” However, the Former Ford head says that Amazon only invested in Rivian this year, and Amazon was sure to have done its due diligence. The reason that Fields says the deal has risk is that Rivian will have to get a vehicle on the market in the next 12 months.

Fields says that 12 months is aggressive timing to bring out an all-new vehicle on an all-new platform. He says that Amazon and Rivian must have confidence they can make it happen. While Tesla may not be happy that it missed out on Amazon’s 100,000 vehicle order, Fields does figure deals like this help the entire EV industry.

As more electric vehicles are made industry-wide, batteries that are sourced from battery manufacturers that are used by multiple automakers drive the cost of batteries down for everyone. As the economies of scale improve, costs for the overall industry decline. Fields also said that EVs don’t necessarily need more range. He says that an EV is a “purpose-use vehicle” noting that automakers could be very focused on how they develop them. He thinks that electric vehicles could be simpler.

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Source: Market Realist

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  1. David White

    For decades, the timing for Ford, GM, Toyota, etc to develop a new vehicle is 30 months, roughly.
    You can figure it out from there.
    New company, new vehicle, new technology, new plant, new supply chain, new people equals monumental, massive challenges.
    Mark is being kind. He knows the truth.


    Fields should work a little harder on his COOKIES, ! 10 years? training at FORD for 6 months of nothing—–

  3. Martin Scott

    As mentioned previously by David White, Mark Fields is being “kind”. A Vehicle of any type would require considerably more time to design and engineering. Perhaps the vehicle would use the existing Ford transit chassis or maybe Rivan was already in the running for the Post Office vehicle which i think could have been either gas, diesel or electric?? Who knows,, one thing for sure, judging from the picture, the wheelbase seems super long and therefore good for hiway but not entirely good for tight city streets if that’s were they would be used predominately. Regarding Mark Fields, its been over 10 years, I’m surprised he has not been given some plum position at another Auto maker.. He is OBVIOUSLY capable.


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