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Supercharged Mustang GT Runs The Autobahn: Video

Earlier this summer, we saw a YouTuber called AutotopNL who got hands on a new Bullitt Mustang. The guy happens to live near a second of the Autobahn that thas no speed limit and took that Bullitt Mustang to its top speed of 160 mph or 260 km/h. It was an impressive run.

The same YouTuber is back, and this time he is behind the wheel of a late model supercharged Mustang GT making 780 horsepower. That is a lot more power than a stock Bullitt Mustang makes. The Autobahn is crowded for someone to be driving 160 mph in traffic, but none of the drivers appear to be doing stupid things.

Stupidity on the highway is so typical in the U.S. with people not paying attention and pulling out in front of other drivers frequently. The first thing you notice in the new video is the blower whine. Few things sound better on a Mustang GT than blower whine.

The supercharged Mustang GT pulls like crazy. It appears that the car was nowhere near its actual top speed, but the driver lifts near 160 mph each time. We wonder if there is an unwritten rule about doing over 160 mph on the autobahn or if the traffic is just closer than it looks in the video in person. The supercharged Mustang GT devours asphalt from 60 mph on up and would keep pulling given a chance. It’s hard to tell if the driver is sitting as far away from the wheel as the video makes it look, or if its just distortion from the camera lens.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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