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The Shelby Black Hornet Mustang Belonged To Carroll Shelby

Over the years, Carrol Shelby and Ford built some of the most iconic muscle cars ever made. One of the rare and special cars that Shelby had a hand in creating was the Mustang known as Green Hornet. Years later the car was celebrated with a new version that was painted Stetson Black black rather than green like the original. Other than the color, the new car, a 1968 Shelby EXP500 CSS dubbed the Shelby Black Hornet had the same style and mechanical gear as the original Green Hornet car.

The Shelby Black Hornet was built to raise money for the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation and was a tie-up with Restoration Hardware. The car was for a time in Carroll Shelby’s personal collection and has a title that was signed by Shelby. The mechanicals of the Shelby Black Hornet include a Cobra Jet 428 cubic-inch V8 with a Holley high volume fuel pump, Cobra Jet manifold exhaust system, Mallory unilight ignition system, and Shelby intake manifold.

The engine is topped off with a Cobra air cleaner. The Shelby Black Hornet also has power steering and brakes, Griffith aluminum radiator, tinted glass, and has a standard interior without a roll bar. The car has a console in the center with the manual transmission shifter sticking out the top. The car also features the original seatbelts and an original 1958 Cobra steering wheel. The wheels are Shelby 10-Spoke units with Goodyear GTII tires, sequential taillights, and Lucas fog lights.

The 428 cubic-inch Cobra Jet V8 makes 335 horsepower. The Shelby Black Hornet is in the Shelby Worldwide Registry. The Shelby Green Hornet that the Black Hornet is based on is owned by Craig Jackson and Steve Davis, executives at Barrett-Jackson. That car is unlikely to go up for sale. The Shelby Black Hornet is for sale right now, and the price is steep at $850,000. We did talk about a Green Hornet tribute car that was well done.

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Source: Classic Cars

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  1. trailhiker

    Hoping Santa brings me one for Christmas!

  2. Robert Warner

    My 1st. Mustang was a 1965 (64 1/2) GT convertible w/white Pony int. and blue ext. with all options. The 289 cu. in. 271 HP solid lifter, factory headers etc. 389 rear gears and Fast! After some head work and s.s. shim gaskets, 650 Holly on a Cobra manifold, my Pony had 11:5 comp. ratio, HP?? I drove this car for 3 yrs and never a problem. I’ve had many Mustangs since but loved that one. That’s now 50 yrs ago.

  3. Ascii Bhatt

    Wish my first American was this one


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