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Watch This Blown Ford F-150 Beat A Hellcat: Video

We know that you can take a single cab Ford F-150 pickup and turn it into an acceleration beast that no one would expect. Roush has done this with its Nightmare trucks that are built on the singe cab and four-door Ford F-150 4×4 trucks. Those trucks grabbed a record recently for the fastest accelerating trucks out there.

The video shows a drag race between a guy and his single cab Ford F-150 known as Undertaker. Looking at a pickup rolling up to the line, you might not expect the big beast to run 10-second quarter miles, but that is exactly what the Ford F-150 does. The truck is a 2018 Ford F-150 with tuning by OZ, a Whipple 2.9 Gen 3 supercharger, 3.00 pulley, E85 fuel, Jamie Decker fuel pump, ID1000 injectors, Bwoody Performance Traction Bars, and Mickey Thompson ET SS tires.

The truck is also fitted with American Racing headers, Ford Performance wheels and steering wheel. It’s not clear if the truck is a 4×4 or rear-wheel drive ride. It’s also not said that the truck uses the 5.0-liter V8, we assume this since they bolted a Whipple to it.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye is all stock with drag radials. First things first, the Redeye cars are incredible performers box stock. The launches those cars can make are hard to beat, as evidenced by the Hellcat beating the Ford F-150 off the line in each run.

With all the power on tap from the supercharger fitted to the 5.0-liter V8 under the hood of the Ford F-150, it doesn’t take long for the truck to start reeling the Hellcat in. The first race the Hellcat takes the win, the second race shows the supercharged Ford putting down a 10.3-second 1/4 mile run despite being beaten off the line.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Ashton

    Cool, a fully built truck beat a stock car. GG I guess?

    1. Ford Fan

      In the picture it looked to me like the hellcat was a little bit modified, but still.

  2. Alteris

    That’s why I prefer built not bought because anyone can just run out and buy the new fast thing but it takes skills to build it and keep ahead.

  3. Mark R Gruver

    It’s wonderful that certain Ford dealerships offer brand new ‘Psuedo’ Lightnings that are capable of making impressive runs at the drag strip. That’s all fine and well BUT that’s where it all ends. I’m the proud owner of a real deal 2004 Ford SVT F150 Lightning & would’nt sell it or trade it for any knock off Lightning on the planet. After investing over $15k in cosmetic & high performance parts, it’s (in my biased opinion) much nicer than any 50 to $65k imitation you can currently own. Truth be told, if you want a REAL LIGHTNING, do what I did. Search long & hard for one and buy it. Don’t buy a wanna be.

  4. JRT

    That is Dorian Johnson. His truck is an FX4 (4×4) with 5.0 V8.

    After the OEM oil pump broke he replaced the fragile sintered metal oil pump impellers with billet impellers in the larger Mustang pump housing.

    He launches in 4wd, and some intermittent rear traction caused the leaf springs to wrap into wheelhop which oscillates tractive effort with peak forces above nominal, which broke the transfer case. So that was replaced, and I think he added traction bars toward preventing reoccurrence of the problem.

  5. Otto

    This article said nothing about being or wanting to be a Lightning. It told the mods, comparable to what the factory did to the Hellcat, and the end result. Go back and polish on what ever it is you polish vigorously and leave it alone!

  6. Ken

    How does it handle? Drag strips is for teenagers. Let’s see it take turns and bends at 150mph.

    1. Ford Fan

      The Hellcat can do that???

  7. ChrisProTunesEFI

    Pound for pound a hellcat is right there in the same category as a standard cab full size pickup. A decent comparison, I guess.

    It’s a nice ford truck with the right mods done. But truth be told, there aren’t very many fords or dodge trucks that can hang with GM pickups these days in the aftermarket world. LS platform has taken the industry by storm and everyone is either joining in or watching.


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