Air Design USA 2020 Ford Escape Sport Hybrid: Ebony And Ivory


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Air Design USA has a Ford Escape that will be on display at SEMA 2019, and the vehicle looks fantastic. It’s called the Air Design USA 2020 Ford Escape Sport Hybrid, and the most noticeable feature of the Escape is the very cool black and white Sherwin-Williams paint job. The center section of the hood and front bumper are black, as are the pillars and roof. The rest of the vehicle is white, with some black on the bottom under the door sills.

The Air Design USA 2020 Ford Escape Sport Hybrid rolls on custom 20-inch Forgiato Flow 001 wheels with Pirelli Scorpion Verde tries. The black fender flares are by Air Design, as are the rocker moldings and silver skid plates. Ford’s description of the vehicle doesn’t mention lowering, but it has clearly been lowered.

Most of the other SEMA Escape crossovers that have been lowered use Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs, we would bet those are the same springs used here. Inside the Escape is a Ford Accessories cargo organizer, cargo mat, and floor liners. In the hatch area is a portable refrigerator to keep the snacks and drinks flowing while on the go. The portable fridge is made by Indel B.

We’ve seen a bunch of different, and very cool vehicles unveiled for SEMA 2019. The CGS Ford Explorer ST was one of the coolest. The Ford Transit camper van on tank treads was also high on our want list. We like the wheels on the Blood Type Racing Ford Explorer Hybrid.

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Written by Shane McGlaun

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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    • Why should Volvo do such a stupid action? Back and white vehicle colors and patterns existed for over a hundred years. If that was a real legal possibility, then Ford can sue every manufacturer for selling black cars!! Colors choices and patterns existed since Nature began making flowers with colors.

      Did you now that all the NASA rockets that used black and white colors own that pattern to Werner von Braun??

  1. YAY!! another vehicle that’s just a Focus with a 2″ lift. Ford, it’s no wonder you’re
    dropping cars. You’ve run out of design ideas.

  2. Read the article before making an airhead comment. Air Design USA has nothing to do with Ford. It’s the name of the Design company that built the Escape for SEMA. So who’s getting sued?

    • you don’t seem overly bright. normally, if you’re making an ass out of yourself, you make a specific reply to a specific person or topic. You ramble well, I’ll give you that. Maybe you should work more on your lack of comprehension skill, prior to looking like a Uber driver.

  3. All motor companys do that type of two tone colour so all the motor should be sueing each other then any excuse for sueing somebody!

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