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Ford Announces Official Reveal Date for Mustang-Inspired EV: Video

Ford has offered up a teaser video and a new image that touts the reveal date for the much talked about Mustang-inspired EV. We still expect the vehicle to be called the Mach-E, but Ford is playing coy with the name. The official reveal date for the vehicle will be November 17th, 2019.

The video shows designers working on the Mustang-inspired EV on digital medium and then in a full-size clay model. From what we can see of the EV, it certainly has Mustang DNA in its design. The front end looks very Mustang, and the taillights have a clear lineage.

Ford didn’t say in its teaser where the unveil would be. The date it has stated doesn’t line up with the LA Auto Show. Ford is likely to be having a private event, and it’s unclear if it will be live with people in attendance or just streamed online. Ford may be late to the EV party, but it’s jumping in in a big way. The automaker has touted the performance hits EV will offer.

Recently the automaker announced the largest charging network in North America and announced that EV buyers would get free charging for two years. Electrify America leaked the fact that a rear-wheel-drive and an extended range version of the Mach-E will launch next year. Ford’s announcement confirms rumors that had pointed to launch next month but also refutes some of that rumor that claimed the EV would launch at the LA Auto Show. We already know a lot about the Mach-E, Ford has been bragging on its 300-mile driving range.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Martin Scott

    For all the talk about EV’s being complicated and require a learning curve bla bla, it seems Ford just built built one from the ground up in less the 2 years with a budget I suspect of being far less than a IC equivalent. I suspect every manufacturer is going to be building their respective EV’s in this extremely short time span as well.

  2. Ben

    I currently drive a Ford Focus Electric and I’m very excited to see this car. Been happy with the FFE, but looking for something that can be our only car. Right now, it gets left at home when going out of town with its short range. But I’d rather be able to take an EV than need our Mazda for long trips.


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