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Ford Exec Says Employees Pushed California Emissions Deal

Ford has found itself at odds with most of the automotive makers in the U.S. after it, BMW, Honda, and VW all signed a California emissions agreement that held the automakers to the emissions and fuel economy rules that the state wanted. The agreement put Ford and other automakers at odds with the White House and ultimately resulted in the Trump administration rolling out the One National Rule program. The One National Rule program is aimed at stripping California of its right to set emissions and fuel economy rules that differ from the rest of the nation.

Ford Chief Talent Officer Julie Lodge-Jarrett says that the automaker’s decision to back California emissions was encouraged by its employees. The executive says that the decision follows a multiyear effort to understand the culture at Ford better. Lodge-Jarrett says that tapping into the feedback of employees has caused the automaker to have a “greater stance socially” while she says that the stance may not be political, it is around human rights and progress.

She said that the automaker and the Ford family were going to be more public in the future around things like the environment and emissions. That may land Ford in hot water; it is facing an antitrust investigation over its agreement on California emissions. Lodge-Jarret says that the approach the automaker is taking is reinforced by its employee expectations that the large company should be influencing the broader system that “we live in.”

Ford is using technology to glean insights into the culture within the company. One way Ford is doing this is by leveraging video technology that was developed by Altru Labs Inc. Using an app that allows employees and leaders at the company to pose a question and respond via the app. Lodge-Jarrett says that technology has made it so easy to listen that a company of the size and scale of Ford has no excuse for not listening.

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  1. Todd

    Yeah……RIIIIIIIIIIGHT. Most employees could give a rats butt about that stuff. Gimme a break.

  2. Mike

    With the new Explorer ST now topping out at over $60K, maybe Ford should start listening to their customers about cost and quality instead of their employees worried about California. All Ford consumers pay the price for the West Coast Wack-a-doodles.

  3. Ford Owner

    Good for Ford who listened to their employees and doesn’t kneel to that stupid POTUS. We the People want cleaner air, and most of us are willing to pay a little bit more to get it. The imports are already following stricter emission standards from their origin nation, so they will sell more. The POTUS wants to go against California because he needs to protect his campaign donations from the oil producers.

    It is better to pay a bit more for domestic brands that contaminate less but guarantee sales, than to give in to the POTUS and lose sales due to the imports because they are cleaner.

    1. Bob Dobson

      You don’t have a clue what your talking about, the US Carbon Emission output is a mere 15% of the world’s total. Even if we stopped using every vehicle in the US we would have a very incidental impact on the environment. The real issue is China, India, and UAE, but no environmentalist has the balls to call them out its easier to go after Trump. There is a reason corporations are leaving California at a rate faster than ever before, no business wants to be ruled under a government of left wing liberal liers. No different than Climate Change is the biggest fraud perpetrated on the US in the last 100 years. The science doesn’t support all this alarmist BS. Get the facts and STFU you left wing liberal nutjobs. Oh ya and stop moving to AZ we don’t want you here stay in your liberal hippie state.

      1. Mike Mercier

        Well stated! Too many people believe the crap being peddled by the Socialists. The bogus Paris Climate Accord had all the nations signing up to reduce carbon emissions immediately to pre-2005 levels while China (the largest polluter, by far) to continue to increase their contribution until 2030.

        In the 1980’s the same group of idiots were claiming if emissions didn’t change we would be in an ice age in 10 years! How did that work out?

        I do find it interesting that myself and other middle class Americans must change our ways to fight Carbon. but the elite still fly on their private planes, cruise on their mega yacht’s, etc.

      2. William Sweitzer

        Agree with you 100 percent Ford better wake up or they are going to be losing some customers, me I am already pissed at them for quit making the fusion and crown Vic

    2. Todd

      Wow are you ever clueless. Not a shocker as most of you petulant childish liberals are.


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