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Ford Fusion Replacement Spied As Tall-Riding Wagon

With Ford moving away from the car segment to focus more heavily on utilities, models like the Ford Fusion look as though they may be left out in the cold. However, as we reported previously, Ford isn’t ditching the Fusion nameplate entirely, and will instead transform it into a new midsize, tall-riding sport wagon crossover similar to the Subaru Outback. Now, we just got our first look at exactly that in early prototype/mule form.

The new jacked-up wagon prototype seen here is slated to replace the outgoing Ford Fusion and Ford Mondeo, and bears all the telltale characteristics of a niche crossover to rival the Subaru Outback. As a side note, the new Fusion prototype was also spotted with an early mule for the upcoming Ford Bronco Sport, a.k.a. the “baby Bronco.”

Early predictions have indicated that the new wagonized Fusion will use the same mechanical underpinnings as the existing Fusion. However, what we find here is, in fact, a Ford Focus wagon body, which was modified to fit the description of a tall-riding crossover model.

That much is obvious when looking at the mule in profile, where we find the Ford Fusion replacement is quite a bit longer than the standard Focus, both in terms of overall length and wheelbase. The extra size can be attributed to the extra bits stitched between the rear doors and rear fenders. The added ride height is also clearly visible from the sides.

The new Ford Fusion replacement is also wider, possibly to help accommodate a larger V6 engine under the hood. Once again, we find the extra girth can be attributed to new stitched-in center components, which are clearly visible from the rear, plus wider wheel arches as well.

Engine options will likely be a collection of Ford gas powerplants, plus a 48-volt mild-hybrid gas-electric option for green-minded buyers. Diesel options will make the list in Europe. Both FWD and AWD are expected for the drivetrain.

The new Ford Fusion replacement is rumored for release in 2021, but we think the 2023 model year is more likely. When it does hit the market, the new Outback rival will be sold globally.

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Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. FordFan

    Make it an EV with an 85KWH battery, and it will be a great Model Y killer

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      I agree! And keep the Energi PHEV version. too, as many imports will add plug in models to compete.

  2. trailhiker

    I’d love to have one, but I just don’t see where they have room to build these.
    Pricewise, it should come in above the Escape and just below the Edge,

  3. gareth

    No early test mule is ever like the finished product.I hope the finished product shape is not loads of angles.Yes make a ev version.

  4. Adithya Ramachandran

    It looks like a rookie at the bodyshop fixed a fusion that got rear ended by pasting the rear end of the 2020 escape. I don’t approve it. Give America a Mondeo Hybrid and a Sportwagen variant with the 2.3 Ecoboost & 6 speed manual swapped from a Mustang.

  5. Martin Scott

    There is no detail on size but that thing definitely look focus size and not fusion size.. Ive seen the fusion/mondeo wagon and it looks quite a bit bigger. No idea why they wouldn’t just use that modeo wagon?? In any case, the back is not all that appealing when seen from the side. looks like someone trying to make ART – whatever that means.

  6. vbondjr1

    When this popped up in my email and I saw the part of the title that said “Ford Fusion Replacement Spied….” I was momentarily hopeful of a possible CD6 Falcon coming to life. But here we are again with another boring, vasectomized hybrid electric thing. Now I don’t have anything against hybrids or electric cars. Some of them are actually pretty decent, like the Acura NSX or even the Tesla Model S P100D, but seriously ford come on with all of this boring stuff. A CD6 Platform Sedan setup with RWD, a 5.0L, a 5.2L Voodoo and a 5.2L Predator option would do really good right now along with a 415hp 3.0L V6 and a 350hp/350tq 2.3L Ecoboost base car. What would be really nice is if those cars did have an optional AWD setup with the 10-speed automatic/7-spd DCT option, Magnetic ride, performance suspension, optional Brembo brakes, Recaro seats, digital instrument cluster & dash inspired by the mustang along with a few other things. You figure if Ford had the Mustang, this sedan and the CD6 Explorer (needs V8 engine options along with the V6 ones), It has an answer to everything that Dodge has (Charger, Challenger & Durango) with smaller more efficient engines, better drivetrains, and lighter more agile chassis which lead to better ride quality. With the Bronco family of vehicles coming along with the F-Series pickup trucks (which Ford needs to tweak just a little), the Ranger and these new vehicles such as the Electric Crossover and whatever this thing is going to be, Ford would have a very exciting lineup. It would have its performance lineup, its off road adventure lineup, its F-Series lineup and its crossover/hybrid/Electric lineup which would help Ford out tremendously.
    I understand Ford is out to do this whole global thing and it’s very euro-focused. Although I don’t particularly care for most of Ford’s EURO vehicles (minus the Cosworth Escort and a few other older Ford vehicles) I think Ford would do well to bring over the Vignale trim of vehicles to the new mainstream vehicles such as this fusion/Mondeo thing, the new escape, Ecosport and edge as well as the MAch-E (which should be called EVOS, but that’s just my opinion).
    Another thing that Ford needs to do to help shed unnecessary weight is to drop Lincoln. Lincoln has become old and boring and honestly, not very special, unlike Cadillac, which is very much alive and well. If Ford were to take every Lincoln model and put the same equipment on their Ford counterparts with the Vignale designation, not only would Ford save money by ditching the stodgy body works of a spinoff lineup, but also they would increase their profit margin because they’d sell more premium vehicles. Quite honestly, the Expedition looks a billion times better than the Navigator on the outside. Slap a set of Black label wheels, and a Lincoln Black Label interior on the Expedition and call it Vignale and Ford just made a gold mine! Obviously it would be a trim level above the Limited but that’s because it’s more luxurious. At this point, Ford could sit back and relax for a bit and focus on some other projects like expanding their EV lineup because they’ve just dropped an entire lineup of vehicles that weren’t doing them any good.
    About this whole Mach-E thing (while we’re here), the EVOS concept (name and idea) was a better idea than this MAch-E name) this vehicle should have nothing to do with any Mustang name. It has nothing to do with the heritage of Ford nor with the iconic and revered sports car.

    1. Dhdesign

      From pre-orders. It looks like your wrong regarding the Mach E. First run is sold out which means there are plenty of people who want a Mustang EV vehicle with four doors and seating for five. The Mustang lives on as a Coupe offering performance from the EcoBoost to the beast Shelby GT500. The Mustang doesn’t need a V8 to sell as it doesn’t need just two doors to attract customers. It’s becoming apparent that Mustang is it’s own brand within Ford.

      1. JE

        However if Ford wanted a 4 door EV Mustang, they should have produced something the likes of a Porsche Taycan. The Mach-e is simply not a Mustang, even if Ford wants everybody to beleive it is.

  7. Archknight

    Maybe Ford should do a shooting brake crossover out this. Something a little bit original and stylish for the mainstream, especially since it would be a first in the US market. Even if the 2.0T was the only engine option here, people would take to it quickly.

  8. jaszekj

    The vehicle shown here is actually a European Mondeo station wagon, brought to Michigan from Europe, then fitted with a lifted suspension and AWD.

    1. JE

      You are wrong. The European Mondeo SW is not a high vehicle like the atrocity of vehicle shown here which not only has a lifted suspension and AWD but the body design is also higher.


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