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Ford Mach-E Reveal Set For November Says Report

We’ve only seen the Ford Mach-E EV cruising around wearing heavy camo. We are all keen to see what the Mustang-inspired SUV looks like. A new report is going around that claims that the Mach-E will be revealed on November 19th. That date would put the reveal at the LA Auto Show, which is a very good place to unveil electric autos.

California is one of the largest markets in the country for electric cars. The report also claims that Audi will launch the eTron Sportback on the same day. We talked about a rumor earlier this week that claimed the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco would debut on November 21, which is also during the LA Auto Show.

Traditionally Ford would hold major reveals for vehicles like these for the Detroit Auto Show, but that show has been moved from its traditional January date to June. The date change has Ford looking for a time this year to unveil a couple of vehicles if reports are correct. So far the only official detail about the Mach-E is that it will have a driving range of about 300 miles per charge. The price is expected to start at around $40,000.

The Mach-E will undoubtedly sell for more than that starting price on average, and like other EVs out there, Ford will have more than one version. Versions are expected to be differentiated by the size of the battery pack. LA will be interesting with Audi tipped to reveal the new version of its eTron at the show.

Word is that the eTron Sportback and the Mach-E have a similar shape. The Audi branded product will appeal to the luxury shoppers while the Mach-E aims for the masses. Mach-E production is reportedly set to kick off in Mexico in April 2020 with possible delivers starting around September.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Adithya Ramachandran

    The vehicle is scheduled to start production at the end of September next year. I think this vehicle will be made in mexico for reducing costs, but the Lincoln version coming in 2022 will be made in the US. Luxury brands can absorb the cost of UAW labor. Mainstream brands have a hard time doing so.

    1. Ryan

      That doesn’t make sense to me, the cost of setting up 2 production lines for 2 low volume cars would probably offset the higher US labor costs, but we will see I guess. Also, I don’t know why this was taken as an anti-union comment. It’s just a fact, UAW labor is more expensive. He didn’t say anything about getting rid of them.

  2. Dan Thomas

    I got on this site to see and read about new ford products .not to have this person Adithya Ramachandran slam the union and the cost of a new auto because of where it is being made.Ford and the UAW have had a great working partnership for a very long time and it has been beneficial to both sides. Anyone with knowledge would know that if you take an auto production to a poor country where people are willing to work for a very small amount on the hour and because if they don’t work for that amount there is 100 people waiting in line to take that job they will .BUT UNDERSTAND THIS ADITHYA YOU CAN BUILD THEM CHEAPER IN MEXICO BUT YOU CANNOT FIND THE QUALITY OF WORKER THATS IN THE USA.

    1. Adithya Ramachandran

      Hey, I would prefer Ford to build in the USA. But company financials also matter, and it needs to be managed smartly. Quality and expertise are important for Luxury products. The company can afford to pay workers more for luxury trims or products since it’s important to maintain high quality, and they can still make sufficient profit. It’s harder to build Base Trim products in the USA due to the lower sticker prices, which means less profit. That’s why it’s a good idea for Ford to build the Luxury trim/brand equivalent in USA and Base versions elsewhere. This would be a win win situation for all. The USA keeps it’s jobs and the company still makes good profit. Ford should not get rid of US labor, but needs to be competitive with Toyota and BMW.

  3. Dan Thomas

    To a ford owner …Well here we go again another union hater posting a GET RID OF UNIONS. first let me say that the normal cost of building a car for labor is only 10-15% and the new auto workers who start at ford only start off at 14-16 dollars an hour i’m sure you make more than that .And if you ever worked on an assembly line then you would say that your under paid it can be a grueling job . you can not walk away to even go to the bathroom and your job moves at a fast pace and hard to keep up .It takes a long time to get to the point of being comfortable. plus my question to you is where do you get that Mexico is part of the US as you stated . they are across the border in Mexico not New Mexico . They ( Mexican workers) pay no taxes to this country and they get paid a lot lower than American workers over all do thats why the auto companies go there plus the environment restrictions are a lot less demanding . Plus the Japanese health car is through the government. And all the money the union worker makes goes right back into being spent in this country. And lastly if it wasn’t for unions demanding a fair days pay for a fair days work then you none union workers would be working for close to nothing . Because of the unions other no union shops must stay abreast to them in pay to get skilled workers .So go ahead and preach your union hater rhetoric .The US auto companies was build on the backs of the union work force and look where the auto companies have become .So why shouldn’t we share in some of the benefits . BTW in ending we just purchased a new ford and the price we paid for it was close to the same price we would have paid for a new Honda CRV hybrid( we priced them too see the difference ) .It is ford that has decided to abandon the small care market and nothing to do with cost and I think they are shooting them selves in the foot per say in doing so . This is just my opinion which doesn’t mean a lot

  4. dan

    Well ok ! Maybe I jumped the gun as to think that this was an anti union post .So I will eat my crow and admit it .But you must understand when you work in the rank and file it gets really old when every time the price of a new car is brought up then people are blaming it on the workers As I have read only 10-15% is added for the cost of labor. As for stopping the mid size car production ‘that was made by ford as I understand .So they could dedicate it’s production to just crossovers .I have never seen anything that said that the company wasn’t making money on the fusion etc .And this car is not assembled in America but in Mexico so the cost of it cannot be blamed on American unions. From what I have seen the fusion is a popular car for them. Why they want to abandon it is a mystery to me .As for ford owner I don’t know where he gets that foreign cars are that much cheaper (oranges for oranges )than American cars and trucks .My wife looked and priced both foreign and domestic mid size cars and they both were close in price . I maybe out of my league here but I thought I would give out my own opinion since I worked at ford for over 40 years . I just hope that their decision to change their direction on mid size cars is a profit making one .


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