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Ford Mach-E To Have Humongous Tesla-Like Infotainment Screen

As revealed in a teaser video posted just last week, Ford’s new all-electric, Mustang-inspired crossover will get its big reveal next month. Tipped to carry the name Ford Mach-E, this is a big moment for the Blue Oval brand. Now, we’ve uncovered further details on the EV with regard to interior appointment.

According to sources familiar with the product, the upcoming Ford Mach-E will have a huge center infotainment screen, with a look and layout that’s roughly equivalent to that of a tablet. As such, the positioning will be oriented vertically, similar to a Tesla Model S or Model X, rather than horizontally, and should provide easy access to all the various onboard infotainment features.

This new information pads our growing portfolio of intel on the new Ford Mach-E. A few weeks ago, Ford announced the largest EV charging network in North America. However, the announcement also included a complementary press release from Electrify America, which inadvertently provided further details on the Ford electric crossover, including confirmation of an EPA-estimated range of 300 miles per charge for models equipped with an “extended battery,” as well as a rear-wheel-drive layout.

Further reports point to a starting price around the $40,000 mark, which would make the Mach-E relatively affordable in the sporty electric vehicle segment, placing it against rivals like the Tesla Model Y.

As for styling, a batch of recently leaked CAD files appear to show the Ford Mach-E from the front-three-quarters and rear-three-quarters point of view, giving artists a baseline to produce some interesting digital renderings of what the electric crossover may look like.

We’ll have a ton more information on the Ford Mach-E after it’s revealed on November 17th, so stay tuned. In the meantime, make sure to subscribe to Ford Authority for more Ford Mach-E news and around-the-clock Ford news coverage.

Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. gareth

    As long as there are still buttons to do main functions!.I don’t want to have to replace a screen just to do simply things that be done by a button.

  2. Andrew Christian

    I’m glad to hear this! It is time for automakers to catch up with the times. Tesla’s success was not a fluke. They brought fresh, innovative, interesting products to the market which did not compromise on the basic driving experience and enhanced them in many other ways.

    1. TS

      Although they let assembly quality remain in the 1970’s.

  3. Raymond Ramirez

    Some of the newer Ford and Lincoln models already have a vertical mounted information screen. I don’t like it because in makes the driver look up and down requiring head movements, while on a horizontal display the driver only has to shift their eyes left and right, and can return to see forward in milliseconds. Anyway, I expect the Mach-E to keep physical knobs, levels, and buttons, because a touch screen is not a tactile device which a driver can handle without looking at it. I cannot even guess what will happen if that vertical screen is broken!

    1. TS

      You DO realize that the current Ford touch screens (Sync 3) have voice control?

      1. Raymond Ramirez

        You don’t consider mute drivers? Besides, most drivers can operate physical controls faster that starting a verbal command. I know because my Fusion Hybrid has voice control but I hardly use it, except for phone calls. You have to press a button to begin the voice control anyway, so why do more steps?

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