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Giant Bolt Crashes Through Ford Explorer Sunroof In NYC

The Ford Explorer is a very common SUV as it has been one of Ford’s best-sellers since it debuted years ago. Ford has found itself the subject of a lawsuit over sunroofs that allegedly shatter spontaneously. A man in New York City knows exactly what caused his sunroof (not pictured) to shatter.

A man named Philip Garcia was driving his Ford Explorer near Queens Plaza and 27th Street when he heard glass shatter. Garcia says that he looked back to find glass all over the backseat and the sunroof shattered. He says that he thought someone threw a glass bottle at his car.

After checking, he noted that a “huge bolt” from the elevated subway tracks had fallen through the sunroof and was inside the car. The man feels fortunate that he had already dropped his 7-year-old daughter off at school. The problem for Garcia is that he doesn’t have glass coverage on his insurance, meaning he is on the hook for the bill to fix the sunroof. Garcia hopes the MTA will pay to repair the sunroof.

Garcia did say that the MTA had already reached out to him. There are no images of the “huge bolt” that the man says shattered his sunroof. It’s quite disturbing that a bolt fell off the elevated subway tracks. Had his daughter been in the back seat, she could have been hurt. Someone could have been killed had they been hit in the head. The MTA says that it is investigating why the bolt came loose and wasn’t caught by the system as designed.

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Source: New York Post

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    I know about the elevated subway tracks in Queens as I was born in Manhattan, have taken the elevated trains many times, and have seen the tracks from the ground. It is sad that these old tracks are beginning to fall apart, and the MTA has no plans to replace those elevated tracks with new or a different system. I hope no more New York drivers will be victims to the failing subway infrastructure.

  2. trailhiker

    They may be able to string up some mesh netting under the elevated tracks to catch any falling objects.

  3. Jonathan Pagan

    I lived in Queens nearby the train for a few years. I once witnessed a bolt fall off the tracks.


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