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Is This The Ford Bronco Sport AKA The Baby Bronco?

A picture has surfaced that claims to have come from a secretive location where Ford has bare bodies for the Bronco Sport, also known as the Baby Bronco. Past rumors have claimed that the Baby Bronco would be called the Bronco Adventurer, but our sources have said Bronco Sport is the official name for the ride.

The image here shows an alleged Bronco Sport body that certainly looks as if it’s shaped like the vehicle under all the camo we have seen in testing. Naturally, Ford declined to comment on what product it might be. A Ford rep is allegedly told Motor1 that it wouldn’t comment on “whatever future product that may be,” seemingly confirming that the body is for a production vehicle down the road.

The Bronco Sport will be based on the Ford Escape and is therefore expected to have the same power options. We expect to see a 1.5-liter turbo three-cylinder making 180 horsepower or a 2.0-liter turbo-four making 250 horsepower. The Bronco Sport is certainly getting all-wheel-drive, it’s unclear if a front-wheel-drive version will be offered.

Also worth noting is that our Ford sources have said that there will be no Bronco reveal at the LA Auto Show in November. That rumor had been making the rounds. Our sources say that the Bronco Sport, part of the two-vehicle strategy for Ford, will be unveiled in the first half of next year. Our sources also say that we are at least a year away from a debut of the full-size Bronco, and more than a year from an on-sale date. The dates tipped to us are the end of 2020 or early in 2021 for the reveal of the Bronco.

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Source: Motor1

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  1. Rebekah

    I’ve waited for 2 years for this bronco and from what this article states, the baby bronco will be first and only AWD and we will be waiting until 2021 for any actual 4×4 not a happy camper.

    1. GaryB

      I would be too, but now we have more time to save up down payments or money for all those aftermarket mods. Just gotta keep our rusty old shitboxes running long enough. (99 4runner owner here)

  2. Rickie Rynicki

    I am really disappointed if the pictures of the new bronco are true. It will do no justice for what I know as the original mean machine Ford Bronco.

    1. GaryB

      there are no pictures of the new bronco yet. All the pictures of the test mules out there are chopped up pieces of rangers frankenstined together. You wont know what the bronco looks like until a leaker or ford releases official images. in the last 2 years, this misguided assumption that the test mules are the final product has been the most common misconception and i’ve seen it on every single test mule article yet. So don’t feel bad. The test mule is hideous. There’s no way Ford invested billions of dollars making that POS the final body design.

      1. Scott

        poor GaryB… you have to correct every damn post on here. What’s up, little man?
        Sounds like you’ve got small pee-pee syndrome. You don’t know know HALF what you think you do.
        MOve on Einstein…

  3. Karl Henry

    What the heck is taking Ford so damn long to bring these vehicles to life? Are they that complicated? Enough already,I’m starting to loose interest! At least show us something to keep us going until the big reveal.

  4. Scott

    … ugly takes time, I know. But I’m betting the “new” Bronco will look more like the
    old 90’s Explorer. Square, chubby, boxy or like a cheap Land Rover.

  5. Elden Campbell

    Seriously, what is taking so long with this Bronco? Do they have one or not? This little unibody doesn’t count.

  6. Trevor

    This is really getting old. Waiting for the new Bronco is like waiting for Christmas. LOL Well it’s Christmas right now! Ford, you are loosing customers as I send this message. I’ve been waiting for a new Bronco ever since my father sold my old 75 way back in college.
    Life’s Way To Short So Let’s Play Hard Ford


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