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NHTSA Is Happy With Ford F-150 Recall Fixes

In June, a Ford F-150 recall was issued that had to do with transmission issues that saw some of the trucks downshift unexpectedly. That recall covered about 123,000 Ford F-150 trucks in North America. The impacted truck was built in two locations, including the Ford Dearborn Assembly Plant and the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant.

The recall in June was a follow up to a previous F-150 recall that Ford admits was “incomplete,” leaving the trucks suffering from transmission issues even after the first recall fix was applied. The recall issued in June is good enough that the NHTSA is now happy with the fixes Ford has applied. Ford told the NHTSA that it had 1,206 warranty claims relating to sudden downshifts, with most reports filed on the Ford F-150.

However, Ford did have some reports filed on the Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition. The NHTSA investigation into the issue determined that the downshifts could happen at any time, but more commonly happened at higher speeds. The customers also reported that they had other problems like the loss of speedometers, transmissions that were stuck in one gear, and erratic shifting.

Ford said that the problems were caused by the loss of signal from the transmission output speed sensor to the powertrain control modules. The signal loss resulted in an unintended downshift into first gear. Out of 1,238 unique claims, 34.7 percent claimed the rear wheels locked up when the transmission downshifted, causing at least ten crashes and three injuries. Ford’s software update also caused a warning light to activate if there was a loss of signal from the sensor. Ford is extending the warranty on the transmission for the 2011 to 2013 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigators relating to the issue.

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Source: CarComplaints

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  1. Scott

    My 2018 5.0 crew has a similar problem. When I’m backing out of a parking stall, right after I shift
    into reverse, I hear a heavy clunk and feel a jolt, then continues in reverse as needed. Doesn’t happen
    every time, but often. I’ve never received a recall notice and nothing online shows one for me. But
    thanks to this article, I’m gonna go check with the dealer. Thanks!

  2. Alan Grady

    My 2012 f 150 , down shifted while towing, with cruise control on at 73 mph. Almost killed my family. Ford does nothing about it. Family would not ride in ot anymore. Took a bath getting rid of it . Know my 2017 10 speed f 150 has its issues with transmission. Ford has the best trucks but absolutely worst customer service. Take service into account when buying.

    1. Scott

      couldn’t agree more. And I’m far from a mechanic. But my thinking is, this
      crap started more-so when the introduced this stop-start technology. You can’t
      expect a 19th century invention (gas engine) to be fully compatible with a 21st
      century transmission system. IMO. Maybe there IS A reason Ford stock is worthless?

  3. Rod Weber

    In Scott’s comment.

    I would have to duplicate the same exact words he left. I have a 2018 F150 5.0 V8. Again not every time but when I start my engine more than two dozen times I get a hard clank and twice while backing up it literally and a mind of its own and went back rapidly. I have only 19,500 miles and this problem started from the first week I bought it new.

    1. Scott

      .. misery loves company, eh Rod? I forgot to mention. My truck only has 3,680 miles on it. 🙁


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