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Poor Mustang Has The Face (And Heart) Of A Camaro


Sometimes we stand back and wonder why. Why would someone do this to a Mustang? This car has the front of a late-model Camaro. As much as we like the Mustang, and loathe mixing of brands, the conversion looks very clean and well done. There is a bit of a story here too.

See all those stickers on the side of the Mustang and the spindly track wheels? Word is the guy who owns this car had modified it for road racing, and after running it with the factory V6 for a while, he wanted more power.

In a move that will make the Ford purists unhappy, he opted to swap in a Chevy 6.2L LS3 V8 engine right out of a fifth-generation Camaro. With the car being mostly Ford with a heart transplant from a Camaro, we guess the owner decided whatevs and just took the front off the Camaro and put that on the Mustang too.

The craftsmanship is surprisingly well done. We would love to know how the guy pulled this off. We’d also wonder why he didn’t just sell the Mustang and get something more fitting for the track. It’s a head-turner for sure; we aren’t sure it turns heads in the right way. Not long ago, we saw another S197 Mustang that wore the body of another brand pretty well.

That convertible had the front and rear off a Dodge Charger grafted on. The Ford purists won’t like this Camustang one bit. We’d like to know how it fares at the track, it probably still gets passed by Miatas.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Frederick

    Whoever designs Camaro interiors needs to sit in that car. It does appear very well done from the pictures. I like all of the pony cars but this one leaves me wondering why.

  2. mark smyth

    The guy who owns this needs to put a sticker on his back window that says “POWERED BY CHEVY” and then go park it on the front line at a Ford factory. Or just visit every Ford new car dealership within 100 miles and go inside and ask the sales guy where he can buy a new Mustang just like the one his buddy owns….LOL Too funny.


    Dont ever say the heart. This piece of s… will never be better than a true pony. Camaro has never and will not ever outsell or outclass a ford mustang. It has never had the looks nor the ride. And it has a 6.2 v8 against a little 5.0 coyote. And on the strip with just a few mods will whip that chevy emblem off it. Dont ever put that crap out for readers to read. Pls!

  4. Ryan Brown

    This just shows proof that mustangs and camaros are a joke and a pile of sh.. Thats why dodge is killing them

    1. Anthony Hagan

      You so full of s.. man Stangmode with the 2018 5.0 with street strip slicks with very limited mods run up demons ace. With a dodge demon. Do your home work and stop spewing that b.s. dang 460 hp 5.0 against 1000 hp demon. Tgat demon should run up and down it’s back. But cant. You strait nuts.

  5. George S

    The number one complaint for Camaro is the high windows and poor view. This shows that the Camaro can be redesigned to quell that issue.

  6. Harry

    Very nice; I like it a lot.

  7. Dayne

    Somebody knows how to make a rustsang reliable and fast. The same reason at the strip all those rustsangs transplant an ls I under the hood.
    Looks good other than that color.

  8. Virgil Teffeteller

    This funny Ford Mustang has been out running Camaro sense it hit the scene.But you can always find Chevy trying to catch up always.

  9. George S

    Look at it this way. At the track and you see a Camaro in the rear view mirror you know you just beat a Camaro. If you’re looking at the rear fender through the windshield, you’ll know a Mustang beat you.

  10. Big Durb

    He knew he had a piece of JUNK A FORD Forgive me for saying that bad word he decided to make it a great car but it probably want run good because it’s only a Awesome Motor and Front face the rest is a piece of CRAP Found on road Dead Fixed or Repaired DAILY Driver returned on Foot BELIVE THAT. The Military uses GM Vehicles Did when I was in the MARINES There Trucks were Chevys No Junk Fords Forgive me for Saying that bad word

  11. Anthony Hagan

    Lol you full of s.. brother listen gm and chevy together dont outsell the f series trucks together. Ford has outsold them both together for the last 15 years and counting. And it will always blow there doors off. Military
    Uses there products because it gets a far better deal. Because they beg them to purchase . That’s sad to say even with the military they cant outsell the f series trucks.
    Ford is the only Company who didnt get a bail out and go bankrupt. When dodge and chevy went on there backs looking up for a hand out. Ford had 17 billion dollars put back to pull them through. Stop watching those lying chevy commercials and go get facts online. It takes both gm and chevy to compete again fors. In 2017 the two sold a combined truck sales of less than 600g trucks. Ford sold 906 thousand trucks.
    In 2018 ford almost did the same sales. Outsold them combined for over 300g trucks.
    Trust me . And once the new 250 and 350 hit this coming year it will again blow them away. It out pulls each of them and has more torque than both chevy and gm and dodge. I’m sorry to burst ya bubble but they dont outsell ford.

  12. 3rdgenmaro

    I remember having these arguments, but I was in grade school, damn

  13. Jessie

    My Tesla smokes Chevys Dodges and Ford’s. Btw f150s are garbage. I bought one long time ago and did nothing but break down. Very unsatisfied.

  14. Gator

    Can l see under the hood. The flags are missing!!!

  15. Don E Young

    All you Ford guys just keep drinking the Kool-Aid, I love for words, I have made more money working on them in my shop than any other line of vehicles.

  16. Chevy Guy

    Finally an OK looking Mustang!!!


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