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Someone Perfectly Restored A 1973 Ford Pinto

We’ve all looked at cars that had a lot of money poured into them and wondered why the owner did it. The Ford Pinto was never the most popular model that the Blue Oval made, and that is, in part, why you rarely see them today. The cars have mostly been tossed into the junkyard over the years.

Someone loved this gold 1973 Ford Pinto enough to spend big money on it having the car restored to like-new condition. Specifically, this is a 1973 Ford Pinto 2-door Sedan C-750, and while it might not be our cup of tea, these cars were very popular in their day. The Pinto was famously accused of tending to burst into flames in an accident, but it was later proven that the car had no worse a fatality rate than other cars of the decade.

The car was professionally restored and is said to have 64,200 original miles on the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine under the hood. The engine is paired up with an automatic transmission. The glass is perfect all around, as are all rubber bits. The entire car, trunk, and engine compartment are finished in what is said to be factory Gold Glow paint.

The interior is brown and white vinyl and is in excellent condition. The front seats are bucket units, and the rear is a bench that will hold two people. The listing says that the car has heat and air vents, but we aren’t sure if that means this is an AC car. Here’s the kicker with this car, the seller is asking $15,900. We have no idea if a Pinto is worth that much. Those who like later model Pintos should check out the 1979 Ford Pinto European Sports Sedan we talked about a while back.

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Source: ClassicCars

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  1. Mike Fornetti

    My very first car out of college was a 1972 pinto 2.0L Ford of Germany 4 banger, paid $2350 cash for the car new and sold it in 1980, with 108,000MI on it for $500 on the second gas crisis.
    I absolutely loved it.
    But I would stay away from an automatic.
    I bet this car only sells for $6,000 to $7,000.

    1. Materialman

      Nice Pinto! I had a woody wagon Pinto and enjoyed it. Is this car worth 16 thousand dollars? I guess we will see.

  2. Rob Casper

    I purchased a 71 pinto back in 92or 93 for $550 she was the same gold color (mustard) with only 47k it had the 1.6 liter engine and a 4 speed also had bias ply tires on it it was totally original and rust free (considering I live in Buffalo) . I loved the car drove her for a couple of summers and then sold it for $3500 . I did nothing to it but a muffler. I even had the window sticker ($1700 brand new) so I kinda made out . I wish that I still had it to make more profit like this crazy guy is try to sell it for

  3. CW

    if its perfectly restored…why dont it have the required 5 mile per hour bumpers…that were mandated in 1973?

    1. Dmoney

      I guess because it’s a 71-72


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