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1967 Ford Mustang Is A One Owner Classic


Mustang fans get excited when they find a clean pony car that needs little done to it. They get more excited when the clean pony car is a one owner ride, and they can get the details of the car’s life back to the day it was first purchased. The 1967 Ford Mustang in the images here is a one owner ride.

The owner says that he purchased the car right out of college and taught all three of his kids to drive stick in the car. The listing calls out a 4-speed manual transmission and a 289 cubic-inch V8 engine. The seller does say that the engine has been rebuilt and that it has headers and dual exhaust to give it a nice sound.

The rebuild of the factory 289 happened at 127,000 miles, and the car currently has 153,180 miles on the clock. The listing says that the car has “caliper brakes on front,” and we assume that means disc brakes on the front. The car rolls on GT wheels and has a new gas tank and new carpet.

The yellow paint isn’t the factory spray; it’s a repaint with a yellow clear coat that the seller says is close to the original Canary Yellow color. It sounds as if the 1967 Ford Mustang was part of the family. The owner says that he and his kids had worked on restoring the car over the years and that his grandson had too.

As for why he is selling the pony car all these years after buying it, he says that he moved to the beach and there is no room for the car there. The car was purchased and spent its entire life in the Washington and Oregon area. Check out this very rare 1967 Mustang She Country Special.

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Source: Classic Cars


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    Those are not “GT wheels” … they are the optional DeLuxe Wheel Covers.


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