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2019 Shelby GT350 Is $3,000 Under MSRP On eBay

One of the things that makes us the angriest about Ford dealers is when Ford builds a cool enthusiast car or truck, and then dealers add market adjustments. Lots of people who want special edition Mustangs like the Bullitt, Boss 302, or the GT350 know all about market adjustments on top of the sticker price. A dealership out of Pennsylvania called Independence Ford has tossed a 2019 GT350 that is brand new on eBay.

The car is in the uncommon Performance Blue color and is a no stripe car. The best part is that rather than adding several thousand bucks to the sticker price, the dealerships offering the 2019 Shelby GT350 for $3,000 under the sticker price. Discounts on thee cars aren’t common, and anyone in the market should take a look.

The Shelby GT350 isn’t a base car either. It has the electronics package, handling package, and painted black roof. It also features a car cover and leather-trimmed seats. The MSRP for the GT350 is $66,470. With the $3,000 discount offered, the buy it now price on eBay is $63,470.

The car is listed as a regular auction with three days to go. The bid is at just under $60,000 as of writing with the reserve not met. We would assume the reserve is the buy it now price. The car is brand new and never sold with 15 miles on the odometer. One thing of note for those wanting to bid and then finance the car, the listing says you need financing in place before you bid. The dealer warns that due to location, it may not be able to help with financing. The dealer also notes that the accessory spoiler and front air dam are uninstalled in the pictures, but will be installed before delivery. The GT350 won a comparison shootout not long ago.

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  1. John

    Slapping that Mustang name on a CUV is hurting already. Of course, the relatively high rate of catastrophic voodoo engine failure doesn’t help either.

  2. gareth

    That’s good old internet blowing voodoo engine faliure any thing else way out of porpotion yes there has been faluires but compered to the owners that are perfectly happy there has been very few faliures.

  3. Richard Canha

    Deals are definently out there. In August o frew out to Ohio and picked up a 2018 leftover Orange Fury with white stripes and 12 miles. Sticker was 64k and I paid 54.5. Just go on CarGurus and search. Alot of 18 leftovers still out there for 51k. That’s 13k off!!!!!

  4. RC

    It’s really no surprise, and if the writer did his independent research he would see this is a very common practice. But along with the discounts the inflation follows close to the 2020 GT350, suddenly these cars went from 65k to 100k. Few “minor” details were changed, but absolutely nothing that warrants a mark up of 40k!!

  5. Richard Canha

    These cars prices are in the toilet because people are actually holding out for a 2020 GT500. People have this illusion they are going to walk into an dealer and buy a GT500 like they would buy a Toyota Corolla.
    Ford is requiring dealers to contribute to a “special vehicle” fund depending on how much they ask over msrp so that will make dealers go higher on the price gouging now that Ford is taking a cut. I have a friend at Ford in the Ford performance division and Ford has not released to dealers that gt500 owners are going to be held to the same ownership requirements as owners of the GT. It wont be 24 months buy he assured me its going to be at least 180 days. Dealers that have sold cars to people that are planning to resell will have a rude awakening and dealers that dont comply will be suspended from the Ford Performance program.


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