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2020 Ford Escape Lands Top Safety Pick Designation: Video

Ford and Lincoln are doing well in crash test results with several of their models. The 2019 Ford Edge landed a Top Safety Pick designation, as did the 2020 Lincoln Corsair. The IIHS has now tested the 2020 Ford Escape, and that vehicle has landed the IIHS top Safety Pick designation as well.

This is a marked improvement compared to the 2019 Escape, which earned a poor rating in the passenger-side small overlap protection test. Performance of the 2020 model performed significantly better in that test, moving up to the top “good” rating. IIHS says that the 2020 Ford Escape line “demonstrated a marked improvement in crashworthiness” compared to previous year models.

The 2020 Escape earned top “good” results in every crashworthiness category. The standard and optional front crash prevention systems were rated “superior.” One caveat for buyers is that while crash ratings are the same for all 2020 Ford Escape models, the optional LED headlights are required to earn the Top Safety Pick designation. Those headlights were rated “acceptable.”

Toyota did best the 2020 Escape in safety ratings with its RAV4 earning a Top Safety Pick+ rating. It’s Adaptive Front Headlight System that is available earned the highest “good” rating from the IIHS. The Ford Escape and the Lincoln Corsair are nearly identical. The Corsair also earned a Top Safety Pick designation. The Escape Hybrid has EPA combined fuel economy ratings of up to 41 mpg in FWD and 40 mpg in all-wheel-drive trim. It’s good to see Ford’s new SUVs are safer for drivers and passengers.

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Source: IIHS

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  1. Pat Neary

    I truly am impressed, with the 2020 Ford Escape! If it wasn’t for the fact, that I just bought the wife a new, 2019, Ford Eco Sport, Titanium, 4X4,…I’d had bought her the new Ford Escape!
    In-spite of that fact, her new Eco Sport’s quite favorable!
    It’s now going on 5-months old. She has approximately 750 miles on it! One night, we heard some strange noise, the following morning, we found her right side, had been side-swiped! A hit-and-run! Thankfully, we have insurance! The $500.00 deductible, we ate!
    As it now stands, a Ford Escape SE, 4X4, should be seriously considered, for either her, or my, next vehicle!

  2. Raymond Ramirez

    Watching the crash test video, anyone can see how the Escape keeps the cabin intact. That is the most important part of the successful test, since the passenger and driver will survive with no injuries.

  3. Lars Fossum

    Don’t buy a ford escape. I have a 2013 escape titanium with 127,000 miles on it. My son was pulling out of a parking lot onto a busy street and the car just would not go. He almost got T boned. The car finally lurched forward and it revved and finally clicked in just when your starting out it revs then catches up. NO WARNING that there was a problem no check engine light nothing. Took it to ford dealer service person checked transmission fluid cause you can’t check it no dipstick and has to be on a lift. The finding was needs a new or rebuilt transmission. $3600-5600. I asked what the life expectancy was for that transmission he said about 120,000 miles. I was shocked I said you look fairly intelligent. Would you buy a car if you knew the life of the transmission was 120,000 miles. He couldn’t or wouldn’t answer so that gave me the answer anyway. I’ve emailed ford in Michigan 4 times have called 3 times filed 2 complaints even left message with escalation team. Not 1 returned email or phone call back. Posed same question to lady in claim dept as I did speak to a human 1 time same question about transmission life same response I can’t answer that. Buyer beware I have found hundreds of similar complaints all over the internet. Car is worth $7500.00-$8500.00 with a good transmission mine is worth $2000.00-$2500.00. What a disgrace. I’m a disabled vet on fixed income I just don’t have $5000.00 lying around. Ford says that quality is important this is not quality. Very upset


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