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2020 GT500 On The Street And Track: Video

The gang over at American Muscle has been having all the fun of late. We talked a bit yesterday about the video its truck-parts sister site, American Trucks, had offered up that shows the sweet Ford Bronco R Race Prototype in the flesh. American Muscle got to spend some time with the 2020 GT500 and went on the same drive, drag strip blitz, and road course lap we saw earlier this week. This time we get to have a look at the outside of the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in Grabber Lime. That green is still our favorite color.

Justin is the video presenter and talks about the road manners for the 2020 GT500, particularly how fast the DCT shifts gears. The lack of a manual makes some purists mad, but the GT500 and its DCT sound very good banging through the gears. Justin pulls over to give us a good look at some of the interior and exterior design aspects of the car.

We still find the 2020 GT500 to be one of the best-looking Mustangs ever, and as cool as the front end of the car looks, there is a lot of function that goes along with the form. The massive front grille opening is to help the 5.2-liter, 760-horsepower Predator V8 stay cool with repeated thrashings on the drag strip or repeated laps at the road course. One nice touch that is easy to overlook is the addition of a hood strut to hold the GT500 hood up rather than a prop rod.

The car does well on the road course, as we’ve seen in other videos. The drag strip section of the video is up next with Ford citing a 10.7-second run down the 1320 – expectations are high. In the video, Justin gets a best run of 11.14 seconds at over 128 mph. Keep in mind that the track the GT500 event was held at was over 4,000 feet of elevation, cutting down on performance.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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