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Ford F-150 Now The Odds On Favorite In Tesla Cybertruck Rematch

The internet has been talking a lot about Elon Musk and the Tesla Cybertruck. Most of that buzz has been about how ugly the Cybertruck is. Some of the chatter has been about the video of the Tesla Cybertruck pulling a Ford F-150 up the hill as the Ford spin its tires. The test was called out for its methodology.

A Ford exec challenged Elon Musk to a rematch, and Musk accepted. Ford then backed away, saying the challenge was a joke. It appears Elon Musk is going to have that rematch whether or not Ford participates. This time out, the expectation is that both the Cybertruck and the F-150 will be fully loaded and pull from the get-go rather than seemingly waiting as the F-150 driver did in the video.

Earlier this week, the Tesla Cybertruck was the odds on winner in the contest with the odds at -200 that the Cybertruck would win and +150 that the Ford would win. The odds have now changed. As of Friday morning, the F-150 is the odds on favorite to win at -120 with the Cybertruck listed at +100. The odds will change.

That would mean someone betting on the Ford would have to bet $120 to make $100 if the Ford won. If Tesla won, a $100 bet would get the $100 back. Last time Musk talked about the rematch, the plan was to try and film it next week. What the internet wants to see is Ford step up with its electric F-150 prototype and give the Cybertruck a go to see who wins.

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Source: Business Insider

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    The electric F-150 will win easily since it has demonstrate to have much more torque. But to make this “tug of war” even, both EV trucks must have the same wheels and tires, and weigh the same on a level road. Under these conditions, both will have the same amount of grip and forces applied upon the road surface, and the torque applied to the wheels will be the only difference.

    Who is taking the bets?

  2. Jim Getten

    Where do I make my bet? I’ll even supply my 2013 F-150 no charge.

  3. Ron

    The original competition was a total stunt. Look closely and you’ll notice that the driver of the Ford doesn’t even hit the gas until it’s already rolling backwards. I believe the F150 was an EcoBoost 2.7L 4×2. I would drag that thing with my Honda Pilot simply because it’s all wheel drive. It would be almost as unfair as the stupid stunt Tesla pulled. If Tesla wanted a real challenge, they would hitch up to a High Output 3.5 EcoBoost 4×4, put it in 4-Low, and let them press the gas at the same time. But they were clearly not looking for a fair comparison. And, no, I would not hitch my Pilot to an EcoBoost 4×4 — that thing is an animal.

  4. DennisC

    Or better yet let’s store it unplugged for a few days with a fully charged battery in sub freezing temperature and then attach a snow plow to the front and compare it to a 4wd F150 with a plow and see who can accomplish more in a day. Musk just lives for publicity. Maybe The James Bond movie folks could use it in a redux of James Bond’s, Moonraker on the moon. Who else really wants to be seen in that hideous thing!

  5. Martin Scott

    Perhaps if it were apples with apple. 1. Both would be 4 wheel drive 2. Both being approximately equal vehicle weight (Tesla is currently 1500 more) 3. Shorter wheelbase F150 4. No incline on the road. 5. Equal size and tread pattern tires 6. Professional drivers (the ford driver was slow to react in the previous) 7. Optional – equal ride height, In any case I think the Tesla would win – simply, it has a shorter wheelbase and instant torque and torque is pretty well the most important factor.

    1. Martin Scott

      Someone mentioned that the F150 would have more torque. Yes of course if we consider the torque converter and rear axle ratio but it still is not “instant”. Time is the enemy here and electric is instant !!
      None of this is real world anyway, no one is EVER trying to pull something that is trying to get away. When all is said and done truck buyers want a practical truck, not a space ship. All the Elon lovers will buy the spaceship and love it forever but not know what to do with it. In the end GM, Ford, and Ram will build practical electric trucks that will sell in the hundreds of thousands. Mr Musk will continue to be a niche player unless he can build more factories real quick or buy old factories real quick or buy other automakers real quick. Nuff said

  6. Ryan

    Electric has instant torque yes, but a gas engine with am automatic has instant torque as well. That is the magic of the torque converter. It takes higher RPM lower torque engine power and converts that to lower RPM higher torque output power (albeit not very efficiently). If the driver has half a brain he’ll power brake it before the start to build up some torque, just like a drag race.

    But ultimately a tug of war is meaningless it’s mostly traction based which is just a matter of weight, distribution of said weight, and wheels. Tesla wins on all 3 in the first video because batteries are boat anchors, they have a short wheelbase, and they threw some meaty tires on. And it’s most likely 4WD. Just like a truck/tractor pull, it’s all about traction.

    One thing to watch for in any rematch is the hook height, it looked pretty even in the first video but if that chain is angled at all you’re completely skewing the weight distribution. I would like to see them measure it beforehand.

  7. Benson

    “Ford then backed away, saying the challenge was a joke” What was a joke? Ford’s attempt at competing? The joke is that people think that Ford has a chance. We shall all see the results soon, however, all the knuckleheads with irrational loyalty to Ford will claim the test was fixed. Stop being a bunch of p*ssies Ford and front. Hiding away just shows you know you don’t stand a chance!


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