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Ford Mustang Mach-E Confirmed As EV Name!

Ford Authority sources have been proven correct as Ford has stepped up and confirmed that the “Mustang-inspired EV” will be called the Mustang Mach-E and will wear the running pony logo. Mustang fans may have an issue with Ford’s decision to stick the Mustang name and logo on an EV, but we are excited about the car nonetheless.

The official reveal for the Mach-E will come on Sunday, November 17, and Ford has also confirmed that the reservation window for the EV will open on the same day. The unveil from L.A. will be live-streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

We mentioned before that Ford had hired actor Idris Elba to help launch the Mach-E, and he will be on hand at the unveiling event for the car. Ford notes that immediately after the presentation, which will end at approximately 6:30 p.m. PST, the reservation window for the Mustang Mach-E will open. Customers will be able to reserve the car on with a $500 deposit.

That deposit is refundable if the buyer changes their mind before delivery. Ford says that reservations are critical for the newly announced, limited First Edition of the Mach-E, which is to be announced during the unveiling event on Sunday. Customers in Europe and the U.S. will be able to reserve the vehicle via the website. Reservations will require the user to select a desired specification of the car, create a Ford account, choose a preferred Ford dealer, and then enter their credit/debit card information.

Customers will get to finalize their configuration next year when the ordering window opens. Ford will sell the Mach-E in China, and reservation timing for China will be announced at a later date.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    At what time will the reveal begin on Sunday, November 17th?

    1. Adithya Ramachandran

      The Reveal is at 9:30 PM EST. Very Excited to see it.

    2. Jay

      Head over to Ford’s YT page, they’ve scheduled the live stream.

  2. Jay

    Excited for the vehicle, not so much about their naming decision.

  3. gareth

    I am Excited to see this vehicle in the flesh.I think most people that buy this vehicle arent worried about the name they will buy the vechicle becuase it fits thery needs.

  4. Chip

    Ford is ripping off their own brand to attract attention. This is a disgrace to the Mustang.


    R E V O L T I N G and if under 350 mile range ungrounded —-

  6. Bob Ziolkowski

    It is just a name, geez.

    1. Mike

      You obviously don’t know Mustang fans. Bastardizing Mustang is a lot different than using Explorer on this, never mind using Mach also

  7. Mike

    Another dumb move by people that don’t know cars or car people. Ditching affordable cars to bring out an overpriced electric appliance that probably won’t sell any better than the other electric cars, is bad enough, calling it a Mustang is something else. It’s like they let the GM or Toyota execs name this thing for them. This just blows my mind. They probably didn’t bother to see what happened when the Probe was going to replace the Mustang or be the new Mustang.

  8. Stan Pozdol

    Name it Edison Ford.

    1. Chip

      Maybe they should try Edsel again.

  9. art naebig

    Back in the 1980s I saw the nameplate ‘Thunderbird’ on a very ordinary 4-door sedan and wondered why Ford would squander the history inherent in that name. Now they have done it again. This is an insult to all the Mustang fans and a move that should never have happened.
    I currently own a Ford C-Max. it took me 5 years after it was introduced before I even bothered looking at a nice car with a name that should have been used on a small delivery truck. For years, Lincoln used a whole confusing alphabet instead of actual names and there is the Ford Eco-Sport which is neither economical nor sporty. Surely Ford can do better when it comes to naming their vehicles.

  10. Bob Ziolkowski

    People will get over it. I used to have several Chargers in the past, 66s, 67s & a 74. When they came out with the 4 door Charger I wondered what they were thinking to name a 4 door after an iconic 2 door. While I am still not a 4 door sedan fan I see no reason to hate it because of a name.

  11. vbondjr1

    FORD IS F’ING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously used to love this brand but now IVE FREAKING HAD IT WITH THEIR BS!! They need to take the Mustang name and anything that has anything to do with the mustang off of this piece of electric crap NOW! Should have used the EVOS name for this! LISTEN MUSCLE CAR FANS DONT WANT ELECTRIC CARS, WE DONT WANT HYBRIDS OR ANY OF THAT CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP RUINING THE LINEAGE OF THESE CAR AND MAKING THEM WHAT THEY ARENT SUPPOSED TO BE!!!! WE DONT WANT YOUR AUTONOMOUS BS OR ANY OF THAT!!! LEAVE THAT CRAP FOR THE RIGHT LANE, TREE HUGGING WHITE HAIRED, GLASSES AND TIE WEARING STARBUCKS DRINKING ECO-NERDS AND GIVE US OUR VEHICLES BACK! THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE WILL NOT SELL!!!!!!!!! It’s truly sad to see the direction of the auto industry these day. Between the amount of recalls and the worthless garbage that is on the road today, it’s almost heartbreaking when i look back and remember the great cars that used to be on the road. Cars like Mustang Terminator Cobra’s, MAch 1, SS Camaros, Z28s, the Impala SS, the Monte Carlo SS, the F150 Lighting & Harley Davidson, the Silverado SS-454, the Mercury Marauder, Vipers, SRT10 pickup trucks, K5 Blazers, V8 Broncos, Ram Daytona Pickup trucks and all of those vehicles. REAL AMERICAN VEHICLES WITH PROPER V8 ENGINES AND REAR WHEEL DRIVE!!!! None of this pansy hybrid crap or electrification. I say SCREW HYBRIDS, SCREW ELECTRIC CARS, and all this other WORTHLESS NONSENSE and lets go back to making real cars with real V8 engines! THEY WERE BETTER, MORE RELIABLE, HAD NO RECALLS and were MORE ECONOMICAL THAN THE BS we have now!!!!!!!!! FORD GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND BURN ALL OF THIS SACRILEGIOUS NONSENSE!!!! STOP WASTING MONEY AND TIME AND GET BACK TO BUILDING REAL CARS!!! CHEVROLET AND DODGE THIS GOES FOR YA’LL AS WELL!!!! WE DONT WANT ANY OF THIS NEW CRAP! WE WANT V8 ENGINES WITH LOUD EXHAUSTS AND BIG COAL ROLLING DIESEL TRUCKS FOR ROLLING PAST HYBRID LOVERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. gareth

    Ford has to move with the times simple as that.Ford still offer big engines if you need that type of things and they are better no need for V8 engines.


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