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Ford Mustang Mach-E: Our Best Look Yet At The Upcoming EV

Ford will reveal its Mustang-inspired EV in less than two weeks, and our spies just caught the model in a body-hugging wrap, giving us a close look at the upcoming vehicle that we believe will be called the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

The front features a rather aggressive front fascia, with horizontally-stretched headlamps and an oval grille (which appears to be closed off).

Notably, the front fenders have a rather muscular appearance around the “hood” before tucking into the character line, which runs the length of the vehicle and swoops up toward the rear – a design trait seen on the current Mustang. A small door hiding the charging port is located just ahead of the driver’s-side front door.

We’ve already seen the general roofline of the Ford Mustang Mach-E in a teaser image released by Ford, but these shots provide even more detail. There are clearly four doors present, and the rapidly-sloping roofline ends in a hatch door.

The rear end features a set of clear Mustang-style tri-bar taillights with a horizontal piece jutting out from the inner-most light.

The EV also features broad “hips” over the rear wheels, a design trait that’s unmistakably inspired by the current-generation Mustang. No exhaust tips are present, thereby confirming that this is an electric vehicle.

Ford has yet to announce the name of this model, instead referring to it as a “Mustang-inspired EV.” Just yesterday, Ford Authority reported that it will wear running pony emblems found on the Mustang. We posted that The Blue Oval will name the vehicle “Mustang Mach-E,” thereby creating the world’s first Mustang with four doors and an electric propulsion system. Given the obvious Mustang inspiration, these photos seem to serve as further evidence that this will be the case.

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  1. Steve McCormick

    Why???? Why would they do this to Mustang ??? You have thousands of options for styles & names to pick from,why pick on the one pure product you have?

    1. Ford Owner

      Because it is a super Mustang and the first real “Tesla killer” also designed and built in the U.S.A.



        1. Andrew

          Tesla is an American automaker too.

  2. goober

    ugly. really ugly. The Goob hath ruled on this issue.

  3. trailhiker

    This looks more like the outgoing Taurus from the front! Same old styling we’ve seen for the past decade…

    From the sides and back it does look promising, but that front is a big letdown.

    1. Joe

      I was thinking the same thing, but I’ll need to see the more specific shaping that patterned camo can hide. I am still hopeful they throw a mustang style hood, that alone might be enough. Im pretty sure that’s what we’ll end up with. The rear has really grown on me.

  4. GaryB

    Would you guys like to see my new electric version of the GTO? Its called the GT-NO, it looks like a 1980s isuzu mini box truck from a third world country. We’ll put GTO-like badges all over it and hype up the marketing. Think people wont know its not anything like a GTO and still buy it? We are going to pull a Ford Mach E and just send it



    1. Raymond Ramirez

      Well, put up the money, make your own, and name it as you want. That is how many cars actually start up, even with Tesla!

  6. gareth

    I love the look overall.It looks better then telsa efforts.The only thing is how do you opened the doors as I can’t see no handles I would prefer handles then anything complicated.

    1. GaryB

      you stand in front of it and say “open sesame”

    2. Ford Owner

      American cars had flush mounted door handles for many decades. Just look for car magazine pictures, even Fords and GM cars. They are simple mechanical handles. No trick or wizardry needed. The electric pop-out door handles on the Tesla Model S have given their owners many problems and is the mos common complaint. Just read their posts on Tesla web pages.

  7. gareth

    Simple mechanical handles is the best way.flush with the body must be the way they have done the handles on this model.Electric pop on handles have major problems they are a nightmare to repair.When there is heavy frost on the car they can jam shut and the problems that tesla owners have had.

  8. Nate

    Well, that’s kind of a let down. I wasn’t the target market anyway though.

    1. Ford Owner

      It is difficult to please all car buyers. Some want performance, some want efficiency (such as myself), and most just want a cheap car (go to the imports for those). If this new Mustang Mach E is all what Ford promised, it will attract performance buyers, and pull Tesla fans away, too, since Ford has a larger dealership and servicing distribution than Tesla. I want an EV for efficiency ,and any extra performance will be a valuable addition. If an EV costs more than a gas version, the savings due to lower operational and maintenance cost (or total cost of ownership) will gladly cover the higher initial cost.

  9. Adithya Ramachandran

    Hoping this launch is a massive success for Ford. If it starts around $45K, this will find a lot of buyers in EV friendly states & Countries.


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